Industry Great Stewart Wieck Passes Away At Age 49
  • Industry Great Stewart Wieck Passes Away At Age 49

    It is with sadness that I report that yesterday the tabletop gaming industry lost one of its giants: Stewart Wieck, who co-founded White Wolf Game Studio and co-created the World of Darkness, and who more recently helmed Nocturnal Publishing. His brother, Steve Wieck (owner of DTRPG) announced his passing on Facebook. Wieck passed away at the age of 49, collapsing after a light workout; the cause of death is currently unknown, and he was believed to be in excellent health. Condolences got to his family from everybody here at EN World.

    White Wolf said the following:

    "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." - Sir Isaac Newton

    The entire White Wolf team is deeply saddened to learn of the sudden passing of Stewart Wieck, co-founder of White Wolf, co-creator of the World of Darkness, and the conceptual mind behind Mage: The Ascension.

    Stewart envisioned much of the core mythology for Vampire: The Masquerade, but Mage: The Ascension was his personal favorite and the World of Darkness game that reflects most genuinely his creative ingenuity and passions.

    More recently Stewart joined the extended White Wolf family for a reunion at The Grand Masquerade 2016 to mark the 25th anniversary of the story world he helped create. We will miss his kindness, generosity, humor, and wisdom.

    Our thoughts, prayers, and hopes at this time are with his family. There aren't words enough to express the magnitude of this loss, or the immensity of the legacy that he leaves behind; a legacy that we strive to be worthy of each day.
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    1. TrippyHippy's Avatar
      TrippyHippy -
      It's shocking and saddening. He was only 49, and was a giant in the RPG hobby: Co-founder of White Wolf, core writer of Mage: The Ascension, owner of Nocturnal Media (publishers of King Arthur Pendragon amongst others).
    1. Jeremy E Grenemyer's Avatar
      Jeremy E Grenemyer -

      I'd not realized he was a board member at CCP. I've always enjoyed their flagship MMO (EVE Online).
    1. TrippyHippy's Avatar
      TrippyHippy -
      He apparently died from a heart attack after a regular fencing activity. He literally died with a sword in his hand.
    1. Anselyn's Avatar
      Anselyn -
      Very sad to hear this news. Nocturnal media were also doing great work translating interesting RPGs into English: Wurm, Aquelarre, Hellywood.
    1. Redthistle's Avatar
      Redthistle -
      Stuart Wieck should have had more years of life; his family and friends should have had more time with him. This came decades too soon. My heart goes out to them.
    1. scruffygrognard's Avatar
      scruffygrognard -
      Terrible news. He was a great steward (no pun intended) of the gaming industry. My condolences to his family.
    1. vpuigdoller's Avatar
      vpuigdoller -
      Very sad news. May he be on to new adventures!
    1. Nikchick's Avatar
      Nikchick -
      Stewart and I met when I moved to Georgia with the Lion Rampant crew to merge with his White Wolf Magazine and form what became White Wolf Publishing. He was unhesitatingly supportive and unfailingly kind to me in all the years since and I was so looking forward to seeing him at GenCon 50 for the "history of the industry" panels and seminars. His quiet influence shaped much in this industry. I am only one of many who were gutted by this news.
    1. Henry's Avatar
      Henry -
      To Nicole and everyone else who knew him, my condolances.
    1. 76512390ag12's Avatar
      76512390ag12 -
      Oh man. This is such bad news. Such a vibrant enthusiastic presence gone.

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    1. GMforPowergamers's Avatar
      GMforPowergamers -
      I never meet the man, but we have several friends in the writing community in common. Its sad and a great loss.
    1. Jeremy E Grenemyer's Avatar
      Jeremy E Grenemyer -
      You can learn something of Stewart's work and influence on the RPG industry by reading the following Designers and Dragons article: link.
    1. Ralif Redhammer's Avatar
      Ralif Redhammer -
      Sad news, indeed. 49 is frightfully young.

      Mage: The Ascension was a game I quite enjoyed. I keep meaning to revisit it one of these days, along with all the other oWOD games.
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