First Peek at
  • First Peek at Lazarus...

    Could this be the cover of Green Ronin's forthcoming World of Lazarus RPG for Modern AGE? Quite possibly as the banner is adorning Green Ronin's Gen Con Booth. Green Ronin announced the license of Greg Rucka's Lazarus from Image Comics back in May, to be released alongside the Modern AGE this Fall.

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    1. ArchfiendBobbie's Avatar
      ArchfiendBobbie -
      I need to read the comics, but so far it looks intriguing.
    1. Brodie's Avatar
      Brodie -
      There's going to be a Modern AGE...??? How did I miss THAT news??? I must have that book so I can run a modern setting game in an action movie style world like I've been wanting to do.
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