RPG Crowdfunding News 054: Dungeon of Doom, The Tablebreaker Ultimate d20, Saga World Builder, Plush ConTessa Mascots, Crit d20
  • RPG Crowdfunding News 054: Dungeon of Doom, The Tablebreaker Ultimate d20, Saga World Builder, Plush ConTessa Mascots, Crit d20

    Welcome back to our weekly look at tabletop roleplaying game, and accessories, crowdfunding roundup! Each week we’ll be looking at a few campaigns currently running that have caught our eye as well as occasionally speaking to some of the creators about their campaigns, or looking at some of the ‘behind the scenes’ business aspects of putting together, launching, operating and then delivering a crowdfunded project. If you have anything you’d like us to cover, or questions about anything we talk about, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.

    Dungeon of Doom: Handcrafted Game Terrain by Dwarven Forge by Dwarven Forge
    (Campaign Ends : Wednesday 12th July 2017; 01:00 UTC)

    Fast approaching its second million on Kickstarter is the latest offering from the incredibly talented crew at Dwarven Forge. Dungeon of Doom continues the incredibly high quality work adorning gaming tables worldwide by taking you underground to create “the ultimate dungeon”.

    Nearly 150 different brand new pieces have been designed and sculpted for the campaign and the Kickstarter itself was to help create the steel molds that are required for production. So far the campaign has unlocked 38 stretch goals, offers 63 add-on sets, and shows no signs in slowing down in its last few days.

    The pieces are offered as hand-painted or unpainted options and a host of sets are available through the Pledge levels ranging from the $82 Dungeon Level 1 – Dungeon Grey that includes Zaltar’s Gameroom ($119 if you want the hand painted version) up to the $3600 Dungeon of Doom – Hand Painted level that gives you all 15 unique Encounter Areas offered in the campaign, plus stretch goals. Over 250 backers have already jumped in at the highest level with 260 spaces available – so if you want one of everything you’d better be quick (and raid that piggybank)!

    The campaign has also introduced a few new concepts to the Dwarven Forge range such as the really handy Terrain Trays and Elevation Platforms, allowing you to quickly elevate levels of your dungeon so you can now build at different heights.

    The Tablebreaker: The Ultimate d20 by Precision Gaming Solutions
    (Campaign Ends : Wednesday 12th July 2017; 03:59 UTC)

    I like dice. Like many gamers I probably have a slight (ahem…) dice addiction. The Tablebreaker is being marketed at the Ultimate d20 and it’s big, pricey and heavy. Even the Tablebreaker Mini weighs in at 650 grams (1.4 pounds) of solid aluminium whilst the main attraction ‘The’ Tablebreaker is a whopping 2190 grams (4.8 pounds) in weight and measures 116mm (4.6”). The dice come in a choice of colours (Black, Red, Blue) and are your standard d20 (although they also offer a countdown number variation that you could use as a Lifetracker)– although dialled up to 11 (or 21 in this instance…).

    I can’t see them making the gaming table (they’d probably destroy some gaming tables!) but then they’ve not really been created to actually be used but more as an eye-catching display piece. They are also not priced as an everyday tabletop accessory as the Tablebreaker Mini is $99 and The Tablebreaker itself is $249 (before shipping).

    Saga World Builder: Modular tiles for tabletop and D&D games by Saga
    (Campaign Ends : Thursday 13th July 2017; 13:00 UTC)

    The Saga World Builder Modular Tiles are great and I really look forward to seeing them in action. The system consists of a large number of double sided modular map tiles and features hundreds of environmental objects, magic items, weapons, decorations, and equipment.

    The tiles are wet and dry erasable, durable, laminated on both sides and reinforced for extra weight and durability. The objects are printed on adhesion film, allowing them to stick to the map and be easily removed and reused again and again. The base tiles come in both ‘Dungeon’ and ‘Mine’ variations with stretch goals releasing extras such as Village, Castle. Sea and Frigate tile sets.

    Also unlocked through the Stretch Goals is the Saga World Planner an easy to use multi platform 9iOS and Adroid, PC and Mac) online planning tool to create, design, share and rate maps. With Saga World Planner you’ll be able to organize your entire Saga tiles collection, create adventures and wonderful tile maps you can share with others, and play in real life with virtual GM tools.

    Plush ConTessa Mascots by Stacy Dellorfano
    (Campaign Ends : Sunday 16th July 2017; 21:31 UTC)

    For nearly five years ConTessa has been dedicated to increasing diverse representation in tabletop gaming. Running events (games, seminars, workshops) at conventions across the States as well as their own online convention. To help fund their activities they have been selling merchandise such as pins, t-shirts, and lanyards and these great looking plush mascots will certainly help raise some extra cash and make great companions to boot!

    The campaign pledges offer a variety of online (and convention) games that you can play in as well as the $28 pledge level for one of the plush toys of your choice.

    So far we have Tessa, the dragon, who has appeared on a lot of ConTessa’s marketing and merchandise in the past. Tessa is a teal and green dragon that measures 13” from snout to tail, 4” tall, with a wingspan of 7.5”. Her favourite activities include playing RPGs that don’t require the killing of a dragon, and working with dragon advocacy groups to change the public perception of dragons.

    Other mascots, such as Bea the Eyeball Monster and Mimi the Mimic will hopefully be unlocked as stretch goals.

    The “Crit” d20 Dice in new Colors by Andy “Cosmo-Joe” Watkins
    (Campaign Ends : Saturday 22nd July 2017; 16:27 UTC)

    If the $249 Tablebreaker d20 is a little on the expensive side, but you just have to increase your dice collection (and come on, who doesn’t?) then check out Cosmo-Joe’s latest Kickstarter. The original Crit d20 was created after successful Kickstarter funding a couple of years ago but this campaign is running to not only make some more but also in a variety of colours.

    Manufactured by Q-Workshop, the Crit d20 has a skull graphic on the “20” face and a pile of poo where the “1” would usually be.


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    Angus Abranson
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    1. The M'hael's Avatar
      The M'hael -
      Whenever I hear Dungeon of Doom I automatically think of this monstrosity: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/5412/tomb-doom
    1. chibi graz'zt's Avatar
      chibi graz'zt -
      KS nerdgasm; the Dungeon of Doom & the Temple of Sysuul, plus a sh*$t load of add-ons, (in special limited edition Jade) shall be mine, (in about a year).
    1. MNblockhead's Avatar
      MNblockhead -
      Dragon Forged LED Dice Vault and Polyhedrals by Gravity DiceMy addiction to kickstarter has made me aware of all these before this was posted. I would love to get into Dwarven Forge, but it would kill my gaming budget for the year. I just don't have the disposable income to buy both DF and all the other stuff I want. But I have a lot of respect for Stefan Pokorny and his team and wish them continued and greater success!

      I'm backing Saga World Builder at the "Mega Box" level. This looks like it will have a lot of use in many of my games. Also, they've just unlocked an add-on game ruleset that will allow you to play an infinite dungeon crawl game using the Saga World Builder tiles and stickers.

      I'm a big fan of gravity dice, but giant, aluminum, precision-machined d20 are not what I'm looking for. Instead I'm backing Gravity Dice's other active Kickstarter: Dragon Forged LED Dice Vault and Polyhedrals by Gravity Dice. They are pricey, but I would rather have fewer, high quality, truly randomized, dice that feel great in the hand and are nice to look at, than a pile of cheap plastic, injection molded and rock polished dice scooped from a hobby-store bin.

      I'm passing on the crit20 dice. I don't see what they are bringing to the table other than a distasteful looking gag die. The skull for crit merely inspires a "meh" from me and the "poo" for a one just turns me off. As for the manufacturing process—just another cheap injection-molded plastic die.

      If my kids were younger, the Contessa plush monsters might make for a more unique gift for my kids. The dragon would be nice. The "eye monsters" seems like it is more for adults. With most kids, it would short a few eye stalks right quick.
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