(KS) Savage Kingdoms: Reforged
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  • (KS) Savage Kingdoms: Reforged

    Savage Kingdoms is the brain child of Mike Yow, a long-time RPGer, dabbling game designer, and professional actor. First published in 2014, Savage Kingdoms: Reforged - this current project - is a full-color reimagining of not only the core rulebook, but the entire game line to come. In addition to full interior color and more artwork, the rules system has been tweaked and tightened up a bit, though perhaps not quite enough to warrant the moniker of "2nd Edition".

    Set in a gritty, original, sword-and-sorcery world, Fire In The Head Productions will need some assistance in raising the funds for producing this full-color 500 to 540-page tome, complete with updated rules, color interior, original art, and sleek layout which covers the entire known SK world. For those of you who might recall the original game line, this will combine the original core rulebook and The Savage East campaign expansion supplement in one complete volume.

    Savage Kingdoms: Reforged is live on Kickstarter until Sunday 11th June 2017.
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