Check Out This Gorgeous Preview Of The WOIN Starship Tiles!
  • Check Out This Gorgeous Preview Of The WOIN Starship Tiles!

    Those who enjoyed WOIN's recent Starship Recognition Manual will love this upcoming add-on -- a deck of 6"x6" glossy tiles, each featuring a starship with art and vital information on the front, and the full stat block on the back. Below, you can see the Drake Class VIII Frigate, and also some of the hex counters which come included in the tile deck. These Starship Tiles are due out in the next couple of weeks!

    These cards are designed so that you can use WOIN as a starship skirmish game, or to hand to players when they acquire their own starship in the roleplaying game. The stats on the front make it easy to quickly reference vital information, with the back showing more data when needed. There are over 70 starships, from Class 0 starfighters and shuttles to mighty Class XIV carriers and battleships, with a whole range of scouts, cruisers, frigates, liners, freighters, transports, science vessels, and more in-between.

    Look for WOIN's Starship Tiles very soon! In the meantime, don't miss out on the current WOIN Bundle of Holding if you're curious about the system and would like to pick it up cheaply and give to charity at the same time.

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