Welcome to SolSpace
  • Welcome to SolSpace

    WOIN fans are in for a treat over on EONS, the official What's OLD is NEW Patreon, with the latest article SolSpace: A Brief Timeline. The first "official" look at the core science fiction setting, including a timeline and maps of known space.

    Welcome to the first overview of SolSpace, the "core" setting for science-fiction What's OLD is NEW games. This document contains a short introduction to the setting, a timeline of the setting's history so far, and maps of known space. The maps are also included separately as image files for convenience. Note that all of our settings, including this one, are available for use by creators selling content in the WOIN Community Publishing Syndicate.

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    1. Mavkatzer's Avatar
      Mavkatzer -
      Wow! That is beautiful!
    1. Tormyr's Avatar
      Tormyr -
      It has been great to see this come together!
    1. Ghost2020 -
      Loving that map!!!
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