Starfinder On Fantasy Grounds: A Sneak Peek
  • Starfinder On Fantasy Grounds: A Sneak Peek

    Fantasy Grounds has been busy working on the Starfinder package for its Virtual Tabletop (VTT). They've sent out a few "sneak peek" screenshots to show their progress. "John (aka Moon Wizard) is busy working on the the underlying mechanic changes from the PFRPG ruleset and Doug (aka ddavison) is working on the re-skinning and graphics that you see [below]."

    There's no release data announced yet, but FG did update everybody on progress:

    What is left to do?
    • Ruleset Mechanics
    • Upgraded Parsing Tools to enable faster content creations
    • Library Modules
    • Finalize Skins and Graphics

    Stay tuned for future updates as we work through the progress.
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      ddaley -
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      Fantasy Grounds visually always comes through!
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      may need to finally buy fantasy grounds
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