The Paizo News Roundup
  • The Paizo News Roundup

    Welcome back you scallawags! I hope youíre ready for another PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP because we go some exciting and new features for all you returning readers! We got a big olí pile of third-party and other supplemental products for you to sink your teeth into, so letís get started!

    First and foremost comes the announcement of the latest major supplement coming from your friends and mine, the good people at Kobold Press. They continue to provide ways for you to explore their in-house Midgard campaign setting, this time with the Midgard Playerís Guide. Those of you already familiar with the setting from their previous supplement know itís a dark and dangerous world based on the folklore and landscape of Central Europe. This massive supplement includes several new player races, like the elfmarked and trollkin. Other new options include new divine domains, oracle mysteries, divine and arcane spells, and expanded codes for the paladin class to match the dark campaign setting.

    Speaking of regional differences, the Midgard Playerís Guide also includes new options for equipment based on where your heroes find themselves plying their trade. Magic items, mounts, mundane gear; even gods and fey like Baba Yaga or fearsome enemies like minotaur corsairs add to the specific flavor of each region. Itís hard to find more professional outfit than Kobold Press for this kind of work, and their upcoming hardcover supplement certainly promises to deliver.

    In The Company of Dragons Expanded is an update and revision to their previous publication, featuring a host of new content coming from popular demand. New archetypes include the stormclaw, the wardrake, the unspeakable undragon, and that anathema of dragon-kin: the defiler of lairs. Fans of Rite Publishing have demanded Outer Dragons and Linnorms to play, and the designers are happy to provide rules for playing these great beasts. As a cherry on top of all of this, In The Company of Dragons Expanded includes not only a write-up of an all-dragon campaign setting (featuring geography, history, and notable inhabitants) but also adventure hooks and complete adventures from ENnie Award winning authors! The more I read about this, the more itís clear Iím going to have to get a copy for myself to really throw a curveball at my party for when - IF - they suffer another TPK. IF. Yes.

    Now, as much as I like talking about dragons, thereís plenty else in this Roundup to talk about. For instance, Iím sure youíve all heard about the Pathfinder Adventure Path taking place in the relatively unexplored jungle-covered continent of Azlant. Good news, intrepid explorers: itís here! Pathfinder Adventure Path # 121: The Lost Outpost is the first of a six-adventure series exploring the Ruins of Azlant. Your first-level characters must contend with the dangers of this unknown land immediately, as they must discover the fate of a group of colonists that had arrived beforehand.

    The Adventure Path features an in-depth look at the various surviving colonists and their dark designs and desires, as well as a deep dive into the bizarre ecology of the alghollthus. At the heart of this strange ecology lie those slimy and sinister antagonists of any adventurerís nightmares: the aboleths. Even beyond the machinations of the aboleths, the Adventure Path also includes a bestiary of new monsters to be found on the shattered continent (hardly to be final, no doubt!).

    Well, that seems to be about it for this edition of the PAIZO NEWS ROUNDUP! I gotta say, Iím incredibly excited for the expanded options for playing as dragons; I am certainly going to use them to spruce up draconic benefactors and nemeses in my upcoming campaigns. Thereís nothing like a party of adventurers slowly coming to the realization that they are merely pawns of two centuries-old magical despots manipulating events from the shadows...

    contributed by Ben Reece
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    1. dave2008's Avatar
      dave2008 -
      On a side note, I was at my local gaming store yesterday and the pathfinder area was completely dominated by Starfinder material. I00% of the prime shelf space was Starfinder, all the Pathfinder material was around the corner out of sight. Not sure what it means, but I will be watching how they market future big Pathfinder realeases.
    1. Ghost2020 -
      The Ruins of Azlant is already on the 5th installment, why is this news acting like it's a new product? The first installment, pictured above, was released August 2017.
    1. GreyLord's Avatar
      GreyLord -
      Ghost 2020 beat me to it. I thought they would be announcing the last installment coming or something like that, but instead it was regarding the first installment?

      I believe there is news that they are coming out with the sequel/sister AP to Rise of the Runelords/Crimson Throne/Jade Empire/Shattered Stars soon (I think that will be AP #133-140.
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