RPG Crowdfunding News 077: Creature Codex, The Blood Plague, Dragon Scales, Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood, 12 Shops
  • RPG Crowdfunding News 077: Creature Codex, The Blood Plague, Dragon Scales, Sherwood: The Legend of Robin Hood, 12 Shops

    Welcome back to our weekly look at tabletop roleplaying game, and accessories, crowdfunding roundup! This week we look at three 5th Edition books - a collection of creatures, an adventure and a book of four adventures - a Savage Worlds setting that explores Medieval England and a collection of maps that will bring your characters shopping trips to life! If you have anything you’d like us to cover, or questions about anything we talk about, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me directly.

    Creature Codex: 5th Edition Monsters Including Commissions by Kobold Press
    (Campaign Ends : Friday 5th January 2018; 21:00 UTC)

    Kicking off our last column of 2017 we have one of the years monsters, in two senses of the word. Kobold Press’ Creature Codex for 5th Edition has already raised over $150,000 and still has over a week to run, putting it in to the select $150k+ club which only 12 RPG Kickstarter campaigns achieved this year. Of course Creature Codex doesn’t wrap until the 5th January so it’ll become the founding member of the 2018 $150k+ RPG KS club.

    The book will bring over 300 new monsters to 5th edition, including a host of original monsters that backers of the campaign can design and submit for inclusion. Higher level backers can also get Kobold Press to design and illustrate their ideas for the book too. In addition to the Creature Codex, the campaign is also funding Tokens, Pawns, and Battlemaps.

    The Blood Plague: D&D5E Dark Fantasy Adventure for 3rd Level by EncounterRoleplay
    (Campaign Ends : Sunday 31st December 2017; 12:02 UTC)

    The Blood Plague is a dark fantasy adventure module for 5th Edition for characters of 3rd to 5th level. Set in the medieval realm of Penumbra the story revolves around finding a safe refuge from the Blood Plague at Arckenbury Cathedral. The book includes the brutal history and warring factions of Penumbra, a realm that is featured in the Turncloaks podcast. Prominent characters from the podcast are also featured, although players are encouraged to create their own characters to travel, and try and survive, the realm.

    Dragon Scales – Scalable Dungeons for the Fifth Edition (5E) by Michael Stutt
    (Campaign Ends : Sunday 31st December 2017; 21:58 UTC)

    Dragon Scales is a collection of four adventures, playable at a variety of levels (easy, moderate or hard) that runs to about 100 pages.

    All the adventures included in the booklet contain a detailed background explaining what the quest is about and fleshing out the missions. The quests can take place in a provided, ready made setting, but can also easily be dropped into your current campaign. Once the Kickstarter is fulfilled, all contributors will receive not only the PDF adventure booklet, but also a word document version, so you can configure it to your own tastes. In addition, every contributor will also receive all the map images from the booklet. These will be sent out in both Paint Shop Pro and JPEG versions.

    Dragon Scales is all about scaling options. These centre around monster challenge and treasure/rewards. The monster scalability is based on the difficulty level settings found in the DMG. This means that options will be presented which will range from an Easy through to a Hard level encounter. These are gauged by the CR of the creatures and the number encountered. The encounters are coloured green, amber and red for easy use. Within the coloured boxes are the DMG difficulty XP, but also the XP to be awarded to the players. DMs can select the difficulty level based on player experience, the numbers of characters involved - or even on the strength of the party at any given time. In terms of treasure/reward, the scaling is basically set at an increasing level of value that the DM may wish to hand out. Now the DM can reward players for good play purely by selecting a coloured reward level.

    The adventures included in Dragon Scales are a mix of wilderness and dungeon adventures which should be enough to take your characters from 2nd to 6th level. The four adventures are as follows…

    A Relic For Rehael (Level 2)
    A famous relic sacred to the war god Razuhr is passing through the locality. What a coup it would be for the Church of Rehael if they could seize it. All it needs is for a brave party of adventurers to penetrate the defences of the Sanctuary of Guthrun and make off with the spoils. What could go wrong?

    The Taint of Chaos (Level 4)
    An ancient evil is awakened by plundering soldiers. It is spreading its chaos spawn into the locality. If only there were some way of sealing the rift to the Plane of Chaos. A priest needs an escort and the party are asked to help.

    The Base Baron Blackfriar (Level 5)
    The greed and malice of Baron Blackfriar are legendary. Now, with the help of a vicious brigand organisation, he enslaves his own people to exploit a local mine. The players journey to the village of Landsee to end his nefarious deeds and bring him to justice.

    The Melosian Crypt (Level 6)
    A forgotten outpost, a lost crypt, all are in need of investigation. The party journey to the island of Eventide and descend into the resting place of the population of Melosia. But mysterious plots are afoot and the party must fight to survive and escape the dread Ghoul Lord below the surface.

    Sherwood: The Legends of Robin Hood 2e (Savage Worlds) by Battlefield Press, Inc.
    (Campaign Ends : Thursday 4th January 2018; 18:11 UTC)

    Sherwood: The Legends of Robin Hood 2nd Edition is a setting book allowing you to play in Medieval England during the Third Crusades for the Savage Worlds system. Written by Jonathan M. Thompson and Wil Upchurch the setting can be played as either a ‘historic’ or ‘mythic’ setting, with the mythic setting adding, for example, magic. The book has undergone a number of revisions, and includes some new material such as new Edges and Hindrances.

    RPG Fantasy Maps The 12 Shops Relaunch by Gaudreau Steve
    (Campaign Ends : Monday 15th January 2018; 16:33 UTC)

    Steve Gaudreau has produced a lot of maps across well over a dozen crowdfunding campaigns. He is returning to a range fantasy shops that he's been creating over the past year. Everything in the base campaign has been completed, apart from a dungeon in the church, and will be digitally delivered about two weeks after the campaign ends, once the funds have cleared. New shops have also been added through stretch goals and there is even a pledge level for everything Steve has created... which tallies up to 170 maps, 900+ props plus the shops (and any stretch goals) funded in this campaign... all for CA$130!

    The shops include…


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    Angus Abranson
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    1. Marc Radle's Avatar
      Marc Radle -
      The Creature Codex kickstarter has smashed 2 records!

      Currently at over $206,000 and almost 3,500 backers!, this kickstarter has now surpassed the Tome of Beasts and New Midgard Campaign Setting kickstarters to become the most successful kickstarter in Kobold Press history!!!

      Geek & Sundry Interview, Art Preview, & Record Breaking

      Thanks to everyone that has backed so far - the Creature Codex is going to be an incredible book!

      If you haven't jumped in yet - there are just over 24 hours left, so it's now or never!
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      AllegedObserver -
      Hey... I really like reading these kickstarter news articles, however I get them as part of a digest in my email, so almost ALL of these have expired already. Perhaps you could try to catch these a little earlier so some of us with less time can pop over to kickstarter and support some of these folks. Thanks.
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