(KS) Kobold Press presents an Expanded New Paths Compendium for the Pathfinder RPG
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  • (KS) Kobold Press presents an Expanded New Paths Compendium for the Pathfinder RPG

    Kobold Press have just launched a Kickstarter to bring to life a revised and expanded hardcover of their New Paths Compendium for the Pathfinder RPG. New Paths will include new classes, feats, spells, and art, from arcane paladins to warlocks. Want to know more…?

    The New Paths series began as a few humble magazine articles by Marc Radle--articles which proved extremely popular! Over time, the series became first a battle-tested set of base classes and then a well-regarded softcover book for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. From the White Necromancer to the Spell-Less Ranger, the New Paths classes have made a LOT of players happy.

    Why Kickstarter This?

    When we put the series into print, we could not afford a hardcover--and several of the new classes didn't even exist yet! This new edition will be revised, expanded, and updated in every way.

    The expanded edition includes almost everything from the original book (we dropped the somewhat unplayable/difficult Savant after our developer tore out his beard in despair). It also includes the new trickster and priest classes that currently exist only in PDF, because they appeared after the first compendium.

    If we meet our goals this new Compendium will also include three all-new New Paths classes: the mystic archer, the tinkerer, and the warlock! It will feature complete integration with Deep Magic and the Advanced Races Compendium, and will provide some guidance on using these classes with the Midgard campaign setting.

    This book also features a sleek full-color layout and new art from Bryan Syme, Marcel Mercado, and Claudio Pozas, among others.

    What You Get

    This hardcover edition of the New Paths Compendium starts with 8 new classes, and could easily go to 11 new classes if we hit a few stretch goals. Most of the classes in the book have several years of actual play and refinement, and even the newest classes have seen hundreds of hours of playtest and development. These are well-honed options for either player or GM, presented in a professional, readable layout with high standards of editing and design.

    The New Paths Compendium expanded edition is available in three forms:
    · a standard edition with the cover art as shown
    · a leatherette limited edition with a foil stamp cover and ribbon bookmark, and
    · a handbound leather edition in full leather with all the tricks of the bookmaker's art, from gold foil stamps to multiple bookmarks and the amazing feel of real leather in your hand.

    And it includes a wide range of classes to appeal to all kinds of players.

    Spell-less Ranger: instead of spells, the spell-less ranger relies on a host of specialized abilities, including ranger talents, nature’s healing, and a deadly stealth attack that can be used in any of his various favored terrains or against his many favored enemies.

    Spirit Shaman: spirit shamans form deep connections with the spirits of nature, have a host of nature oriented abilities, and gain the guidance and aid of a powerful animal spirit guide.

    Battle Scion: king of sword and spell, a heavily armed and armored warrior who can sling combat-centric spells when necessary.

    White Necromancer: potent healers as well as powerful spellcasters, white necromancers embrace the the full necromantic triad, which involves tapping the essence of life as well as that of death and undeath.

    Mystic Archer: dedicated to mastery of the bow, a mystic archer seamlessly blends the damage-dealing potential of the arcane with the deadly skills of an archer, using spells to enhance her natural abilities.

    Theurge: supreme spellcaster whose strength lies in the ability to draw upon, combine, and manipulate the powers of magic in all its forms, whether arcane or divine.

    Priest: armed only with the divine might of her god, a priest’s connection to her deity forms the very core of her being—and through this unwavering reverence, she gains her power and her strength.

    Trickster: merging arcane magic, roguish skills, and a special forte ability to perform incredible acrobatics, summon a magical familiar to act as an accomplice, beguile enemies, or steal spells as they're being cast.

    Skin-Changer: skin‑changers truly embrace the untamed, animalistic aspects of nature. Rather than bonding with an animal companion, the skin‑changer actually assumes the form of animals and fights with the fury of nature itself.

    Tinkerer: master inventors, builders and engineers, tinkerers are experts with all manner of mechanical contraptions, clockworks, mechanical traps, and explosives, who always keep their clockwork companions close by.

    Warlock: a warlock gains power, spells, and the ability to fire dread bolts of arcane force through contact with mysterious and forbidden forces, using his intelligent bond weapon as a conduit.

    New Paths Compendium: Pathfinder RPG Expanded Edition is running on Kickstarter until Friday 28th July 2017.
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    1. David Gartenbush's Avatar
      David Gartenbush -
      Need more Ninja feats and gear
    1. Marc Radle's Avatar
      Marc Radle -
      So ... at the end of the first week, we're fully funded, plus we've added a bunch of stretch goals! We've added new Battle Scion & Death Feats, and more awesome art. The new Tinkerer and Mystic Archer classes are also now in the book and we're chugging away toward adding the Warlock!

      We are very excited about this book and I hope everyone checks the Kickstarter out (and backs it of course!)

      Please Back the New Paths Compendium TODAY!
    1. Marc Radle's Avatar
      Marc Radle -
      Another stretch goal down, and the new Warlock class is in the book!

      We've also added new stretch goals!

      If you haven't already, please jump over and check out the New Paths Compendium TODAY!
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