(KS) D13 RPG by Lester Smith
  • (KS) D13 RPG by Lester Smith

    Lester Smith (Dark Conspiracy) is bringing us a taste of horror with his latest roleplaying game D13. The game is for “running truly horrific adventures in campaigns across time and space. Characters face the real threat of death or madness in individual adventures—unaware that they are also threads of existence for supernatural beings battling a greater darkness.”

    “When I designed the Dark Conspiracy RPG in 1991, I envisioned a world into which any sort of horror tale could be adapted. But that setting's framework also constrained the time, place, and even themes of those adventures. I've long wanted to do something more far-reaching.

    Also, most horror RPGs either dial back the danger to let PCs survive from one adventure to the next, or make them part of a secret society, or abandon altogether the idea of campaigning so as to convey true horror.

    The D13 RPG is a solution to all those problems. It lets GMs run truly horrific adventures that may maim, madden, or kill PCs—without killing the campaign.”

    The book is 104 pages, 6”x9” hardcover, with one hundred additional copies available to be personalized with your name stamped on the cover.

    D13 RPG – Personalized Premium Ltd Ed is live on Kickstarter until Tuesday 16th January 2018.
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