EN5ider #146: Cosmic Syzygy
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  • EN5ider #146: Cosmic Syzygy

    New on EN5ider, the 5th Edition patreon - Cosmic Syzygy! Some sorcerers are linked to the heavens - the cosmic power of stars, moons, and planets. This new Sorcerous Origin is accompanied by the Astrologer and Cosmic Ritualist feats, and the new spells Astromancy and Eclipse. Sorcerers with the Cosmic Syzygy ring grow more powerful at times of astrological significance, and are able to evoke the power of destiny, draw energy from the alignments of celestial bodies, and glimpse into the future. By David N Ross; illustrated by Ellis Goodson.

    We are approaching our 150th article on EN5ider, and to celebrate we have an awesome article introducing combat stunts for your 5E games coming by acclaimed author and game designer Ari Marmell, who has written for both White Wolf and, of course, WotC's Dungeons & Dragons. Stay tuned for EN5ider #150 in a few weeks!

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    1. Ath-kethin's Avatar
      Ath-kethin -
      I'm not normally a fan of additional subclasses, but this one is really cool.

      There is one point of confusion for me, however. "Fate's Protection," on Page 3, ends with the following sentence:

      "This resistance fadesafter reducing damage a number of times yourCharisma modifier (minimum 1)."

      Is there a word missing here? Should it read ". . . a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier (minimum 1)?"

      All in all, one of my favorite subclasses I've seen. Great work!
    1. Xethreau's Avatar
      Xethreau -
      I really liked that 4e tried to do a cosmic sorcerer, and I was disappointed when it was apparently subsumed into the Wild Magic build. Sorcerers from astrological magic makes a lot of sense, so I'm happy to offer this as an option to my players.
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