(KS) Masters and Minions: A 5th Edition Supplement from Jetpack 7
  • (KS) Masters and Minions: A 5th Edition Supplement from Jetpack 7

    Masters and Minions is an all new 5th Edition supplement featuring detailed NPCs and a focus on how to use their minions with convenient, time-saving, tips.

    As game masters, we love 5E, but sometimes we run out of time preparing for a game. If only there was a supplement that had what we needed that would let us drag-and-drop into any campaign, potentially saving hours of game prep time. If only there were some new and exciting content we could offer, and for the proper XP level of the players. Well, fellow GMs, now there is!

    What is Masters and Minions?
    One thing we've noticed as game masters ourselves, is the challenge that most GMs face: prep time. With busy lives like ours in mind, we wanted to create a book that has NEW content to help with that! The idea with Masters and Minions was to develop some Bosses and their followers, but with a focus on how they use their minions - and provide some tips and strategies that any GM can "drag and drop" into a new or existing game. This new content will span levels 1 - 20, so the book will continue to provide you with new content as your players level up!

    Who is this book for?
    Any GM, new or experienced, who wishes to add new antagonists and strategies into their games. Any GM who is looking for rich and well sorted content, but does not have a lot of prep time. Any GM who is looking to challenge their Players in new ways.

    · What you can expect from Masters and Minions
    Encounters covering levels 1-20.

    Encounters are divided into levels 1-3, 4-7, 8-10, etc.

    Lore and description on each Master and how they use their minions.

    Each Master has story hooks, tricks, puzzles and strategy on how to use each one effectively. This can potentially save hours of prep time for a GM.

    All new, never before seen content. This helps offset meta-gaming and will be fun for new or experienced players.

    Detailed NPCs, with the primary focus on how the masters implement and use their minions.

    New minions will be unique. We love new monsters! Alternative minion types using traditional monsters will also be suggested for Masters who have a lot up their sleeve. *insert evil laughter here*

    Strategy tips.

    Estimated book size: 100 pages (hardback).

    · Features in Masters and Minions
    All new Detailed NPC Masters + All new Minions. At least 10 Masters and their minions will be featured. Depending on stretch goals, that number can increase.

    Tips on how to use minions in a game.

    Developed antagonists. Not just “NPC bad guys with stats”.

    New in-depth settings.

    Motivations, Goals and Strategies for each Master.

    Plot ideas to add a twist and bring more life to current adventures.

    Role-playing hooks.

    New lore.

    Plug-and-Play options for new or existing adventures.

    Side Quests.

    Maps / Lairs.

    · Benefits to Masters and Minions: Enrich your player experience. Time-saving info and strategies for new or veteran GMs. While there are a lot of monsters available for 5E, many of those do not offer information on how to actually use them effectively in a game. Go beyond flavor text and leverage the information and strategy suggestions within to give your game more depth and intrigue.

    Masters and Minions: A 5th Edition Supplement from Jetpack 7 is live on Kickstarter until Friday 29th December 2017.
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