(KS) The Draw of Glenfallow, a 5th Edition Adventure Module
  • (KS) The Draw of Glenfallow, a 5th Edition Adventure Module

    The Draw of Glenfallow is a 5th edition adventure module by W.S. Quinton that’s currently running on Kickstarter. The adventure is the first part of a new series called the Tarot Adventrues, with each adventure themed after the cards in a Tarot deck. The Draw of Glenfallow sets the stage for the series by introducing a key character (Pieron) and is designed for characters levels 1 to 3.

    Pieron was just another commoner until an encounter with a mysterious woman and a magical deck of cards changed his destiny. Now Pieron is seeking out stout companions to aid him in claiming his birthright, the Keep at Glenfallow.

    Overrun by monsters a century ago, the keep at Glenfallow now lies in ruin.

    Will you help Pieron face unknown peril? Would you dare to stand beside the future lord of Glenfallow as he struggles to retake what it is rightfully his? Can you forge the destiny of a newly minted lord?

    A host of monsters stand between Pieron and his destiny. The malicious goblin chief lords over his subjects, and dark creatures stir in the catacombs beneath the keep.

    Will you gamble your future on The Draw of Glenfallow?

    Designed for 3 to 6 players characters of 1st through 3rd levels, "The Draw of Glenfallow" is a readily playable adventure for new characters, can be used as a central adventure to your campaign, or as a complementary story to an existing campaign. This adventure module is generic with regard to setting and can be placed in any game setting you might use. Background material for the module is included for easy integration into your setting.

    The second book in the series, Comet over Echo Rock, is already being playtested and illustrated and will launch on Kickstarter as soon as this project had been fulfilled.

    The Draw of Glenfallow is live on Kickstarter until Fridays 1st September.
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