RPG Crowdfunding News 070: CATaclysm, Seven Worlds, Outbreak: Undead, Confronting Hastur, On The Shoulders of Giants, Mythic D6
  • RPG Crowdfunding News 070: CATaclysm, Seven Worlds, Outbreak: Undead, Confronting Hastur, On The Shoulders of Giants, Mythic D6

    Welcome back to another look at tabletop roleplaying game, and accessories, crowdfunding roundup! There are so many campaigns running on Kickstarter at present that we're having two columns this week! If you have anything you’d like us to cover, or questions about anything we talk about, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.

    CATaclysm: the RPG of Feline Proportions by Akinji Entertainment Inc.
    (Campaign Ends : Monday 13th November 2017; 16:16 UTC)

    CATaclysm is the second feline RPG this year, after Eddy Webbs Monarchies of Mau which funded in June. The two settings share a few similarities – mainly both being set in the future after humankind has left, or destroyed itself, and also in that you play cats that stand on two feet, wear clothes and can use equipment and weapons as easily as the long departed humans. The two campaigns also share the same fantastic art values – with the art in CATaclysm looking really great so far!

    Da humanz iz ded. No moar fud for us. No moar scratchez for us. No moar protecshun frum teh outsides for us. We haz taken teh earth… - Catain Galileo Furrwhisker.

    No Cat knows exactly how long it has been since the humans left, but one thing’s for sure, they left in a real hurry. The Cats can still see the majestic Human cities of glass and steel on the horizon on a clear day, but they dare not approach, not without protection. These places have become forbidden zones because they are filled with a mysterious and sinister evil: Miasma.

    Miasma is a horrible, evil substance that eventually corrupts and destroys everything it touches… well almost everything. The despicable Rats, Toads, and Frogs feed off of Miasma, and it is even rumored that they can control it for their own nefarious ends. The Cats believe that Miasma is what chased the humans away in the first place, and now it is their responsibility to defend the world, and Mommy Nurtur, against it.

    Although most animals have evolved into sophisticated, intelligent beings, Cats have been given a very special gift from Mommy Nurtur that singles them out from all the other creatures: Meowgic. This mystical force is where the Cats draw their power - the source of their nine lives. As their birthright, all Cats can use Meowgic, however some breeds are more attuned to its power than others.

    Feline society is quite complex. Cats are tribal, living in large societies known as clowders which are based on their breed. As a player you choose to play a breed, of which 9 are the most common, each having their own special talents and gifts. The Maine Coons are a large warrior and seafaring breed who are at home both on land and in water; The slippery and sneaky Egyptian Mau have the fastest of cat-like reflexes, making them effective rogues and assassins; the bookish Persians have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge which sends them to the furthest corners of world in search for lore, and; the mysterious Manx are powerful Meowgicians that can manipulate Meowgic better than any other breed.

    In recent years, Cats have become extremely curious of their origins and the fate of their ancient masters: the humans. The Cats do not worship humans (did they ever?) and were in fact quite indifferent to things human, however they now know that the key to understanding their place in the world is to uncover what happened to them. Cats now scour the world searching for ancient human lore and artifacts, going to great lengths to acquire them. The ancient Catains (the founders of the original 9 breeds) have left clues for later generations throughout the land of Cats and it is up to you, the Cat Hero, to find them!

    If you’d like to see more, you can download a 52-page CATaclysm! Preview.

    Seven Worlds – realistic science-fiction for Savage Worlds by Luis Enrique Torres
    (Campaign Ends : Thursday 16th November 2017; 14:08 UTC)

    Welcome to Seven Worlds, a new Epic Science-Fiction Setting and Campaign for the Savage Worlds role-playing game, from Intellistories, official Savage Worlds Licensee!

    Seven Worlds is a unique, epic hard(ish) Science-Fiction role-playing campaign and setting. In the year 2217 humanity's greatest achievement is the colonization of the nearby star systems now known as the Seven Worlds, where humanity lives, thrives, and prepares for the next great wave of space exploration. But when the unexpected threatens humanity, only an unlikely band of heroes can unravel a deadly conspiracy and try to avert the Fall!

    What makes Seven Worlds special? Do we need yet another science-fiction setting and campaign for Savage Worlds? We believe there IS a niche for a new, unique setting, and here are some reasons why:

    The Campaign is Epic: The core of Seven Worlds is its awesome, world-shattering campaign! The setting was designed around the story, rather than the story around the setting, making for a rich environment where everything fits together. Inspired by classic science fiction books like The Expanse series and TV series like Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5, as well as by such grand episodic RPG campaigns as the original Dragonlance saga, this is a story arc the players will never forget!

    The campaign will be available as seven PDF-only modules and (after the modules have been released) as a single-volume 253-page Campaign Book.

    The Science is Real: From star systems to technology and science, Seven Worlds is one of the most realistic SF settings this side of the classic 2300AD role-playing game, with a few concessions made when necessary to keep things fun (Psionics and FTL, for example). Plus, the Seven Worlds Setting Guide includes dozens of sidebars that explain off-the-wall scientific concepts and facts in plain language. If you ever wanted to know what space smells like, or why the Space Shuttle kept its cargo bay doors open while in orbit, then this is the book for you!

    The Starmap is 3-D: If real space is three-dimensional, how come we only role-play with 2-D, printed-on-a-page space maps? Not anymore! Seven Worlds comes with a digital 3-D map of known space in the year 2217, viewable on most compatible computers and tablets. Based on actual, real star positions and locations, and intimately tied to the plot of the campaign, the Seven Worlds 3-D starmap allows GMs and players to navigate the starmap to the setting in 3D and feel they truly are adventuring in space. Of course, the game also includes 2-D starmaps for those times when cracking open the laptop is overkill.

    You can see the starmao in 3D in this Youtube video.

    The Space Battles are Unique: Where would a realistic science-fiction game be without unique and innovative space combat rules? Seven Worlds contains extensive rules for scientifically-sound space combat. This is no WWII-dogfight-in-space (you know what movie we are thinking of)! From lasers to particle beams, from cloud projectiles to point defenses, from inertia movement to heat accumulation and radiation, live the challenging experience of combat in space!

    And we haven't even told you about the dozens of new Edges and Powers, gear, setting rules, assistants, and much, much more!

    You can download the Seven Worlds: Test Drive 39-page PDF to see a short overview or the setting and rules.

    Outbreak: Undead 2E – The Survival Horror Simulation RPG by Hunters Books
    (Campaign Ends : Monday 13th November 2017; 14:00 UTC)

    Outbreak: Undead was originally released at Gen Con back in 2010, and picked up a Judges Spotlight ENnie in 2011. In 2015 Hunters Books ran a Kickstarter for a Starter Kit and now they’re back, hoping to bring us a full second edition of the core Outbreak: Undead rules in two 350-page full-colour hardback books – the Survivors Guide and Game Masters Guide.

    Outbreak: Undead.. is Survival Horror simulation-based RPG, focusing on practical experience - and scarcity of resources rather than sensationalist hero fulfillment. The game asks you not ‘IF’ you are going to die, but ‘WHEN’.

    Outbreak: Undead is a sandbox system, with no real 'pre-established world building or lore' - players can create highly adaptable mission frameworks. Allowing for any kind of Survival Horror Apocalypse (slow, fast, sentient, biologically alive), in any kind of environment (urban, arctic, jungle, swampland), and take place in any kind of setting (divergent history, modern day, near future, fandom worlds) you can imagine.

    The first edition had a lot of great elements baked into its design. But it also fell short in some respects. So with 2nd Edition, our focus is to:
    · Expand in DETAIL the rules of the game in both a Survivors Guide for Players, as well as a Game Masters Guide for the aspiring GM.
    · Earn SURVIVAL POINTS as players, while generating RISK that the GM's have access to create unbiased obstacles.
    · Provide example scenarios in the form of our STRAIN SERIES.
    · Make OPPONENTS that are the perfect fit for your players worst nightmares.
    · Play the game at a level of REALISM that is most intriguing to your group.
    · Use players GESTALT (practical experience) to zero in on what makes players special.
    · Run group TACTICS, and wisely use COMPETENCE POINTS to give you the best odds at survival.
    · Continue to expand on our proprietary SPEW-AI (Strength, Perception, Empathy, WIll - Assessment Inventory, an online 30 Q personality test), so you can play YOURSELF as a character with confidence.

    Like all trends, zombies come and go through our collective consciousness as excellent titles by talented people are drowned out by the wave of product just trying to capitalize on the trend.

    Outbreak: Undead.. wants to focus on the PASSION of the STORY, as the best horror stories aren't about ZOMBIES, but instead SURVIVING A WORLD where we are no longer IN CONTROL.

    Outbreak: Undead isn't just about fighting the Zombies/Infected - it's about:
    · Scarcity of Resources
    · Opposition of Nature and Man
    · Stories of Individual Struggles peppered with Hope

    It's about surviving in a world where THE ODDS ARE AGAINST YOU.

    So in Outbreak: Undead.. you will be TELLING YOUR STORY of success and failure using resources generated by your practical skills. Degrees of Success and Degrees of Failure will either generate ACTIONS in combat, or LABOR in survival situations.

    A Quick Start Guide is available to download through DriveThruRPG.

    Dark Naga – Confronting Hastur for 5th Edition by Dark Naga Adventures (Kevin Watson)
    (Campaign Ends : Monday 13th November 2017; 00:00 UTC)

    Confronting Hastur is a 32+ page adventure for 5th Edition for 3 to 7 characters of levels 10-11. It is the fourth part of the Haunting of Hastur Series and can be run as part of that campaign (combining with The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil, The Buried Zikurat and The City of Talos which Dark Naga have all previously successfully crowdfunded and delivered) or as a stand-alone adventure.

    About a year after the events of The City of Talos, the characters return to the city of Meawold as part of their travels, and they are contacted by Cora, an agent of Talos. She wants the party members to accept a mission to investigate several leaders of the Meawold community to find the person or persons who are part of a newly risen cult of Hastur. The augers of Talos have sensed someone near Meawold is reaching out to Hastur, and appears to be preparing a vessel to hold an aspect of Hastur. Cora has a list of people she has observed behaving oddly who have the means to further a cultist plot. The party members are to investigate these people, identify the person or persons who are involved, and destroy the cult and their vessel before an aspect can be pulled across time and space.

    On the Shoulders of Giants: An OSR RPG Setting by Chance Phillips
    (Campaign Ends : Monday 13th November 2017; 16:16 UTC)

    In the beginning, there were twelve gods: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Demeter, Athena, Apollo, Artemis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes, and Dionysus. Each of the gods was one hundred times a man in every way, in wisdom, intellect, and strength. But their bloodlust, rage, and pride were also one hundred times that of a man, and the gods began to recognize faults in every other, perceiving themselves to be the only perfect god. And each, to cleanse the universe of such faults, waged war against the other gods. After this deific combat, only Apollo was left standing, and, confronted with one hundred times the melancholy of a regular mortal, he plunged a dagger through his own heart, killing the last of the gods. Yet their godly corpses still floated through the ether and, from the maggots infesting them, the twelve peoples were born, with different aptitudes and tenets based on the corpse they once fed upon. In this way were the peoples and their homes created.

    Written for Lamentations of the Flame Princess and The Black Hack, but compatible with most OSR RPGs, On the Shoulders of Giants is a setting sourcebook which contains four new classes, monsters from the Twelve Bodies, random tables, equipment and other material.

    The four new classes are the Conspirator, the Corpse Worker, the Prize Fighter, and the Witch Doctor. The Conspirator is a leader, the person behind the throne, they devise insane plans that somehow succeed. The Corpse Worker is a hardy miner, extracting the humors and metals from the divine Bodies. The Prize Fighter is a gladiator or a mercenary, just fighting to get paid at the end of the day. The Witchdoctor is a healer or surgeon, using the divine humors in mystical ways through experiments.

    MYTHIC D6 – The Role-playing Game by Jerry D. Grayson
    (Campaign Ends : Wednesday 16th November 2017; 15:05 UTC)

    MYTHIC D6 is a 250-page softcover book that includes a complete set of rules for super hero gaming as well as a complete sample game world called Project Mythic. The rules are based upon the D6 Legends system first published by West End Games, which support gaming across a multitude of genres.

    The D6 System has proved incredibly popular over the years and was brought to prominence with WEG’s original Star Wars : The Roleplaying Game. Khepera Publishing, Jerry D. Grayson’s publishing company, has been using the system for a number of their games since 2002, so they are certainly well versed in the system to bring out this new version.

    MYTHIC D6 looks at super powered action and includes the PROJECT: Mythic setting. A setting of Superheroes vs Monsters…

    This is the world of Mythic, a world where super human heroes battle the forces of a shadowy dimensional incursion while dealing with infighting and betrayals that threaten to tear their lives apart. Until recently Earth’s history was pretty much as we know it today. With one exception…

    With the barrier between our dimension and the Otherlands weakened, things leaked from the dark dimension into Earth’s reality; not only monsters and cryptids but also spirits and dark emotional energy.

    Into the mix comes the Institute, a shadowy organization with its origins in project Warhorse, the government program that succeeded in creating metahumans during World War 2. The Institute has set itself up to fight the invasion, bringing to bear superhumans it created for just this purpose.

    Additional game worlds will be unlocked through stretch goals; such as the dark Afrocentric sword and soul post-apocalyptic fantasy Bastion, and the mythic space opera setting of Irin where humanity battles for survival against the Nephilim.


    EN Publishing, the publishing branch of EN World, is currently running a Kickstarter for Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing – a brand new setting & adventure book for the What’s Old Is New (W.O.I.N.) system. A limited ‘Xeno’ edition of the N.E.W. – Science Fiction Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook is also available through the campaign. Xenomorphs was co-written by Russ Morrissey, Darren Pearce and myself. The campaign is running until Friday 1st December so check it out!


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    Until next week, have fun and happy gaming!

    Angus Abranson
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