(KS) Titan Herbal for Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG
  • (KS) Titan Herbal for Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG

    Advanced Fighting Fantasy was reborn as a 2nd Edition back in 2011 by British publishing Arion Games and has now grown to 13 books. With their 14th book, Titan Herbal, they are looking at providing a comprehensive guide to the Herbs and Herbalists of the world of Titan.

    Titan Herbal is a 90 page book written by Andrew Wright (Beyond the Pit) and will include new AFF rules, sample archetypes, 255 Herbs of Titan, stats for Plant Monsters, Random Tables and Price Lists.

    Titan Herbal
    is running on Kickstarter until Tuesday 1st August 2017.
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    1. Yaztromo's Avatar
      Yaztromo -
      Finally I had a chance of going through it properly and I really loved it!
      Will use it for sure as it has so many possible links to what happens in games... more than I expected, honestly!
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