New Hobby Releases : 18th September 2017
  • New Hobby Releases In Stores & PDF Spotlight: 18th September 2017

    A rundown of the New Releases that should be hitting games stores this coming week! Board games, card games, RPGs, Wargames, Miniatures and collectible games... hopefully something for everyone! In addition to the games hitting your local store we’re also now listing a few RPG PDF releases from the last week that we hope may be of interest. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.


    Tomb of Annihilation
    Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Campaign
    By Wizards of the Coast

    Dare to defy death in this adventure for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

    The talk of the streets and taverns has all been about the so-called death curse: a wasting disease afflicting everyone who’s ever been raised from the dead. Victims grow thinner and weaker each day, slowly but steadily sliding toward the death they once denied.

    When they finally succumb, they can’t be raised—and neither can anyone else, regardless of whether they’ve ever received that miracle in the past. Temples and scholars of divine magic are at a loss to explain a curse that has affected the entire region, and possibly the entire world.

    The cause is a necromantic artifact called the Soulmonger, which is located somewhere in Chult, a mysterious peninsula far to the south, ringed with mountains and choked with rainforests.

    Dungeon Master’s Screen Reincarnated
    Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Accessory
    By Wizards of the Coast

    Master the game with this indispensable tool for the world’s greatest roleplaying game.

    Lost is the poor soul borne aloft in the grip of the ancient red dragon featured in a spectacular panoramic vision by Tyler Jacobson on this durable, four-panel Dungeon Master’s Screen. The interior rules content on this new screen has been revisited and refreshed as a direct result of feedback received from D&D fans everywhere.

    · The screen’s landscape orientation allows the Dungeon Master to easily see beyond the screen and reach over, even as it keeps die rolls and notes hidden from players.

    · Provides an at-a-glance reference for the most relevant and often used in-game information, equipping Dungeon Masters of all skill levels with essential support.

    · An excellent resource for new and existing Dungeons Masters to facilitate inspired adventures and an engaging play experience.

    Tomb of Annihilation Dice Set
    Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Accessory
    By Wizards of the Coast

    Traversing the jungles of Chult can be a harrowing experience, even without a ‘death curse’ hanging over your head. Don’t go without a good set of dice at your side.

    A8 The Forsaken Mountain
    5th Edition Adventure
    By Troll Lord Games

    Coburg the Undying, Master of Aufstrag, has sent forth his servants to find and bring the Vessel of Souls to him. To stop him one must travel far beyond the realms of man and cross over into the lands of dreams and thence into the realms of the forever dying, where creatures both horrifying and ambrosial dwell.

    Fear will certainly be your undoing.

    A mid-to-high-level adventure for a party of 3-6 characters. Play as stand-alone or part of a larger series.

    Star Wars Age of Rebellion Soldier Specialization Decks

    Star Wars™: Age of Rebellion™ Specialization Decks provide GMs and players with a fun and easy way to manage character and NPC talents at the gaming table. New and experienced players alike will appreciate these handy reference cards, and GMs will love being able to keep the action moving. You’ll have the text of your talents at your fingertips, leaving you free to focus on the challenges at hand, while art for each talent immerses you even further into the Star Wars universe.

    Each Specialization Deck contains:
    · 2 cover cards (including a reference guide for each deck)
    · 20 standard sized talent cards

    Solider Vanguard Specialization Deck
    Star Wars Age of Rebellion Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Vanguards charge into battle with the bravery and ferocity of every legendary warrior. By taking the initiative to act before everyone else, the Vanguard creates opportunities for their comrades to act on while their surprise intensity puts the enemy off balance.

    Solider Heavy Specialization Deck
    Star Wars Age of Rebellion Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    The Heavy carries the biggest guns into battle because the biggest guns make the biggest holes. Their devastating firepower is an inspiration to allies and a cause of second and third guesses for their enemies.

    Solider Trailblazer Specialization Deck
    Star Wars Age of Rebellion Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Trailblazers lead the way through dense forests, frozen tundras, desolate wastes, and any other environment the Rebellion may encounter. Preferring to stay hidden, the stealth of a Trailblazer is rewarded with reconnaissance and deadly opportunities.

    Solider Signature Abilities Specialization Deck
    Star Wars Age of Rebellion Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Signature Abilities reward the most dedicated characters in the Star Wars™ Roleplaying Game. Display your talents and immerse yourself in adventure with Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Specialization Decks! The Soldier Signature Abilities Deck includes all the cards you need to keep track of your Signature Abilities and their upgrades. With these cards in hand, you can spend less time researching your options and more time experiencing the thrills of life in the Star Wars universe.

    Unmatched Courage gives the Soldier the resolve to remain at full capability in the face of Critical Injuries that would lay low any other trooper, while The Bigger They Are… allows the Soldier and their squad to be a true threat to vehicles and structures that would normally be far outside their weight class.

    The Soldier Signature Abilities Deck contains:
    · 2 cover cards (including a reference guide for each deck)
    · 18 standard sized talent cards

    Death Among The Trees
    Atlantis: The Second Age Adventure
    By Khepera Publishing

    High in the mountains, cut off from polite society, an aged alchemist once plumbed the secrets of immortality. But, at what cost? Uncovered by chance, the horrors of the past seek the light of day once more. The Heroes must delve into the hidden mysteries to face horrors unheard of in Death Among the Trees, a full-length adventure for Atlantis - The Second Age.

    Rule Britannia
    Victorious Sourcebook
    By Troll Lord Games

    Ruling over the oceans and a quarter of the Earth’s surface, the British Empire is unarguably the Superpower of the Nineteenth century. Yet cracks appear in the façade of Anglo-Saxon superiority, and nefarious forces are determined to overthrow Queen Victoria’s realm. Details abound on turn of the century British society, cities, and figures that Victorious heroes and heroines might encounter for good or ill.



    Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hyperborea (Second Edition)
    Core Rulebook
    By North Wind Adventures

    ASTONISHING SWORDSMEN & SORCERERS of HYPERBOREA™ is sword-and-sorcery role-playing at its pinnacle. Play an Amazon fighter, Atlantean magician, Esquimaux shaman, Hyperborean warlock, Ixian necromancer, Keltic barbarian, Kimmerian cataphract, Pictish thief, Viking berserker, or one of many other possibilities.

    The heroes of a HYPERBOREA campaign delve the mazes and labyrinths of vast dungeons filled with horrifying monsters, lethal traps, and bewildering puzzles. They explore savage frontiers, breach hostile borderlands, probe ancient ruins, and investigate cursed tombs. They plunder for treasure and magic in a decaying world inhabited by bloodthirsty beasts and weird, otherworldly beings.

    Now in its second edition, AS&SH™ has been expanded to include new classes, news spells, new monsters, new magic items, and more! It also includes a new, full colour map, an introductory town and adventure, as well as hundreds of new illustrations! This new edition is backwards-compatible with the original edition of the game.

    Explore endless challenges and infinite realms of imagination with this complete sword-and-sorcery role-playing game!

    DNH2 – The Buried Zikurat (OSR Edition)
    OSR Adventure
    By Fat Goblin Games

    The Buried Zikurat – An adventure for 3 to 7 characters level 6th through 8th and designed for use with The Old School Roleplaying Game rules. For 5 level 7 characters.

    Building upon the success of the Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil, Kevin Watson from Dark Naga Adventures brings you part 2 of the series! This can be played as part of the series or as a stand-alone adventure.

    The clay mining operation at Caford has discovered a large step pyramid or zikurat. This imposing structure was buried completely in the clay sheet they have been mining for decades to make brick and other ceramic products. The local miners see what they think is an obvious entrance, but cannot get past the slab of stone. A call for aid is sent to the capital city of Meawold, and the party is sent to investigate.

    Could this be one of the Nexuses that traded goods from the subterranean Land of Night to the surface world?

    These are the Voyages – Volume 1
    Star Trek Adventures
    By Modiphius

    Space, the Final Frontier

    These are the Voyages: Volume 1 presents eight ready-to-play missions for Star Trek Adventures. Within this book Gamemasters will find the means to test their Starfleet officers at the front line of Starfleet operations. Create your own Star Trek stories of discovery and adventure on the Final Frontier.

    Strange Worlds: Desert Planets
    Starfinder Supplement
    By Fat Goblin Games

    If there’s a bright center to the universe you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.

    Can you survive the arid heat and shifting sands of Strange Worlds: Desert Planets?

    Strange Worlds is a line of Starfinder Roleplaying Game compatible products that focus in on a specific type of weird and wondrous world to explore. Written to be world-neutral, Strange Worlds doesn’t present just a single example planet but presents rules, aliens, and other pieces needed to make a full location based on a classic trope or idea from science fiction. In Strange Worlds: Desert Planets we give you the tools to enliven your own campaigns on arid planets, complete with environmental hazards, vital equipment, and the creatures that inhabit such worlds.

    Malice From the Middle Vale
    OSR Solo Adventure
    By Forever People

    For as long as you can remember you have toiled on your father's farm while dreaming of heroic deeds, exciting adventures and distant lands far beyond the borders of the civilized kingdom of the Angle.

    The day finally arrives and at last you can leave behind the mundane duties of the farmhand. You strike out in search of freedom and adventure. But adventure is already coming!

    Malice Varicella-Zoster - the Irgin Crone of Gungingeth - and her coven of witches intend to wreak havoc in the Angle, but also to steal that which is not rightfully theirs. Before the night is over they will take everything you hold dear and force you into a quest more perilous than anything you ever imagined.

    Set in the magical fantasy realm of Yarnia, Malice From the Middle Vale is the first of the Scythe-Bearer gamebook Trilogy in which you become the master of your own destiny and decide how the story unfolds.

    The Woven Path series explores the mythical land of Yarnia. Requiring nothing more than you, a pencil, an eraser and a calculator, strike out in the role of Scythe Bearer of Breetun and explore the sprawling realm of Yarnia.

    Please note: this is a gamebook which you play solo, choosing which path to take, which perils to face and which monsters to fight. This is not an adventure module or a roleplaying game.

    The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia
    OSR Adventure
    By Greg Gillespie

    A new megadungeon from Barrowmaze author Dr. Greg Gillespie!

    The lost city of Archaia - an ancient ruin sunken into the earth - lies deep in the badlands. In recent years, caravans from Eastdale have come under attack from orcs, goblins, and worse. Some say these blood-thirsty warbands have made lairs in the deep caves and ruins. Sill others say the ancient halls are filled with magnificent treasures left by the Archaians. Are you brave (or foolish) enough to delve The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia?

    The Forbidden Caverns of Archaia (FCoA) is a 296-page classic old school megadungeon for use with Labyrinth LordTM and other fantasy role-playing games. THe pages of Forbidden Caverns are crammed full with new material, maps, amazing art (including special surprizes by former TSR artists), as well as an amazing colour cover art by Ex-TSR artist Erol Otus that matches Barrowmaze Complete as a sister-book.

    Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition
    Core Rulebook
    By Onyx Path Publishing

    Twenty years ago, White Wolf published Changeling: the Dreaming, the fifth of their promised five game-lines that together comprised the World of Darkness. Seen by some as a lighter, more fantasy-based setting in the modern-day, and by others as the darkest game White Wolf had yet created, players had to face the question of what happens once creativity and magic fades from their world.

    This 20th Anniversary Edition of Changeling: the Dreaming returns to that deceptively bright yet terrifying world and both compiles and completes the concepts of the previous two editions. Led by veteran White Wolf and Onyx Path developer "Blackhat" Matt McFarland, our writing team consists of longtime Changeling creators like Ian Lemke, Jackie Cassada, Nicky Rea, and Peter Woodworth, as well as familiar names such as Holden Shearer, John Snead, Maggie Carrol, Matthew Dawkins, and Krister Michl. One and all are dedicated to makingChangeling: the Dreaming Twentieth Anniversary Editionthe most playable edition yet - while not losing the wonder, awe, and majesty that Changeling is known for.

    Prepared 2: A Dozen One Shot Adventures for 5th Edition
    5th Edition Adventures
    By Kobold Press

    So, your players went off on a tangent again?

    A Dozen 5th Edition One-Shot Adventures for Levels 1 to 11

    Never fear—Prepared 2 offers you 12 quick solutions to keep the game moving and players entertained, while you figure out your next move. Here are short, one-shot adventures in full color for every environment, including:

    • A goblin machine of war rampaging through the city
    • Breaches in the ice opening the door to madness from the stars
    • A blight of oozes across the land and a mysterious crypt at its center
    • A long-forgotten boring machine and its crazed automaton pilots
    • A walker, one of the leviathans of the wasteland, is being steered by the darakhul to intercept a city
    • A sinister cult comes a calling during a ship cruise
    • A play in the feylands goes terribly wrong
    • A dragon's lair by the sea
    • ...and much more, lavishly illustrated with maps by Meshon Cantrill

    With Prepared 2, designer Jon Sawatsky has created fantastic and highly playable 5th Edition fantasy scenarios ready to use in any fantasy campaign setting, at a variety of PC levels. Never be caught without a plot again!

    The Fate of Angahiaa
    Space: 1889 Adventure
    By Clockwork Publishing

    Mars and its city states are the most important concerns of Earth’s colonial politics. Liftwood is a critical, highly sought after resource, and not all nations have equal access to it. But the Martians are playing their own games and seek to use their contacts with the humans for their own plans.

    The Canal Prince of the small Martian city-state of Angahiaa seeks to expand its power through a trade treaty with the German Empire. But other groups within the city do not want any human influences, while others seek power over the city themselves and will use the foreigners for their own schemes.

    The player characters forming the German delegation are drawn into the midst of the battles and intrigues for power in the city. They must maneuver between the decadent Canal Prince, his enemies in the nobility and guilds, as well as the priests, the slaves, and the Hill Martians of the surrounding valleys, to find friends and allies.

    The player characters can greatly influence—the Fate of Angahiaa.

    Down Darker Trails
    Call of Cthulhu 7th Ed/Pulp Cthulhu Setting Book
    By Chaosium

    Down Darker Trails is a new setting for Call of Cthulhu—the American West of the late 19th century. The era of gold rushes, outlaws and lawmen, discovery and expansion.

    Rub shoulders with the likes of Wild Bill Hickok, Crazy Horse, and Calamity Jane, while journeying through towns like Deadwood and Dodge City—names and places that have transcended history to become legend. Down these dark trails the taint of the Cthulhu Mythos stirs, ready to lure the unwary and tempt the power hungry with whispered secrets of cosmic knowledge. This is a West of hidden worlds, lost treasures and cities, dubious deals and unsavory alliances. A land filled with beauty, mystery, terror—and wild adventure!

    Here you will find the means to create Old West investigators, new occupations, new pulp talents, and new skills. Captured in text and image is the history of the Old West, famous individuals, playing American Indian heroes, notable places and sites, as well as inspiration and guidance on bringing the terrors and mysteries of the Great Old Ones into your games.

    Two complete towns, the gold-hungry Pawheton and San Rafael on the Texas border, are fully detailed, providing Keepers with ready-made inhabitants and locales from which to stage campaigns. Four different Lost Worlds are discussed, from the weird subterranean world of K’n-yan to the eerie Shadow Desert.

    Packed with advice on creating campaigns and adventures, including two complete introductory-level adventures:

    • Scanlon’s Daughter—a murder mystery set between two feuding Texas ranches.
    • Something From Down There—join the rescue of a group of missing miners whose digging stirred things best left forgotten

    Windy City Chaos
    Shadowrun Mission
    By Catalyst Game Labs

    The Lost Colony

    Maybe you might misplace a commlink. Or lose a box holding a few stray bullets. But who loses an entire community? Well, it’s Chicago’s Containment Zone, where a large group of people disappearing is not the strangest thing to happen this month. Or this week. Or today. But even if it’s not the strangest thing, it’s the one someone is willing to pay runners to investigate. So it’s important.

    The thing is, a whole group of people doesn’t just disappear easily. Or nicely. Some of the powers that like to stay hidden in the Containment Zone are going to make themselves visible, and shadowrunners need to survive their appearance. And see if they can save some lives while they’re at it.

    SRM 07-06: Windy City Chaos is an adventure for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition. Whether you have played a Mission before or are diving in right here, it presents a strong challenge for runners to see if they can survive some of the city’s extremes. Plot elements from this Mission can also be used with Shadowrun: Anarchy.

    Dinosaur Stories
    Core Rulebook
    By Fourth Wish Games

    Dinosaurs have returned through the miracles of science!

    On a remote island, somewhere in the Pacific, researchers have managed to bring back dinosaurs. They study these creatures, and perform tests on them. They are kept locked up, and contained. Unfortunately, things are about to change...

    Dinosaur Stories is a fully operational RPG where you play as the dinosaurs, rather than the humans, because the dinosaurs are more fun. You will get the chance to break out of a research facility, eat a few tasty humans, kill your friends in a wild frenzy of rage, lead a dinosaur army against the scientists, and become ruler of the island! You might even get to figure out how to open cupboards and honk car horns during your adventures.

    This book includes all of the rules needed to play. All you need is some friends, some paper, and some dice. Dinosaur Stories is a pick-up-and-play style game, that runs great with zero prep time, and players of all experience levels.

    Raiders of R’lyeh
    Core Rulebook
    By Cipher Bureau

    RAIDERS of R’LYEH is a stand-alone roleplaying game and sourcebook in which mercenary rogues explore forbidden frontiers, unearth ancient artifacts, and outwit villainous scum. Derived partly from the Runequest rules that have been released under the Open Game License, the game is crafted to emulate not only adventure in the CTHULHU MYTHOS of H.P. Lovecraft and his circle of influences, but especially the savage and evocative feel of Robert E. Howard’s Mythos and Weird menace stories.

    Attention has been made to keep the game mechanics compatible with other percentile systems — while innovating additional rulesets unique to the setting and atmosphere — so those players wishing only to use Raiders of R’lyeh as an Edwardian era adventure sourcebook will have a massive global setting to explore and use in their preexisting Mythos campaign, as well as modular adventure, monster and scenario resources for gaming in 1900-1913. Those players wanting a standalone rulebook with its adventure modes of play, will have a complete toolkit for interacting with the Cthulhu Mythos.

    • A complete sourcebook for expeditions, intrigues and adventures in the pre-Great War Edwardian period (can be used as a rules-independent sourcebook)
    • A wealth of resources about technology, inventions, architecture, weapons, gear, currencies, class structure, etiquette, vehicles, mounts, ports of call, and travel for the period
    • An expansive monster construction kit, with new weird monsters and twists on old favorites from the Mythos, drawn from the works of Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, M.R. James, William Hope Hodgson, Clark Ashton Smith, Algernon Blackwood, Lafcadio Hearn, among others
    • A global network of back-alley criminals, controlling gentry, avaricious smugglers and a campaign-spanning conspiracy known only as “The Glove,” drawn from the pre-War era and tradition of Weird adventure
    • Setting creation support — including a collection of organizations from the era, from intelligence agencies to detective bureaus and secret society lodges, as well as ideas for secret factions and cults within these organizations or as separate entities, NPC stats for warlords, criminals, soldiers, spies, thugs, beasts...all the added Kickstarter-backed NPCs and organizations...and more
    • Faction rules, with a complete toolkit for developing your own factions
    • Guidelines for facilitating node-based investigation, using Circles of Influence (derived from other systems), Clue Webs and Scenario Nodes, Networking and Connections rules, and Organization Responses and Hierarchies
    • A robust and extensive chapter on magic, sorcerers, occult works and artifacts from the world of 1910
    • A simple yet robust sanity system integrated into the PC and NPC motives and bonds
    • Options for “pulpier” occultists and occult detectives adventurers — akin to much of Lovecraft’s original material and most of Howard’s, and to the occult detectives in the works of various weird writers such as William Hope Hodgson, Arthur Machen, and so on — for players who want to incorporate pulpier magic into their mythos game
    • New adventurer roles, drives, bonds, and special abilities for players that emulate the period and feel of Weird menace and adventure
    • And much more: new skills, new gear, basic and tactical combat rules, chase rules, etc.
    • Includes an OGL and bibliography of sources, with support for open-ended customization, enabling designers to adapt the game and hack their own settings and derived rules

    A Life Worth Living
    Traveller Supplement
    By Stygian Fox

    “Terese was in trouble, and had asked me for help. I guess it was good I was going to Earth, even if it was a long way to go.”

    The friends you make in service during times of war stay with you. So when one asks the Player Characters for help in a suspicuiously vague message they become embroiled in a race against time to not only save their friend but also themselves.

    ‘A Life Worth Living’ is the first adventure in Stygian Fox’s ‘Near Heavens’ setting. It is a challenging scenario that pits the player characters against a corporation that is used to getting its own way and uses certain criminal gangs to enact its will.

    From Groombridge 34 to the Sol system, this book gives a brief overview of the setting and a thrilling, fast-paced adventure of interstellar proportions.



    This War Of Mine: The Board Game
    1-6 players, ages 18+, 45-120+ minutes
    By Galakta

    This War Of Mine: The Board Game is the tabletop adaptation of the award-winning video game that pictures the drama of civilians trapped in a war-torn city.

    You will enter this experience as a group of civilians trapped in a besieged and conflict-ridden city, enduring many hardships that often test the essence of humanity.

    During day time you will take shelter in a ruined tenement house, which you will care about and manage by: removing rubble, searching through various rooms (often behind barricaded doors), you will build beds, improvised workshops, stoves, tools, water filters, small animal traps, you will cultivate an improvised vegetable garden, fix the tenements’ shelled facilities, reinforce the security of your shelter and should winter come, you’ll try to keep it warm.

    Upon nightfall your main duties will consist of guarding your shelter and what little possessions you can accumulate against bandits and raiders. Those in your group fit for such a task will use the cover of the night to carefully explore dozens of the ever-changing locations scattered throughout the dangerous city in search of all the things that a person needs to survive (materials, food, meds, equipment, etc.). On your way you will meet tens of characters, each with a unique story (residents of the locations you visit, thieves, bandits, soldiers, war victims, refugees, neighbors, traders and members of local communities), each encounter is a potential, unique adventure. To guide you through all these events you will have the special SCRIPTS mechanism, responsible for implementing the deep and complex story and a coherent plot (each game will be unique and different than the previous).

    Your goal is to SURVIVE until the cessation of war hostilities. During your struggle as the survivors, you will experience dramas connected with making extremely difficult decisions and choices (you will have to face the consequences of your actions sooner or later in the playthrough). Survival itself will often prove not to be enough. The price each of you will decide to pay, might be too high in the final outcome. So the goal is really to survive in a way that will let you live on with the decisions you made. The EPILOGUES mechanism will kick in here.

    Shark Island
    2-5 players, 45+ minutes
    By Upper Deck Entertainment

    Shark Island is a semi-cooperative game for 2–5 players that pits up to four shark hunters against a monstrous great white shark (which is controlled by a player) that is working to terrorize the island. The hunters must work together to maximize their skills to search the surrounding waters and locate the shark before it can bring more terror to the island, or quickly respond after it attacks to do as much damage to the creature as they can. When the shark is found, the hunters engage in a rapid form of combat, intent on killing it or driving it to sea. If the hunters kill the shark, they win! The shark needs to outsmart the hunters and terrorize the island to accumulate enough terror to win the game by achieving the terror goal they chose at the start of play, which includes a minimum of nine terror tokens.

    The game takes place over several turns, made up of three phases. The shark tries to hide among debris and other sea creatures, and the hunters try to flush out the shark that can ultimately lead to an all versus one card battle. Special abilities of the shark and hunters can influence the outcome of the game.

    Fantasy Realms
    3-6 players, ages 14+, 20+ minutes
    By WizKids

    As ruler, it's up to you to build the mightiest realm in the world! Will you choose to follow military tactics and sweep away all in your path with a massive army? Will you turn towards sorcery and control an inaccessible island surrounded by impenetrable flames? The choice is yours, and no two realms will ever be the same in Fantasy Realms, a combo-licious card game.

    Fantasy Realms takes seconds to learn: Draw a card, discard a card — though you can draw from the deck or the discard area!

    Make the best hand you can by making the best combos. The game ends when ten cards are in the discard area. Aim for the highest score to win!

    Witches of the Revolution
    1-4 players, ages 13+, 30-60+ minutes
    By Atlas Games

    The colonies of the Americas were a haven for the persecuted. But now there’s a war for independence, and those who would have freedom must fight for it.

    Witches of the Revolution is a cooperative game. You and your fellow players lead covens of witches determined to see a fledgling nation achieve freedom from tyranny. You must recruit powerful allies, unleash potent relics, overcome menacing events, and ultimately fulfill four keystone objectives before time runs out. Will you specialize, or prepare for anything? Will assisting allies spread your resources too thin, or unlock success?

    Longsdale in Revolt
    Oh My Goods Expansion
    By Lookout Games / Mayfair Games

    Riots are spreading in the capital Longsdale as well as rumors that there could soon be a war. The king needs your help, and your decisions might even be able to turn fate in a new direction...

    Oh My Goods!: Longsdale in Revolt, an expansion for Oh My Goods!, consists of five chapters that together tell a single story. The length of the game is now not fixed, but depends on the current chapter, which has an event deck that will be compiled differently each time you play. The expansion also includes four character cards, 34 new buildings (in seven types), 22 event cards (in both German and English), and 14 chapter cards (ditto).

    4-6 players, ages 12+, 15-30+ minutes
    By Devious Weasel

    Bemused is a card game for 4-6 players in which the players take on the role of a muse seeking to elevate their chosen human virtuoso to the greatest height of celebrity and influence. To do so, the muse must eliminate their virtuoso's rivals by levying doubts and dreads upon them until they are driven insane...or worse.

    Bemused is not a social deduction game. Although there are elements of deductive reasoning, Bemused is a social interaction experience that encourages shameless table talk, bluffing, and deal-making as players seek to maximize their scores in a "take that" environment. Bemused is best described as a strategic "ruin your rivals" game with hidden goals and asymmetric player powers. It is also a much deeper strategy game than it first appears.

    Dark Is The Night
    2 players, ages 10+, 1-15+ minutes
    By APE Games

    A Hunter has set up camp in a dark and dangerous forest. In the middle of the night she is awakened by a sound in the darkness, just outside the light of her small fire. Again! A guttural growl informs the Hunter that she is not alone. To survive this night, the Hunter will need keen wits and sharp aim with her crossbow.

    Dark is the Night is a two-player game of hunt-or-be-hunted. One player takes the role of the hunter and can move in the lighted spaces surrounding the campfire while the other player is the monster, secretly moving through the darkness. With only limited tools at their disposal, each player tries to eliminate the other before daybreak.

    The Brotherhood Without Banners Chapter Pack
    A Game of Thrones : The Card Game (Second Edition) Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Take up arms with outlaws in The Brotherhood Without Banners, the sixth Chapter Pack of the "Blood and Gold" cycle for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game! As the cycle draws to a climactic conclusion, you have the chance to see the themes of the cycle more fully realized, with new economy cards and new support for the bestow keyword across all eight factions. Whether you're serving the Night's Watch with Donal Noye or leading the brotherhood with Beric Dondarrion, this expansion has plenty to offer, including a brand-new agenda inviting you to join the brotherhood without banners.

    2 – 4 players, ages 10+, 60 + minutes
    By Galakta

    The far future. Humanity is long extinct. Its place has been taken by many new races from across and beyond this galaxy. Peace is preserved only by the Galactic Council of Elders maintaining a balance of power among ambitious races. And each of these secretly seeks to discover new technologies that would grant them dominion over the Universe.

    One day, a huge, devastated spaceship appears suddenly in space, with the name "Andromeda" marked on its side. It seems that Andromeda is the abandoned wreck of a spaceship from an ancient, vanished race. Every modern race knows that these Ancients had fantastic technologies far beyond those now known, and many wish to seize the ship's secrets for themselves. The Galactic Council has authorized an exploration team composed of scientists from different races, but while they'll all go aboard together, they each represent a race with its own interests and goals...

    Andromeda is a board game with an interesting action selection system based on the "I split, you choose" idea. One player rolls dice and splits them into two groups, but another player chooses which group will be assigned to which action

    Zombie Terror
    2 players, ages 10+, 45-60+ minutes
    By Galakta

    We must stay together - they’re everywhere!

    Only a few has managed to stay alive after the zombieapocalypse. A small group of survivors hid inside a shopping mall, but the apparently safe place soon turned out to be a dead end - literally! In the face of danger they have only one choice - to escape! However, the only way leads through a parking lot full of brainthirsty zombies…

    Zombie Terror is an asymmetrical game for two players. One player becomes the leader of the surviving humans who must be smart and ready for any sacrifice if they hope to survive in the world full of deadly surprises. Those brave few have to face endless hordes of bloodthirsty zombies controlled by the other player. As you might expect, those humans are but a game for the mindless monsters prowling every street and building.

    Desperate courage might not be enough to stop undead hordes.

    Zombie Terror contains additional game scenarios and rules for creating your own, unique scenarios, guaranteeing high replayability as well as giving you almost limitless options to expand the game!

    The Red Dragon Inn 6 : Villains
    2 – 4 players, ages 13+, 30 - 60 + minutes
    By SlugFest Games

    You and your wicked companions have spent the day pillaging the countryside and "dealing" with meddlesome adventurers. It's about time you kicked back with a pint at the evil equivalent of The Red Dragon Inn — The Black Dragon Depths, a nefarious tavern hidden deep in the catacombs below Greyport. No more heroes this time. Now you get to play as the bad guys!

    The Red Dragon Inn 6: Villains is a standalone expansion to The Red Dragon Innseries of games. In this game, you and up to three of your friends play as evil villains celebrating the defeat of your archenemies at a wild fantasy party. You gamble, brawl, and drink the night away as you compete to be the last villain standing at the end of the night.

    By Order of the Queen
    2-4 players, ages 10+, 90-120+ minutes
    By Junk Spirit

    By Order of the Queen is a cooperative 2–4 player game with a fantasy role-playing game theme. Players take on the role of one of the Guilds of Tessandor, working together to dispatch Heroes to important quests, to combat monsters and to complete the Queen's Orders themselves.

    By Order of the Queen is designed to give players a full fantasy campaign in one 90-120 minute game, by giving players just the highlights of a role-playing adventure.

    Players must work together to keep the kingdom from falling apart while trying to complete three Queen's Orders to win the game.

    Five Seals of Magic
    2-5 players, ages 8+, 60+ minutes
    By Mayday Games

    Explore the dungeon of the Arcana Tower in Five Seals of Magic to find powerful spells! Magical seals of four elements block your way to the scrolls. Use the dice of four matching colors to break the seals and clear a path to the scrolls.

    You should also keep an eye on your opponents. Use your powers at the right time and at the right place! Manipulate dice and other elements of the game with scrolls, which you've collected. This way, you can break stronger seals and open your way to more powerful scrolls. The player who collects the most powerful scrolls wins.

    Apocrypha Adventure Card Game
    1-6 players, ages 12+, 60+ minutes
    By Lone Shark

    The Apocrypha Adventure Card Game allows you to play it as a cooperative card game, or with a game master as a role playing game. The world is on the brink of an apocalypse, set in motion by monsters only your characters can see. Gameplay is story-based, and features deck construction and character growth. Over time, characters will unlock repressed memory fragments that will add new powers. Each mission has a unique setup and goal, which often involves hunting down a true threat hiding among the cards at the nexuses that characters investigate.

    The game will be released in a base box that will contain one chapter expansion. The base game, called The World, comes with 584 cards, 20 six-sided dice, 1 rulebook, 1 storybook, 30 dividers, and 10 character stand-up tokens. The remaining eight chapters will appear in two expansions, The Flesh and The Devil, each with 400 cards, 10 dividers, 1 storybook, and 4 character stand-up tokens.

    Atlas: Enchanted Lands
    2-4 players, ages 8+, 20+ minutes
    By Renegade Game Studios

    Atlas: Enchanted Lands is an elegant card game set in a world of fairies and magic. Play cards to reveal a certain place and time — and place your stake in one of the two. Explore a location at dawn, day, sunset, and night, or see what the whole land looks like in the dark. Each card offers two choices, and it's up to you to uncover the world that awaits.

    In more detail, players are challenged to predict the time or place that will be uncovered first. Cards laid on the board will complete sets. Depending on the cards chosen by the players, sets of similar cards or numerically ascending cards will be revealed, granting points to the players that deduced the correct combination.

    Vs System 2PCG: Marvel Monsters Unleashed!
    2 – 4 players, ages 12+, 20 - 60 + minutes
    By Upper Deck Entertainment

    Vs System 2PCG: Monsters Unleashed!, the fourth "expansion" to the Vs System 2PCG card game, features all new card characters and card mechanisms. This standalone set features four hundred new cards covering four new teams. The "Monsters Unleashed" initiative by Marvel has opened the door to create an expansion that pits the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe against some of the biggest and baddest monsters ever created! This set includes many of the monsters feature in the "Monsters Unleashed" initiative, including the six newly created monsters for the comic series.

    The heroes in this set include members of the Champions and Inhumans, and the set contains 16 new main characters and 78 new supporting characters in the four new factions.

    Elysium Playmat
    Elysium Accessory
    By Space Cowboys

    The Elysium playmat has spaces to indicate how many cards to lay out based on the number of players, in addition to additional space for the temple that holds the player order tiles and Apollo's "cards from the future" layout.

    2-5 players, ages 7+, 15-30+ minutes
    By Emperor S4

    Cang Jie is one of the legendary figures in ancient China. As legends foretold, he was inspired by the footprints of animals on the ground, and began to create all kinds of different symbols according to the forms of all things in nature, hoping to replace the conventional, yet unreliable, knot tying way of remembering things. For conveniences, Jie decides to name these symbols "Zi", which means "character". This is the origin of "Hanzi", the "character from Han dynasty".

    In Hànzì, players travel back 3600 years and serve as one of the pupils of Master Cang Jie. As you learn from the Master, you will create new characters that serve as the foundation of modern Chinese culture.

    The Swamps of Nal Hutta Skirmish Map
    Star Wars Imperial Assault Accessory
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Nal Hutta, the swampy Outer Rim planet, is a dangerous place. Its treacherous bogs are littered with dragonsnakes and other dangerous predators. Polluted skies erupt at times into greasy rains. And, of course, the planet is the homeworld of the notorious Hutts and the seat of heir vast criminal empire.

    As a result, there are fortunes to be made or lost among the planet’s sprawling spaceports and its bulbous palaces. There are reasons, too, that the Rebel Alliance might deal with the planet’s outlaws, or that the Galactic Empire might crack down on the planet’s lawlessness – or make a show of doing so before taking payment and marching away…



    Forces of Hordes: Skorne Command
    Hordes Supplement
    By Privateer Press

    From the blasted stormlands of eastern Immoren march the cruel armies of the Skorne Empire, intent on the ultimate conquest of the Iron Kingdoms! Disciplined ranks of Cataphracts and Praetorians march side-by-side with exotic and deadly warbeasts that have been brought to heel through pain hooks and the lash. Leading them in battle are the potent and merciless skorne warlocks. Having mastered the dark art of mortitheurgy, these warrior-mystics push their implacable soldiers and raging warbeasts past normal physical and mental limits – sometimes even past death itself!

    Featuring complete rules and profiles for the brutal warlocks and pain-fueled warbeasts of the Skorne Empire, Forces of Hordes: Skorne Command includes two new warlocks and a new character warbeast, plus two new theme forces, detailed history and background information on the skorne and their martial culture, and a selection of units and solos that can form the hard-hitting backbone of your Skorne army.



    Battlestations: 2nd Edition Rules Compendium
    Battlestations Supplement
    By Gorilla Games

    Serving as a Field Guide to ship-to-ship combat and boarding actions, this Universal Republic Expeditionary Forces Training Manual for Battlestations 2nd Edition is jam-packed with advanced rules of play, ship layouts, special abilities, equipment, treasure, and dozens of new missions co-written by reknown designers, including Richard Garfield, James Ernest, Ken St. Andre, Joey Vigour, and Jay Little.

    Hindenburgs Hour: The Tannenberg Campaign
    1 player, ages 12+, 30-90+ minutes
    By Dr Richter Konfliktsimulationen

    Hindenburg’s Hour is a solitaire simulation of the Tannenberg campaign in August, 1914, which puts you in place of the commander of the German 8th Army. Your task is to defend the province of East Prussia against the Russian 1st and 2nd Armies, advancing from east and south, respectively. Simple yet elegant mechanics make for an entertaining challenge. Will you be up to it and justify the Kaiser’s faith in you?



    Empire at War Booster
    Star Wars Destiny Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    From the Clone Wars to the rise of the First Order, the Star Wars galaxy is constantly in a state of turmoil. When villains look to impose their oppressive will upon the galaxy, heroes will dutifully rise to defend their home, even if it means war.

    Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce Empire at War, the third set of booster packs for Star Wars: Destiny!

    Empire at War emulates the chaos found in the Star Wars galaxy during its darkest times with themes that disrupt your opponent’s board and decimate their best laid plans. These 160 brand- new cards will focus on taking core concepts of Star Wars: Destiny and throwing them into disarray.

    Empire at War brings the thrilling action of Star Wars Rebels to the tabletop. Join the crew of the Ghost and their adversaries as they join the epic duels taking place across every era of the Star Wars saga.

    The above list has been compiled based upon distributor and retail new releases mailouts I receive. Please note that there may be some geographic differences in release dates and/or availability of items. Please contact your local store for more information.

    Please note: Some of the links in the post above may be “affiliate links”. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item the author of this post will receive an affiliate commission.
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