(KS) Super Powers Unleashed – A Complete Super-Heroic Powers System for Savage Worlds
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  • (KS) Super Powers Unleashed – A Complete Super-Heroic Powers System for Savage Worlds

    Daring Entertainment have been producing support material for the Savage Worlds system for a number of times. Probably best known for their War of the Dead adventures and campaign setting of survival during a zombie apocalypse and the worlds that is born from the ashes. They have also played with superheroics before and this new project, Super Powers Unleashed, sees them return to the genre along with the Little Tin God Mega-Adventure.

    Super Powers Unleashed
    Page Count: Approximately 96-128 pages
    Interior: Black-and-White
    Print Size: 8.5”x 11”

    Designed entirely around the Savage Worlds system from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Super Powers Unleashed not only gives you an extensive set of power rules for creating your own comic book roleplaying series, but also maintains the fundamentals of Savage Worlds, focusing on ease of play and fast, furious fun.

    Some of what you’ll find within the book:

    · Series and setting creation rules. Choose the power level and tone of your series, which directly effects how powerful your heroes are at the beginning of Issue #1, and also determines beginning Bennies and how long injuries take to heal.
    · Over 100 ready-made super-powers that can be customized with special effects and limitations.
    · Full super-science invention rules.
    · Super team rules, including team based Hindrances and Edges. Expand your team and send the roster on missions which might help or hinder your characters in the main story.
    · A comprehensive chapter on designing and running comic book style stories at the table.
    · Collateral damage rules. Use the environment to avoid taking personal injury, but doing so could have negative consequences on the story.

    Little Tin God (Mega-Adventure)
    Page Count: Approximately 96 pages
    Interior: Black-and-White
    Print Size: 8.5”x 11”

    Little Tin God is designed to plug-in to any existing campaign world, allowing you to run it directly with your own homebrew setting.

    The story begins with a series of strange attacks in the player-characters' city of operations, and quickly expands to propel them across the multiverse and into a final confrontation against Intellitron: an artifical intelligence with the power of a god. Along the way, the heroes will visit other versions of Earth in a race to assemble a team, face unimaginable opposition, and battle to save the entire multiverse.[/hq]

    The Super Powers Unleashed (Savage Worlds) campaign runs on Kickstarter until Thursday 18th May.
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