(KS) For Coin & Blood: Grimdark Old-School Fantasy Roleplaying
  • (KS) For Coin & Blood: Grimdark Old-School Fantasy Roleplaying

    For Coin & Blood is Gallant Knight Games old-school inspired fantasy RPG that gets you playing the sum and villains that you’d probably be more at home fighting in other fantasy games. Assassins, cult leaders, thieves, fallen nobles, mercenaries, necromancers, and more, the game is about antiheroes rooted in the darkest recess of mankind’s depredations.

    For Coin & Blood is over 100 pages and is a complete roleplaying game with seven classes, dozens of spells, magic items, and all new rules for managing criminal enterprises!

    Powered by a modified d20 system based on some of the classic OSR roleplaying games, there's a lot that's familiar about For Coin & Blood. Classes, levels, Hit Points and Hit Dice are all here. The spells will ring very familiar, as will the magic items!

    But throughout the game, you'll find subtle tweaks introduced to bring the feel of the OSR to the "grimdark" genre of storytelling. Special rules around critical hits, new lethality benchmarks, corruption and new classes designed to capture the feel of the genre.

    There's new mechanics around measuring the Infamy of your character, how to build, grow and manage a criminal organization and cult, and much more!

    FOR COIN & BLOOD is the first game in the new VENERABLE KNIGHT CLASSICS from Gallant Knight Games, a line of old-school RPGs in various genres and themes!

    For Coin & Blood: Grimdark Old-School Fantasy Roleplaying is live on Kickstarter until Tuesday 16th January 2018.
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