(KS) Mini Metal Polyhedral Dice
  • (KS) Mini Metal Polyhedral Dice

    Metallic Dice Games have been making full-sized 16mm metal dice for a few years but their latest Kickstarter is aiming to bring four colours from their metal range down a size or two… all the way down to 10mm. Available in Antique Copper, Antique Gold, Antique Silver, and Torched Rainbow, the dice are available in 7-die polyhedral sets, as well as individually and in sets of d6’s and d20’s.

    You can compare the new 10mm range (front row) with the 16mm metal sets (back row) below…

    MINI Metal Polyhedral Dice Sets from Metallic Dice Games is live on Kickstarter until Sunday 4th February 2018.
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