RPG Crate Unboxing: Mythoard - April 2017
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  • RPG Crate Unboxing: Mythoard - April 2017

    April's Mythoard came with little fanfare and not much communication. Is this the calm before the storm or a bad sign for Mythoard?

    Here's what you get:
    • An awesome miniature door
    • Knights of the Dinner Table #117
    • A mini-adventure, "An Open Door" from MithrilPunk-- notable, this is missing the index of the Mythoard Content, which is probably for the best because they've been consistently incorrect for the past few installments.
    • Judge's Guild Journal #16 - chock full of adventures from a contest, probably the most valuable publication in the Mythoard
    • Freebooter's Guide to the Razor Coast from Frog God Games for Swords and Wizardry -- a slim hardcover that's only as useful as your pirate game, more for players than DMs[/*]

    Overall, this isn't the strongest of the Mythoard's I've reviewed. Here's hoping that this is just a lull before a stronger Mythoard next month.

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