State of the Empire: Preview of a Judge Dredd Adventure!
  • State of the Empire: Preview of a Judge Dredd Adventure!

    Chapter 9 of Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD contains an introductory adventure which can be played out differently by Judge, Perp, or Civilian characters. Here's a quick look at the first two pages of that adventure! We'll be sharing more of it soon. Be sure to sign up to the 2000 AD RPG mailing listfor the latest alerts!

    For those wondering about progress, the core rulebook is done. We're doing last proofings, approvals, and so on, but it exists (in fact, we've been playing it in our own Tuesday night game recently!)

    In other news, we'll be accepting applications for GMs to demo this adventure (and the game) at conventions very soon. Those GMs will get an advance electronic copy of the book to use for demonstration purposes. Keep an eye out for news on that!

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    1. TrippyHippy's Avatar
      TrippyHippy -
      Can I just clarify that when you roll the dice, you pool the number from the attribute+skill+equipment - but the total is capped by the number at the top of the sheet (6D6 in this case)? Following on, the various Defences are the threshholds you need to roll over to hit and damage is applied to the Health score?
    1. Morrus's Avatar
      Morrus -
      Pretty much, yeah, with some additional nuances. That’s how you’d do it for your PC, but with an NPC it’s a bit simpler.
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