(KS) Era: Hitman in Paperback!
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  • (KS) Era: Hitman in Paperback!

    Shades of Vengeance return to Kickstarter to fund a print edition of their Era: Hitman RPG. The game is uses the Era d10 Rule Set, making it compatible with all the other Era games such as Era: The Consortium (sci-fi), Era: Survival (survival horror), Era: Silence (high fantasy), Era: Lyres (low fantasy) and Era: The Empowered (superheroes).

    In this game, you are a hitman, an assassin who eliminates targets for anyone paying the right amount.

    Whether your skill is stealth, approaching your enemies unseen, firing a bullet from a neighbouring rooftop, hacking automated defences or demolishing a building to eliminate everyone inside, you are always in demand. With the protection of the Guild, you need not fear retribution once you escape the scene of the crime - the scrubbers have your back. Every trace of you, every piece of camera footage, everyone who will testify that you were there will vanish without a trace.

    All that falls to you is the kill itself and, in that, you're an expert.

    Era: Hitman is a game that gives you the best of both worlds: reality-bending superpowers and the mandate to use them however you like as long as you succeed in your mission!

    Inspired by video game titles such as Hitman and Assassin's Creed, this game places you in a modern setting where your mission is to eliminate your target by whatever means necessary.

    Characters can choose to have superpowers ranging from force field creation all the way to controlling gravity or electromagnetism!

    Running on the critically acclaimed Era d10 Rule Set, gameplay is fast and easy to learn, as well as very adaptable in difficulty level for whatever the group requires!

    “A different feel for an assassination game…”

    Era: Hitman offers the chance to integrate superpowers into an otherwise modern assassination setting.

    It is designed to be similar to the harder difficulty levels of games like the Hitman series, meaning the weapons are deadly and storming buildings with guns blazing is not always the best solution.

    Instead, it encourages thinking around the problem and coming up with an ingenious solution, as an unexpected guard identifying the party could mean the loss of a teammate!

    When you add the kinetic powers in the game to that, it makes for a truly dangerous environment, which will take wits and skill to survive!

    Control Gravity, Time and the Elements!

    The Kinetic Abilities in this game range from creation of force-fields and control of fire or water to manipulation of time and the ability to alter gravity, electromagnetism and nuclear forces!

    It might sound like this would make the game easy, but then you consider that others may have the same powers...

    The powers have a limited use, controlled by a character's Kinetic Points, and as they are used more in a mission, the character becomes less effective - the powers are useful, but will fail if they are used as a constant crutch!

    Be a super-powered assassin – Era: Hitman, now in Paperback! is running on Kickstarter until Sunday 16th July.
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