#RPGaDAY Day 10: Where do you go for RPG reviews?
  • #RPGaDAY Day 10: Where do you go for RPG reviews?

    It’s August and that means that the annual #RPGaDAY ‘question a day’ is here to celebrate “everything cool, memorable and amazing about our hobby.” This year we’ve decided to join in the fun and will be canvassing answers from the ENWorld crew, columnists and friends in the industry to bring you some of our answers. We hope you’ll join in, in the comments section, and share your thoughts with us too… So, without further ado, here’s Day 10 of #RPGaDAY 2017!

    #RPGaDAY Question 10: Where do you go for RPG reviews?

    Morrus: I check out EN World's reviews section, of course! I'm a fan of first impressions from an aggregate rating.

    Darryl Mott: I don't really read reviews. It's one of the problems with being on the journalism side of things, since I don't want someone else's opinion interfering with me drawing my own conclusions first. So I'm almost always flying blind when checking out a new game.

    Sen Patrick Fannon: I tend to scan through the Reviews and Discussions on DriveThruRPG, as well as my News feed on Facebook.
    I don't really read a lot of reviews, though - mostly I focus on showcasing new things with what I do.

    Christopher Helton: I think that Matthew "Pookie" Pook is consistently one of the best reviewers in RPGs.

    Michael Tresca: ENworld, RPGnet and, believe it or not, Amazon. RPG reviews on Amazon tend to be rare but passionate, and since I'm a reviewer there I pay attention to them. I also actually read DriveThruRPG reviews for the same reason.

    Angus Abranson: I really miss the days when we had a host of print magazines. They were great for discovering new games through scenarios and articles not to mention the review sections. I think it’s a real shame that we don’t really have (m)any RPG magazines in English at present that cover the vast array of genres, styles and settings available. Maybe one day… but until then where to get my reviews? A lot actually comes from friends talking about the games either online or in person but if a game really piques my interest I will do a search for reviews. I’ll also read Pookie’s Reviews from R’lyeh which has led to a purchase or three…

    Egg Embry (EN Publishing; Tessera Guild): EN World (which is a bit of a cheat since I wrote some of those reviews) or Jeff Duncan’s Within the Dungeon blog.

    Ken Spencer (Rocket Age; Why Not Games): Mostly I read reviews either at the vendor (DTRPG or Amazon), or I search "XXX review". I then go to my FLGS and order it if I can. When I read reviews I compare several before making a decision. Then again, the last RPG I purchased for a non-work related reason I bought because it said Star Trek on the cover, which made me feel a little dirty, as I am not fond of licensed games in general.

    Marc Langworthy (Modiphius; Red Scar): Again, I rely on the Modiphius family and gaming friends. I do also check Amazon and DrivethruRPG.

    Pookie (Freelance Editor; Reviews from R’lyeh): It would be trite to say that I don’t, but it is true. Because I write reviews of my own—and have done for over fifteen years—I try and avoid reviews written by others, unless that it is of something I have already written a review of as I do not want my opinions and thoughts to be unnecessarily influenced. I am more likely to watch video reviews of older games and so I enjoy Kurt Weigel’s Game Geeks RPG, Seth Skorkowsky’s RPG Reviews, and Bud's RPG reviews.

    Ed Jowett (Shades of Vengeance’ Era: The Consortium): It depends what I am looking for, of course! However, if I really want to know whether a game is worth buying, I hop on RPGNetChat and ask the guys there, who are both extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. RPGKnights is one of my favourites. Mark has a way of penetrating to the theme of a game which I really find helpful. Honourable mention to the guys at EntirePartyKilled, who I think do a good job, and Campaign Mastery, who I find to be very thorough in their work.
    I would always recommend reviews on communities such as EnWorld, DriveThruRPG and RPG.net - people there tend to be very honest about what they feel works and what doesn't.
    If you are more partial to YouTube, I recommend both How to be a Great Game Master and RPG Relic Hunter! Of course, there are loads of fantastic ones out there!

    Ian Sturrock (RPG writer and game design lecturer?): A combination of places, but mostly ENWorld, DriveThruRPG, and RPG.net.

    Stephanie McAlea (Stygian Fox Publishing, The Things We Leave Behind): Pookie (’Reviews from R’lyeh’)

    August Hahn (Lone Wolf, Åskfågeln): The vast majority of reviews and opinions I receive about roleplaying games come from my friends and from professionals in the industy. When I do go looking for an official or detailed review, I look no further than EN World.

    Mike Lafferty (BAMF Podcast; Fainting Goat Games): Tommy Brownell’s blog, the RPG Pundit’s blog, rpg.net and the occasional review on Drivethru/RPGNOW

    Darren Pearce (EN Publishing; Savage Mojo): DTRPG, Google and En World.

    Federico Sohns (Nibiru RPG): Mostly, I find reviewers at RPG.net very trustworthy, so I'd say I end up checking out their reviews almost always. However, there are many great reviewers out there with their own blogs and youtube channels. I also find it quite enjoyable to listen to a review, so I do end up getting some from podcasts or online video services!

    Simon Brake (Stygian Fox): Indirectly, Facebook and Twitter, where other people have linked to reviews that people find interesting. Occasionally, if I’m looking for something, I’ll either check RPG Geek or do a Google search for a specific title.

    Richard August (Conan, Codex Infernus): EN World and my FLGS - the legendary Fanboy 3.

    Originally created by Dave Chapman (Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space; Conspiracy X) #RPGaDAY os now being caretakered by the crew over at RPGBrigade. We hope you’ll join in, in the comments section, and share your thoughts with us too!
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    1. Eminence_Grise -
      I often catch reviews on my google+ feed either from people I know or from articles shared.
    1. Desh-Rae-Halra's Avatar
      Desh-Rae-Halra -
      I come here man!
    1. Brodie's Avatar
      Brodie -
      For reviews, I usually come here. There’s the occasional mention of an rpg on io9. And if I come across an rpg people are talking about but not giving details about, I usually turn to Google.
    1. Jhaelen -
      I typically start by googling for reviews. More often than not the best reviews are either on RPG.net or on dedicated RPG blog sites.

      (ENWorld, imho, unfortunately isn't a good address if you're looking for reviews.)
    1. Lord Mhoram's Avatar
      Lord Mhoram -

      I also look at comments in messageboards. I tend not to read much reviews, just reactions and commentary.
    1. Madmaxneo -
      I usually many of my recommendations from friends who play RPGs. Though I do occasionally look to RPGnow for reviews on occasion. Many of the other review sites seem to be Pathfinder and D&D fanboys and their reviews tend to show dislike towards other systems.
    1. Yaztromo's Avatar
      Yaztromo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Madmaxneo View Post
      I usually many of my recommendations from friends who play RPGs.
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