DM's Guild Adepts Adventures Now Adventurer's League Legal
  • DM's Guild Adepts Adventures Now Adventurer's League Legal

    Back in August, WotC named ten "Adepts" whose products on their DM's Guild storefront they would be promoting and highlighting, and who would get advance access to adventures in order to product at-launch compatible content for them. Now, various Adepts have mentioned on Twitter that theirs - and other Adepts' adventures - are now legal for the D&D Adventurer's Guild. Those products will now feature the DDAL logo (shown below).

    Some examples include Encounters in Port Nyanzaru, Beasts of the Jungle Rot, Cellar of Death, Ruins of Hisari, and Ruins of Matalo: Discovery.

    The DMs Guild contains thousands of publishers, which makes it hard to sort the wheat from the chaff. The Adepts program addresses that to an extent; however, from us fans' point of view, the biggest gain is that adventures like Tomb of Annihilation can now launch with existing add-on support (or, as WotC's Chris Lindsay puts it, "first day DLC").
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    1. skerritthegreen's Avatar
      skerritthegreen -
      Basically adventures legal for play (a few small adjustments); player content not legal without a cert (except things generically always legal like animals or backgrounds).
    1. Pauper's Avatar
      Pauper -
      Let me say that while I might not be wholly on-board with the concept, I appreciate the roll-out of this AL feature much more than the recent Mike Mearls 'I'll make you a certed thing for AL' debacle. In this case, we have an announcement, backed up by admins, with associated info for how to use the non-standard stuff in AL. (There's more detail on Facebook at the moment, and I imagine that info will eventually find its way to the D&D AL Organizer's page.)

      Good job with the roll-out.

    1. ddaley's Avatar
      ddaley -
      Oh no... don't mention DLC!

      These look great. I am going to pick up some or all of these.
    1. darjr's Avatar
      darjr -
      Awesome! Now how to fit them into the con schedule!
    1. Anthraxus's Avatar
      Anthraxus -
      Quote Originally Posted by darjr View Post
      Awesome! Now how to fit them into the con schedule!

      I am going to try to get some of these run at my con in early December! (Fallscon, western WI)
    1. Warmaster Horus's Avatar
      Warmaster Horus -
      This is great. We're lacking non-hardcover Season 7 content, so this content can fill in for our semi-monthly Saturday events.
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