(KS) The Complete Vigilante Hack
  • (KS) The Complete Vigilante Hack

    Limited to 100 copies, The Complete Vigilante Hack compiles The Vigilante Hack, A City Full of Sinners and an all-new, previously unreleased, book called Sanctuary Asylum. Based off The Black Hac,k by David Black, each copy of this 6”x9” softcover will be signed and numbered. Each backer will also receive a PDF copy of The Complete Vigilante.

    [hq}The Vigilante Hack is not a superhero game.

    True some vigilantes in The Vigilante Hack are considered heroes and some wear costumes, even capes and masks, there is nothing “super” about them. They have no X-ray vision. They cannot run faster than cars. They cannot leap buildings in a single bound and they most definitely are not bullet proof.

    The vigilantes in The Vigilante Hack are normal people, the same as you and I, who have become fed up with the lawless individuals, thugs, organized crime and villains and have decided to do something about it! They have trained hard, sometimes to the point of obsession, and have struck back at those very people who are ruining their city. Think Batman, not Superman. Think The Punisher, not Spider-Man. Think Hit Girl not Wonder Woman.

    Being a vigilante can be a thankless and even deadly calling. You may get arrested. You may pick a fight that you can’t win. You may find yourself looking down the barrel of a villain’s gun or you may even cross the line of right and wrong and become the exact thing you started out trying to stop.

    A City Full of Sinners is a compilation of Optional Setting, City Building Tools, additional rules, tweaks and options. It also includes an introductory adventure called Running the Gauntlet.

    Sanctuary Asylum is a location sourcebook that looks at the Sanctuary Meadows Criminal Asylum in detail. It also provides a new vigilante class (The Cat Burglar), notable villains, random patient generator and a new adventure called When All Hell Breaks Loose.[/hq]

    The Complete Vigilante Hack – Make/100 L.E. 3-in-1 RPG is live on Kickstarter until Tuesday 16th January 2018.
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