The WOIN Starship Recognition Manual Is Finally Here!
  • The WOIN Starship Recognition Manual Is Finally Here!

    Out now in PDF (with softcover coming soon) is the WOIN Starship Recognition Manual! Over 70 starships with full stats, illustrations, and (for five of them) deckplans! This is probably my favourite WOIN book so far, and almost certainly one of the best looking. Check out the gorgeous previews below!


    This manual contains classified specifications of over 70 USF and foreign spacecraft. Unauthorized possession of this manual is strictly prohibited under Directive 143.C.

    This manual describes a selection of the major space craft of the United Space Force (USF), Royal Spartan Armada, along with a range of Venetian, Borian, Ogron, and civilian ships.

    All efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of this material, with reference to classified intelligence gathered by USF operatives.

    Requires the use of a What's OLD is NEW core rulebook.

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