(KS) 5th Edition Monsters from Kobold Press in Creature Codex
  • (KS) 5th Edition Monsters from Kobold Press in Creature Codex

    Kobold Press’ Creature Codex brings over 300 new monsters to 5th Edition, including lotus golems, wasteland dragons, shadow goblins, and so much all. All Creature Codex Kickstarter backers can also submit their own original monster designs for possible publication.

    We Kobolds love to make bestiaries and monster books! However, it costs quite a bit to create a high-quality, art-heavy, playtest-honed, rules-crunchy volume of 5th edition monsters—and printing a product of this size calls for some financial clout. We're Kickstarting it to make sure we have the funding necessary for a small, medium, large, huge, or even gargantuan print run, as required.

    With your support, we expect to deliver a big book, a juicy and useful PDF, and plenty of extras! Thanks to our prior outing with the Tome of Beasts, we have a seasoned team of skilled 5e monster designers, so you can expect even more innovation and fresh ideas to challenge your players, no matter what level of play they are at.

    Get the monster you want designed, developed, professionally illustrated, and published as part of the Creature Codex! As part of the Kickstarter Commissions event, we're offering 10 backers a chance to commission a monster on a theme of their choosing. Let us know roughly what you're looking for from a monster, and we'll put a team of Kobold design commandos and artist ninjas to work. The resulting monster goes into the book, to be shared with the entire world of dungeon-crawlers and dragon-slayers!

    Some limitations apply: The monster must be CR 10 or lower, may not be Legendary, and must not violate anyone else's copyright, our publisher's sense of decency, or basic fairness. We reserve the right to reject any monster commission that does not meet our standards for a fun, playable monster.

    Creature Codex: 5th Edition Monsters including Commissions by Kobold Press is live on Kickstarter until Friday 5th January 2018.
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