Fantastic Elves (5E): New Subraces, Traits, & More!
  • Fantastic Elves (5E): New Subraces, Traits, & More!

    New on EN5ider, the 5th Edition Patreon! Following the popular Fantastic Humans article, Michael McCarthy brings you variant racial traits such as Ancient Master, Unearthly, and Child of the Bow; new elven equipment like the ring of rulership and the travel wafer; and three new elven subraces: the tenacious Ash Elves, the sociable Ocean Elves, and the whimsical Sky Elves. Illustrated by Yihyoung Li.

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    1. Connorsrpg's Avatar
      Connorsrpg -
      Had a look over this. I love me some new race options. Without much background, I was trying to 'place' ash elves, then I realised they are version of Dark Sun elves. I have done these myself, but I liked how the article handled their ability to endure at physical tasks (such as running). Intense focus is a good feature.

      It would have been good to hear what distinguishes ocean elves from other aquatic elves, but the features make it obvious: not as good at swimming (strangely) but good at social interactions. (Has me thinking they are like half-aquatic-elves).

      The two lots of variant elf abilities I think would work better as racial feats. (Given they are optional I see why you may go this way, but these are optional too). Anyway, along with an ability increase I would allow these to be taken as racial feats.

      Items are reflective of elven culture. Nice items (though odd to link an item's feature to long rests - maybe just until the next dawn like other items).

      Some good ideas in here - I just would have incorporated them differently.
    1. Yaarel -
      I am only interested in elves that are Charisma +2, and that are innately magic and have bonuses to wield magic.

      Are any of these elves like that?

      It seems the Sea Elf boosts Charisma, but the aquatic theme is of less interest for the kind of elf that I am looking for.
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