(KS) Shades of Vengeance return to Era: The Consortium with A Universe of Expansions 2
  • (KS) Shades of Vengeance return to Era: The Consortium with A Universe of Expansions 2

    Shades of Vengeance return to their best-selling game, the sci-fi Era: The Consortium, in their latest Kickstarter. A Universe of Expansions 2 sees a host of new supplements on offer and mirrors a similar campaign in 2016 that unlocked eight expansions to add to the Consortium universe. Each supplement not only adds new story material and insight into the universe, but also provides new dimensions to gameplay.

    Since its release 2 years ago, our first game, Era: The Consortium, has immersed fans in the rich, detailed worlds and society of Humanity's future.

    Inspired by a lifetime love of Sci-Fi, Era: The Consortium offers the chance to play any subgenre you want, just by choosing a specific point in the 500-year history!

    From games about a Star Wars-type Resistance against an oppressive government to exploration in a giant starship, from cyberpunk to all-out war with an invading alien race, and from transhumanism to survival horror in the vein of Dead Space... the choice is yours!

    You can download a free Quickstart pack to try the game out!

    We're continuing in the direction that has brought you the amazing material so far, with the same amazing team of industry veterans working alongside the creators, writers and artists which have brought all 7 of the Era games to life! You'll know their work from other places such as Vampire: The Masquerade, the new Conan RPG, 7th Sea and many more, as well as the Era games, of course!

    Together, we've prepared the way for 18 more expansions, including the ones which were not unlocked in the previous Kickstarter!

    Among the brand new expansions are…

    Traders, pirates and everything between have existed since the early years of the Consortium. As the society has grown, so have the opportunities: Hardcastle Haulage has at least one station in orbit of every inhabited planet in the Consortium and a trader can make a lot of money buying and selling in the right places. Of course, they can make even more if they don't have to buy the cargo...

    Free Trader brings players the chance to register as an independent trader and carry cargo between the worlds of the Consortium. It includes new rules for piracy, a complete list of cargo prices at each location and a detailed list containing a variety of cargo types and their legality.

    Gaia Adaptation and Adjustment is a company built on biological innovation: by combining the genetic traits of foods, they invented Enviromorphic Fungus. Now, they seek to analyse what alien races may exist beyond the Consortium. By combining various DNA forms, they have created a series of test subjects...

    Predictive Genetic Algorithm brings the opportunity to build your own alien race! To achieve that, it offers a large number of options for traits which the races can possess and a points system to ensure balance. Create a race which encounters the Consortium, become an escaped sample from a speculative race grown in a lab and much more with this expansion!

    Very few ships venture far outside the solar systems of the Consortium. When one of those few is taking an obstacle-free course between two Oort Cloud locations, the crew discovers a wormhole, leading to a whole new Star System. Amazing opportunities await on the first New Worlds that the Consortium has had access to in 250 years!

    New Worlds offers untouched regions of space to explore. Grab what you need from a new selection of exploration equipment, discover the secrets of the New Worlds and decide which faction to inform about their existence with this expansion! With the raw materials they offer, the fate of the Consortium may be in your hands...

    The continuing Campaign, a fan favourite from the last Kickstarter, includes 10 sessions per book. Each contains a prologue, pre-made characters and a list of equipment, armour and weapons to help you on your mission. The other half of the book is for the GM and features a Session Summary and a set of Routes to Success.

    We're currently approaching 50 sessions with this campaign and are offering 2 books for unlock as Stretch Goals - Parts 4 and 5!

    The Era d10 ruleset is designed to allow you to experience this universe in a way that is as unobtrusive as possible without being misrepresentative. By choosing your skills carefully, your character can dominate in any of 5 forms of combat, talk their way out of any situation or protect their teammates from harm.

    The rules could be described as "A Success-counting dice pool system where you roll Attribute + Skill in d10s and the difficulty of the task determines which numbers count as Successes."

    In case that was a bit too brief or jargony, here's a bit more detail:

    The system is based around multiple dice - the more skilled you are, the more dice you have - and a variable goal based on activity difficulty.

    Using an Attribute and Skill system, which each define their own areas of influence, you roll your dice depending on what you're attempting - whether Dexterity + Engineering for a precision piece of work, Intelligence + Engineering for a more theoretical problem or Luck + Engineering for a complete long shot, you'll be able to adapt to your circumstances and focus on your strengths.

    Although you roll more dice the more skilled you are, the number you are attempting to reach varies depending on the difficulty of the action - if shooting someone in clear conditions, the GM would ask for a 7. If someone was laying a mine, more likely a 6. Firing over your shoulder at someone 30 metres away, while crouching behind a low wall would definitely be a 10!

    The Consortium is a huge, interplanetary society, comprising of multiple alien races who populate three star systems. The government of the Consortium is one where financial power gives one direct political power. As a result, the eight most powerful companies effectively rule over the Consortium, defending their monopolies and manipulating each other and the population in an unending struggle for power.

    The Resistance has responded to this by attempting to overthrow the Big Eight. Although they are labelled rebels, many fight for the good of the people.

    You can join either faction as a member of any of 5 playable sentient species who inhabit the Consortium, choosing from huge numbers of backgrounds and decide where in the 500 years of history you wish to play. You might...

    ...be one of the first colonists on a new world, far from Earth.
    ...explore strange, new worlds.
    ...make first contact with an alien race.
    ...fight in a war where the very existence of the Consortium hangs in the balance.
    ...join a Resistance movement and fight to save 14 billion lives from a plot by powerful individuals.

    You may begin as a terrified civilian, forced into combat, but you'll have abilities that will keep you alive and ahead of the Smertios Security soldiers who are pursuing you... as long as you keep your wits about you!

    You'll have your chance to become a trusted member of the Resistance, or to join another company within the Consortium for protection... You won't be worrying about equipment - you'll be given whatever it is you need to complete your mission.

    This game gives you a universe of choices: fight with a faction or choose your own path.

    This is Era: The Consortium. There are no limits.

    Era: The Consortium – A Universe of Expansions 2 is running on Kickstarter until Sunday 26th November 2017.
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