What Should Have Been A Holiday Look At The DMs Guild
  • What Should Have Been A Holiday Look At The DMs Guild

    Necva was dead, of that there was no doubt. I had recently watched him get full on ganked by some kids in a crumbling tower. Still, there he was in front of me, body parts missing, but with some e-books in his spellbook. "Look, you're late. You're a humbug. Review these for the people." When that ole' liche tells you to make the people happy, you don't ask why, you just do it. I grabbed his spell book and began to read. Welcome to what was supposed to be the holiday edition of DM Guild Roundup. No random grab bag this month, but a selection of three holiday pdfs for you to run your crew through.

    First up is Solstice Shenanigans by Ian F Evans. This is a straight up fun adventure ride in a winter dimension run by a familiar character. It is just plain fun and nice break from tough campaigning for higher level players (5th – 10th). The characters will awaken in an inn and talk to the bartender before venturing out into the wintry conditions for snowball fights, holiday baking gone awry, and a good ole fashioned old world style knockdown for the finale. Each encounter does a great job of capturing the holiday feel.

    Solstice Shenanigans reminds me of an old school fun house dungeon as well as the winter holiday missions from the (R.I.P.) defunct City of Heroes MMORPG. There are some nice gifts in the module and some famous "cold" spells make an appearance as well. Overall I really enjoyed this module and will be adding it to my own holiday rotation.

    Next on the holiday reading list is an adventure by Basil Baradaran. The Sinter Clause is a much darker adventure for characters of 5th or 6th level, though the module is not without some tongue in cheek moments. The Sinter Clause is designed as a one shot set in a fictional Earth of times past. There are nods to a couple of holiday movies and the plot feels a lot like either a holiday horror film or a dark deconstruction of the myth of Santa Claus. This means the adventure won't be for everyone, but as a one shot I think it makes for a great opportunity to teach your visiting relatives about role playing games. Everyone knows Santa Claus of course and the pop culture references are easily apparent, letting folks who may not be gamers become invested. The adventure itself is pretty straight forward and offers up plenty of role playing opportunities.

    Oh and Frosty is no joke, brother.

    Last up, but not least, is a tragic winter's tale by the name of Dead Mill. This adventure by Justin R. Glosson is a pretty straight forward adventure with some nice twists thrown in. Dead Mill takes place in the Forgotten Realms and starts in the town of Red Larch. From that point the characters find themselves embroiled in a battle with supernatural forces that seem endless. As with many holiday tales, this one has at it's center a tragedy that ultimately will challenge the heart of the characters when they are confronted with all the ramifications.

    As with the other selections, Dead Mill is designed for tier 2 characters, from levels of 5 to 10. Dead Mill should easily fit into your Forgotten Realms campaign as it draws on no particular anachronistic characters that need explaining away. A good holiday adventure, it also can easily be ported to any part of a campaign experiencing its winter.

    ​contributed by Sean Hillman
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      jedijon -
      Speaking of "anachronistic characters" and Dead Mill, it really looks like there's tire tracks in that wintry photo. Hunh.
    1. JacktheRabbit -
      Hush they are just wagon tracks, if you look really really really close and squint you can convince yourself that you see horse prints in the snow between the WAGON tracks. ;-)
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