EN Publishing: EN5ider, TRAILseeker, & WOIN Updates!
  • EN Publishing: EN5ider, TRAILseeker, & WOIN Updates!

    This week's updates from EN Publishing include an article on EN5ider, the 5E Patreon, about variant humans for 5th Edition, making humans less the "default, average" race, and more varied with a range of alternative traits; on TRAILseeker, the Pathfinder Patreon, there's ten new transmutation spells; and the latest episode of Turn Order: Warped is here, as the Black Fang's intrepid crew prepare to rescue a hostage! And last, but by no means least, the release of The Nereid Trilogy, a sci-fi WOIN adventure by Jacob Rodgers.

    • EN5ider #162: Fantastic Humans. In many RPGs, humans are the "default" standard for racial abilities; they tend to be the ordinary race. But humans are exceptional, just like elves and dwarves are, and this article introduces a range of variant human traits to your 5E game, designed to represent the breadth of human endeavour. These traits replace the generic +1 to each ability score that humans get, and instead allow you to choose three traits from a list including Cross-County Endurance, Life-Saving Scars, Clever Tools, Nomad's Perseverance, and more. Also included are four human feats - Dauntless Scars, Human Adaptability, Ready to Go, and Wand Master. By Michael McCarthy; illustrated by Claudio Pozas.

    TRAILseeker #114: Trickster's Transmutations
    . Ten new transmutation spells for the Pathfinder RPG, including alter race, armor, deep pockets, fool's gold, object shape, and scent of sight. By Carl Cramér; illustrated by Mike Engelhart.

    Visit the edge of explored space in this trilogy of adventures for the What's O.L.D. Is N.E.W. roleplaying game system! This book contains information about the Nereid Sector's 23 star systems, along with three thrilling adventures which form a single trilogy. The PCs will do battle with Ogron Slavers, make first contact with a new alien species, explore an abandoned medical freighter, and infiltrate the mysterious Harvester Moon! An adventure trilogy for intrepid adventurers of grades 5-8. Compiles the adventures The Last Survivor, Harvester Moon, and The Virosa Accord, previously published in EONS, plus an additional sector gazetteer. This book requires the use of a What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. core rulebook.

    Continuing with WOIN, don't miss the latest episode of Turn Order: Warped. Turn Order: Warped, the official stream of the WOIN roleplaying game system, is back with a new episode! "The Black Fang crew prepares for the difficult task of trying to save the daughter of a wealthy entrepeneur from the Bloody 9 warlord, Guts." Join GM of Doom "wacksteven" and the crew of the Black Fang in their intrepid science-fiction adventures! As always, you can get video or audio version of the show - simply subscribe to the YouTube channel or to the official podcast! Or, of course, you can watch the show live on Twitch as it goes out every Saturday! Note that the show features adult language. The first part of this episode is below, but be sure to click through to the Episodes List for the rest of the episode, as well as previous ones.

    That's not all there is in WOIN livestreaming news, though!
    TableStory: Khwarezmia is a new show which uses the O.L.D. system for a fantasy campaign, GM'd by the awesome IronChefBobbyFlail. The first part of the first episode is above, but there are four parts which you can find next to it on YouTube.
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