(KS) Faerie Fire, a Fairypunk Bestiary for 5th Edition
  • (KS) Faerie Fire, a Fairypunk Bestiary for 5th Edition

    Part artbook, part bestiary, Faerie Fire is a stylish bestiary for 5th Edition featuring over 30 artists. Faerie Fire is inspired by the neon noir aesthetic of the late 80s, with a touch of Trapper Keeper, and a spot of 90s Lisa Frank thrown in for good measure--we're calling it fairypunk. Adventurers making their way to the fairy wilds will meet creatures strange and new: some beautiful, some curious--but all of them dangerous in their own way. We also introduce the Plane of Living Light, a mysterious realm that can be skillfully manipulated by warlocks imbued with the Living Light. With magic reminiscent of neon lights and holograms, and a fey court full of glamour, the fairy wilds are filled with creatures dazzling and deadly in equal measure.

    "We wanted to explore the world of the fairy wilds in more depth--so we've made a court full of 10 wild, dangerous, and chaotic fey, and 20 new and unique monsters to add to your campaign bestiary--and an additional 20 magical items to fill your players with wonder (and avarice)."

    The base edition of Faerie Fire will be full-colour, hardcover, and feature approximately 104 pages of content; it will match the same dimensions as your other 5e books, so that they all line up nicely on your bookshelf.

    The book is divided into two sections: the Fey Court, and the Wilds. In the Fey Court you'll meet a cast of ten strange and complicated beings: from the childlike Monarch to the mischievous Pox & Pilfer--and the mysterious, isolated Sepal, warden of the fairy prisons.

    Members of the court are just as likely to turn on one another as they are to uphold any kind of order, and a player who finds themselves in the court's capricious graces could make a lot of trouble--or wind up dead.

    In the Wilds, you'll encounter an even stranger collection of beings--some sentient, some not--who all operate by the fairy realm's arbitrary and downright chaotic rules. While not every creature in the book is immediately deadly (some would simply like to ask you a few questions), not one of them should be underestimated. An adventurer navigating the wilds may find themselves ensnared by the deadly Chondrofeyr--only to be rescued by their new, strange fairy familiar.

    All 30 entries will come complete with beautiful, bold illustrations provided by an incredible line-up of talented artists--not to mention balanced stats, inventive mechanics, and vibrant lore for ideas on how to insert them into your own campaign.

    Faerie Fire, a 5e supplemental is live on Kickstarter until Wednesday 7th February 2018.
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