New Releases In Stores This Week : 30th April 2018
  • New Releases In Stores This Week : 30th April 2018

    Welcome back to this weeks rundowns of the New Releases that should be hitting games stores this coming week, along with a look back at some of the RPG PDFs that were released over the past week. Cubicle 7 have new offerings for both The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth whilst Paizo bring us a selection of Pathfinder and Starfinder releases. Ulisses has been busy, revealing a number of new products for The Dark Eye as well as a new Torg accessory, plus we get to see the retail release of Threadbare which is a personal favorite. We look at a lot of 5th Edition PDFs this week, including the 5th edition sci-fi rules book Esper Genesis. In addition we also look at the new boardgames, wargames, miniatures and CCGs hitting stores this coming week. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.


    Oaths of the Riddermark
    The One Ring Adventure Anthology
    By Cubicle 7 Entertainment

    Oaths of Riddermark contains six ready-to-play adventures set after the year 2955, and taking place in the lands of Rohan. The scenarios can be played separately, or as chapters of an epic campaign spanning a number of years.

    This volume complements the rules and background material contained in Horse-lords of Rohan, the supplement for The One Ring Roleplaying Game dedicated to the Mark of the Riders, as presented by J.R.R. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings.

    Witness the trials of Thengel King, heal the deepening divide separating his Marshals, solve a mystery of horses slain and horses stolen, get involved in the conflict with the folk of Dunland. Ride now! Ride to Rohan!

    Rivendell Region Guides
    Adventures in Middle-Earth / 5th Edition Sourcebook
    By Cubicle 7 Entertainment

    The Rivendell Region Guide takes your adventures West across the Misty Mountains to the Last Homely House, expanding play into eastern Eriador, covering not only Rivendell itself, but Angmar, Fornost, Mount Gram, Tharbad and everywhere in between.

    There are also rules for creating your own Magical Treasure; playing High Elves of Rivendell; turning the baleful Eye of Mordor on your company; and facing more powerful adversaries than ever before.

    This hardcover, 144-page, full-colour supplement includes:

    • Background for the Last Homely House, Rivendell, the sanctuary of Imladris.
    • Write-ups of the characters that might be encountered in Imladris, from Elrond and Arwen to Glorfindel and the White Council.
    • New Fellowship undertakings.
    • A history of Arnor, Angmar and the Rangers of the North.
    • A region guide to Eastern Eriador, including the Barrow-downs, the Trollshaws and Angmar.
    • New adversaries to face, including Ettins, Hill-men of Rhudaur and the toughest Troll of them all, the Queen of Castle Hill.
    • A bestiary of undead creatures, from Bog Soldiers and Barrow-wights to the Lord of the Nazgûl himself, the Witch-king of Angmar.
    • Rules for powerful adversaries, allowing you to customise any monster to provide a challenge for even the most heroic of adventurers.
    • A set of optional rules, the Eye of Mordor, to track how much attention the Enemy reserves for the company.
    • Rules for adding Magical Treasure to your campaign, including dozens of ready-made artefacts, some famous, others less so.
    • A new playable Heroic Culture: the High Elves of Rivendell.

    The Realm of Sommerlund
    Lone Wolf Adventure Game Supplement
    By Cubicle 7 Entertainment

    The Realm of Sommerlund! Home of the Kai Order, the great city of Holmgard and so much more!

    In this exhaustive setting guide for The Lone Wolf Adventure Game you’ll find a detailed history of this most essential region of the Lone Wolf world. You’ll discover detailed city maps for seven of Sommerlund’s greatest cities, with hundreds of locations to explore. Beyond the cities, you’ll find detailed gazetteers for the provinces that make up the home of the proud Sommlending people.

    With additional details on the Sommlending army and navy, the royal family, Kai monasteries, the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star, Druids and Darklords, the calendar of Sommerlund and much, much more, this book contains the most complete and up-to-date body of information about Sommerlund, the heart of Joe Dever’s incredible Lone Wolf setting, ever published!

    Get ready for the greatest adventure of your life. For Sommerlund and the Kai!

    The Thirteenth Gate (Dead Suns #5 of 6)
    Starfinder Adventure Path #5
    By Paizo

    A Place in the Suns

    The heroes journey deeper into the Vast to find the Gate of Twelve Suns, an alien megastructure consisting of a dozen stars arranged in a perfect circle. However, members of the Cult of the Devourer precede them, and the heroes must contend with the cultists for control of the alien technology found on the single planet orbiting each sun. Only by defeating these foul marauders can the heroes keep the superweapon hidden here out of the wrong hands—though the destructive zealots are far from the only threats found in the system.

    This volume of Starfinder Adventure Path continues the Dead Suns Adventure Path and includes:

    • "The Thirteenth Gate," a Starfinder adventure for 9th-level characters, by Stephen Radney-MacFarland.
    • A collection of technological relics left scattered across the galaxy by the kishalee, members of an ancient advanced alien civilization, by Stephen Radney-MacFarland.
    • Detailed descriptions of the worlds and cultures of five never-before-encountered alien species, by Mikko Kallio, Jason Keeley, Lyz Liddell, Ron Lundeen, and Mark Moreland.
    • An archive of new creatures, from the main inhabitants of the five new alien worlds to an undead manifestation of entropy, by Mikko Kallio, Jason Keeley, Lyz Liddell, Ron Lundeen, Mark Moreland, and Stephen Radney-MacFarland.
    • Statistics and deck plans for a heavily modified starship crewed by Devourer cultists, by Stephen Radney-MacFarland, plus a glimpse of a barren planet cloaked in shadow in the Codex of Worlds, by Owen K.C. Stephens.

    Twilight Child (War for the Crown #3 of 6)
    Pathfinder Adventure Path #129
    By Paizo

    The Worst in Others

    Dark shadows haunt the trade city of Yanmass, spreading chaos even as the city's leaders debate which royal heir to support in the growing civil war. Their soldiers are vanishing, bandits attack without fear, and a mysterious plague of nightmares rattles the populace—are these troubles random, or part of a larger conspiracy? And what role do the mysterious Twilight Child and the cultlike following he has attracted play in the chaos?

    This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continue the War for the Crown Adventure Path and includes:

    • "The Twilight Child," a Pathfinder adventure for 7th-level characters, by Ron Lundeen.
    • A gazetteer of the city of Yanmass, the caravan hub of northern Taldor catering to travelers from across two continents, by Ron Lundeen.
    • An ecology of the mysterious and bureaucratic servants of death known as psychopomps, by F. Wesley Schneider.
    • A thoughtful exploration of resurrection, the strange role it plays in the world of Golarion, and how the various gods react to this violation of the natural order, by Patchen Mortimer.
    • A collection of strange beasts that roam the Whistling Plains, from the thieving grassling to the explosive bloodplate burster, by Ron Lundeen, Andrew Mullen, Richard Pett, and David Schwartz.

    Ultimate Magic Pocket Edition
    Pathfinder Supplement
    By Paizo

    Raise your character to the pinnacle of magical might with Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Magic! Within this book, secrets arcane and divine lie ready to burst into life at the hands of all the spellcasting classes in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. In addition to the brand-new magus class—a master of both arcane magic and martial prowess—you'll also find a whole new system for spellcasting, rules for spell duels and other magical specialities, and pages upon pages of new spells, feats, and more. Because when it comes to magic, why settle for less than absolute power?

    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Magic is a must-have companion volume to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook. This imaginitive tabletop game builds on more than 10 years of system development and an Open Playtest featuring more than 50,000 gamers to create a cutting-edge RPG experience that brings the all-time best-selling set of fantasy rules into the new millennium.

    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Magic includes:

    • The magus, a new base class combining deadly arcane magic with the skills and weapons of a trained warrior.
    • Words of power, an innovative and flexible new spellcasting system.
    • New options for dedicated casters, such as alchemist discoveries, alternative uses for channeled energy, druid companions, sorcerer bloodlines, eidolon abilities, witch hexes, and oracle mysteries.
    • Additional feats and magical abilities for martially oriented casters, including monk ki tricks, inquisitor archetypes, and ranger traps.
    • New magical conditions called spellblihgts, as well as systems for crafting constructs, binding outsiders, and spell-dueling.
    • More than 100 new spells, plus detailed guidelines for designing your own.
    • ... and much, much more!

    Bestiary 4 Pocket Edition
    Pathfinder Supplement
    By Paizo

    Confront the creatures that go bump in the night! Bestiary 4 presents hundreds of new monsters for use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Within this tome of terrors you'll find pitiless psychopomps and blood-drinking nosferatu, insectile formians and faceless nightgaunts, and even unique mythological horrors like Spring- Heeled Jack and Grendel himself. Yet not every creature need be an enemy, as mighty empyreal lords, primeval outer dragons, and valorous swan maidens enlist you in their epic battles!

    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bestiary 4 is the fourth indispensable volume of monsters for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and serves as a companion to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary. This imaginative tabletop game builds upon more than 10 years of system development and an Open Playtest featuring more than 50,000 gamers to create a cutting-edge RPG experience that brings the all-time best-selling set of fantasy rules into the new millennium.

    Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 4 includes:

    • More than 300 different monsters
    • Creatures from classic horror literature and monster films, including the colour out of space, elder things, and kaiju
    • New player-friendly races like changelings, kitsune, and nagaji
    • Entities of mythic might, from despotic demon lords and alien elohim to terrifying Great Old Ones—including Cthulhu!
    • New creatures you can construct, like clockworks and juggernauts
    • New familiars, animal companions, and other allies
    • New templates to help you get more life out of classic monsters
    • Appendices to help you find the right monster, including lists by Challenge Rating, monster type, and habitat
    • Expanded universal monster rules to simplify combat
    • Challenges for every adventure and every level of play
    • ... and much, much more!

    Pathfinder Flip-Mat
    By Paizo

    Flip Mat: Darklands features a maze of interconnected underworld tunnels. The Flip side features a huge, cavernous chamber.

    Flip Mat: Darklands measures 24" x 30" unfolded and 8" x 10" folded.

    Pathfinder Adventure
    By Kobold Press

    Strange Doings in the Sultan’s Charnel House…

    Lo! The corpse of poor, departed Scholar Zubayr, washed up on the shores of the River of Sand, lies in the charnel house…destined to become dinner for a cult of cannibals. Though distasteful in the extreme, this isn’t your concern—except that Princess Karima Gamila, the most beautiful gnoll in Per-Bastet, has begged you to rescue her friend’s body and help discover his fate.

    Still unmoved to action? Know then, adventurer, that the Scholar was hot on the trail of lost treasure! If you can claim his body from the cult and decipher the clues he left behind, long-buried riches and powerful magic might be yours.

    But nothing is simple in this city of dark wonders: others converge on the charnel house in pursuit of wealth, vengeance, or both. Can you out-fight and outwit vile cultists, undead catfolk, a cunning werecrocodile gnoll, and the deadly secrets that lie buried beneath the River of Sand?

    Grimalkin is an adventure for 3rd to 5th level characters and compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Set in the city of Per-Bastet in the Southlands Campaign Setting, it is meant for play either as the thrilling sequel to Cat and Mouse, or as a standalone treasure hunt!

    Character Journal Pack
    Torg Eternity Accessory
    By Ulisses

    8 unique 4-page character journals, one for each cosm, plus a tearpad of one-sheet character sheets for general use!

    The Dark Eye RPG Accessory
    By Ulisses

    Your Dark Eye adventures are full of companions to embrace, foes to battle, and wonders to behold. With the beautifully illustrated Pawns Set, the most magical and the vilest of creatures and enemies step right out of legend and onto your gaming table, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of The Dark Eye!

    This set contains six punchboards with more than 120 pawns. Plastic bases for pawns sold separately.

    Aventuria Map Set: The Warring Kingdoms
    The Dark Eye RPG Accessory
    By Ulisses

    The grudge between the Warring Kingdoms of Nostria and Andergast has smoldered for almost two millennia. This map set brings these two highly-charged kingdoms to your gaming table in a big way, both as references for the GM and as handouts for the players.

    This companion to The Warring Kingdoms sourcebook takes a closer look at Nostria and Andergast. Maps include an overview of geographical regions, a political map, and an atmospheric, in-game map of the Warring Kingdoms designed to look like the product of an Aventurian cartographer!

    The Warring Kingdoms Map Set includes the following items:
    • Detailed map of the Warring Kingdoms, A2
    • In-game map of the Warring Kingdoms, A3
    • Overview of the geographical regions of the Warring Kingdoms, A3
    • Political map of the Warring Kingdoms, A3
    • Detailed city maps of Andergast, Joborn, Nostria, Salta/Salterhaven, and Teshkal, as well as Elderdonk, a typical Forest Wilderness village

    Hit Zone Dice Set
    The Dark Eye RPG Accessory
    By Ulisses

    The Hit Zone Dice Set contains ten different 20-sided dice, each with individual symbols for hit locations, as presented in the Aventuria Compendium. Every die has a different distribution relating to a specific hit location template. Whether you face a humanoid enemy, a tentacled krakennewt, or a putrid tatzelwurm, this set has the hit location die you need!

    Besides these awesome dice, this set comes with a booklet that summarizes the Focus Rules for Hit Zones from the Aventuria Compendium and the Aventurian Armory. Additional Focus Rules provide greater detail for specific injuries within hit zones, adding more excitement to your game. Did your arrow hit the enemy's upper arm or wrist? Is one location worse than the other? With the Hit Zone Dice Set, you have the answer!

    This set also includes new special abilities, advantages, and disadvantages to give your heroes the edge they need to survive in the exciting world of The Dark Eye.

    New Bonds and Ancient Quarrels
    The Dark Eye RPG Adventure
    By Ulisses

    Deep hatred has divided the inhabitants of the Warring Kingdoms since the dawn of history. Now, a daring alliance promises to change everything and pave the way to forgiveness. All hope hinges on an arranged marriage taking place in a long-disputed border town. But not everyone in Nostria and Andergast longs for peace, and someone abducts the bride!

    To prevent another disastrous war between the realms, the heroes set out to scour the Warring Kingdoms for the bride and bring her abductor to justice. Along the way, they face the dangers of the forest and the Ingval River’s rushing waters. If they fail, the alliance will disintegrate and the land will drown in blood. The fate of the Warring Kingdoms rests in the heroes’ hands…

    New Bonds and Ancient Quarrels is the companion adventure to the regional sourcebook The Warring Kingdoms, which describes the kingdoms and history of Nostria and Andergast in detail.

    Threadbare: Stitchpunk RPG
    Core Rulebook
    By Stephanie Bryant

    With careful stitches and meticulous work, a ragdoll carefully sews back a torn limb on a panda who is crying out his troubles (girl troubles… isn’t it always a girl?) while he sips from a daintily painted teacup filled with brandy.

    In another room in the shoebox house she calls home, the ragdoll’s other patients wait patiently for her craft. A Mekka bulldozer, metal with chipping yellow paint, is missing his front left wheel. He holds a vinyl doll’s head, waiting for it to be glued into the empty wheel well. It won’t roll quite the same, he knows, but he can live with the handicap until he scavenges a better part.

    The ragdoll finishes with her panda patient and wishes him a cheery farewell, tucking his payment (2 buttons and a tiny watch gear) into her skirt pocket. She quickly schools her face to hide her sly, greedy smile when she steps across the threshold to the waiting bulldozer. His repair is going to need glue, and glue is a costly resource, my friend…

    Threadbare RPG is a role-playing game in which you play a jury-rigged toy in a broken world. Caught in a world where Entropy is a constant danger, you’ll patch yourself up, invent new devices, and maybe make new friends along the way.

    Threadbare is a Powered-by-the-Apocalypse role-playing game by Stephanie Bryant. You’ll need two 6-sided dice and a group of 2-5 friends to play.

    Seco Creek Vigilance Committee
    Core Rulebook
    By Human Hand and Brain

    Three notorious outlaws sit in the Seco Creek jail.

    The evidence against them for the current crime is scant. They’re probably not guilty—at least of this. But their reputation precedes them and the townsfolk have no intention of letting them make it to trial. You're part of the posse that apprehended them and the fate of the three outlaws is tied to your actions. But so is your own. What will you do?

    Seco Creek Vigilance Committee is a tabletop role-playing game of justice, law, revenge, and the discrepancy between what is right and what is good. It’s designed for intense one-shot play with five to six players.

    Spooktacular: A Cheerfully Spooky Role-Playing Game
    Core Rulebook
    By Yakuri Zero Games

    “Who’re you going to ask for a quote through their website? Wraithzappers!”

    Spooktacular is an updated retroclone of a forgotten gem of 1980s RPG design, letting your play out the hilarious adventures of paranormal investigators who use dodgy science, possibly dangerous bleeding-edge paratechnology, and sheer chutzpah to capture ghosts and make a living.

    In addition to all the rules you need to play this new take on an elegantly simple hidden classic of RPG design, this book includes:

    • Archetypes that give each character a nifty special ability, and optional Weird Archetypes so you can have an esper, witch, or other weirdo join the team.
    • A selection of wacky ghost-hunting gear. In addition to the basic etheric ray throwers and such, there are things like the Ghost Punchers (special gauntlets that do in fact let you punch ghosts) and Etheric Grenades (special grenades that blow ghosts up).
    • Three sample ghost-hunting companies (Wraithzappers, Ghost Rooter, and Phantom Finders) in various states of funding and legitimacy, as well as simple guidelines for making up your own company.
    • Short guides to ghost-hunting in the cities of Albuquerque, London, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.
    • Sample story ideas and a story generator table.
    • A selection of premade ghosts, ranging from the nagging Ancestor to the absurdly dangerous Ghostzilla.



    Gods and Goddesses
    5th Edition Sourceboook
    By Jetpack7

    Gods and Goddesses features classic deities for use as a 5th edition (OGL) supplement. Inside, you will find Cleric and Paladin player character options to bring in rich levels of diversity to your new or current game. Present them as “new gods”, or as “old gods” that have returned to the world. It’s up to you. Change the course of events by inserting these new deities with a surprising bang, or reveal them slowly over time.

    These are contemporary portrayals of well-known Gods and Goddesses that can be inserted into any 5th edition campaign setting. What better way to add some vibrant diversity to such a wonderful game? Certainly, some of the names will be familiar, but this is your world where you and your players can find out how these new Gods and Goddesses will have an impact beyond what has ever been seen before.
    Gods and Goddesses is a fully illustrated ~100 page book, featuring 16 Deities of Antiquity, 16 Cleric Divine Domains, and 16 Paladin Sacred Oaths, designed for 5th Edition.

    Esper Genesis 5E Sci-Fi
    5th Edition Rulebook
    By Alligator Alley Entertainment

    Brace yourself for High Adventure in Hyperspace as Sci-Fi comes to 5th Edition!

    Galaxies at war, high-tech gadgets and weapons, robots, aliens, starfighters, and ancient machines with the power to shape reality - All of these make the core of Esper Genesis, powered by the 5th Edition rules of the world's greatest roleplaying game. Taking on the role of a galactic hero, you can forge your destiny within a universe of advanced technologies and hidden mysteries.

    Heroic Sci-fi Roleplaying

    The Esper Genesis Roleplaying Game is a powerhouse of awesome sci-fi adventure. The Core Manual is the first of three rulebooks, containing character creation rules new sci-fi races, character classes, backgrounds, skills, gear, rules for planetary exploration, high-tech weapon combat, starship combat, esper powers, and so much more!

    Full 5E Compatibility

    Esper Genesis is designed with an infinite universe in mind, powered by the 5th edition rules of the world's greatest roleplaying game. If you've played any 5E game, you already know how to play Esper Genesis. Though the system is easily integrated into any 5E setting, it is also a standalone product. You do not need the D&D rulebooks or any other 5E product in order to play.

    This product contains:

    • Nine playable character races from the Silrayne Arc galactic setting.
    • Eight Character Classes
    • Sci-fi tailored backgrounds, equipment, and gear to round out your galactic pioneer
    • A full list of esper powers, allowing your characters to warp time, space, and matter
    • High-tech gear and weapons, including rules for modern weapons, burst fire, and explosives
    • Rules and options for modern and futuristic vehicles, space travel, and galactic exploration
    • A fully integrated starship combat system
    • A brief overview of the galaxy, people, and cultures

    SideQuests: Mausoleum Madness
    5th Edition Adventure Anthology
    By SideQuests

    SideQuests are a collection of short adventures designed for Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons. These one-shot style campaigns are designed to be compelling standalone stories that can be implemented, played through, and completed in just a few sessions. Whether you're using them as a filler adventure between major story arcs, as a continuation of your own adventures, or just because you forgot to plan the session last Wednesday... SideQuests are an invaluable tool for any Dungeon Master!

    Mausoleum Madness is centred around an ancient druidic temple, buried with time into the wilderness. The legends tell of untold riches and magical artifacts within - but no explorers have ever lived to tell the tales. In this adventure, players will have to find the entranceway to the legendary ruin - but that will be the least of their worries. Once inside, players will have to use everything at their disposal to solve riddles, avoid lethal traps, and fend off crazed cultists that worship something far below the earth...

    Mausoleum Madness was designed for a party of Level 3 players, though may be adapted to the scale you see fit.

    In the Company of Unicorns
    5th Edition Sourcebook
    By Rite Publishing

    In the Company of Unicorns allows players to begin play as unicorns, growing in grace and power as they gain levels! Wield your inner light to drive away the wicked, heal your allies, and join the Noble Orders of the unicorns!

    Within these pages you will find:

    • The core unicorn race and its four subraces.
    • The Silvermane Exemplar, a racial paragon class balanced for play alongside your adventuring companions, designed for use by player characters at every level of play.
    • Four Noble Orders for the Silvermane Exemplar, so that you can become a Royal, Courtier, Knightly, or Knavish exemplar.
    • A new Paladin Oath and Sorcerous Origin for unicorn player characters.
    • A first-person narrative describing unicorn culture, attitudes, and physiology, fleshing out their cosmic role and spiritual perspectives.

    Thunders of Venus
    Space: 1889 Savage Worlds Adventure
    By Clockwork Publishing

    The exploration of Venus was ill-fated for the British right from the start. All three of their Venus expeditions between 1874 and 1876 disappeared without a trace. The surviving expedition members could not be rescued until years later when—to the embarrassment of the Empire—a German zeppelin recovered them. Ever since, the British have been searching for ways to stop the decaying process the precious liftwood of their ships is exposed to on the Morning Star. The British hope to regain air supremacy on Venus now lies in the young and ingenious scientist Roger Kincaide. Over the years he has developed the so-called ‘Kincaide Field’ and the day has come that he wants to fieldtest his invention with the airship Aphrodite. The player characters are invited to join the maiden flight. A day of celebration, that could change the course of future history— if it weren’t for the Thunders of Venus that turn the cruise into a fierce struggle for survival…

    This adventure is set on Venus. A test flight of an experimental air ship ends in a catastrophe and the player characters, surviving crew and guests find themselves in the middle of the Venusian jungle. Will they be able to fight their way through to the next human outpost? Will they survive the threats of the jungle or will they end up as raptor food? What are they going to do when they are caught in the crossfire of a conflict between two rival Lizard-men tribes? And why can’t they shake the feeling that someone might have sabotaged the whole thing…?

    The adventurers should be favorable towards the British Empire which in turn should trust them. The events in this adventure are especially suited for characters experienced in the wilderness. Be they Adventurers, Explorers, Hunters, Survivors of all kinds, Doctors or Soldiers, they will all be able to put their skills to use. However, social skills will be useful as well, so that Celebrities, Moneymen, or Academics, seemingly lost in the jungle at first, will have their chance to shine too.

    Pungeons & Flagons
    Core Rulebook
    By Berdandy Studios

    Pungeons & Flagons is a game where players play a group of heroes spinning a story of their adventures in an attempt to win free room & board. However, the judge of the contest really likes puns.

    In the event of a rules confusion, consult with Yakov Alltrades. Today, he's responsible for arguing the law, serving coffee, and polishing the handrails at the tavern. He's a bonny barrister barista banister buffer.

    Cthulhu City
    Trail of Cthulhu Supplement
    By Pelgrane Press

    Enter a place born from all of Lovecraft’s creations, and governed by servitors of the Old Ones.

    Great Arkham – the Cthulhu City.

    Cthulhu City is a setting for Trail of Cthulhu, usable for a full campaign in its own right or as a nightmarish intrusion into an existing game. The Investigators find themselves in a strange, corrupted Arkham, a ghastly metropolis. People – humans – live in the city, and seem bizarrely normal on first encounter – their concerns are the same mundane, day-to-day passions and trials of anyone in the modern world – but scratch the surface, and the Mythos spills forth. Motorcars drive down streets lined with sullen-eyed basalt cyclopean buildings raised by no human hand; at night, loathsome and titanic shapes move behind the clouds. It’s a city where priests masked with yellow silk proclaim the majesty of God from the churches; a city occupied by alien powers. The old-money families have names like Marsh and Whately and Curwen, and the worst crime imaginable is defying the will of the living gods.

    Humans shouldn’t survive here, but they do, blindly adapting to the horror all around them. Are the Investigators dreaming? Insane? Have they travelled in time? Is this an alternate reality? An illusion? Or have they somehow had their minds swapped with denizens of the city?
    Or has it always been this way, and they can no longer deny the truth?

    Dawn of the Emperors: Thyatis and Alphatia
    Basic/ BECMI Dungeons & Dragons Sourcebook
    By Wizards of the Coast

    A reprint of the 1989 box set by Aaron Allston, from the GAZ series of Gazetteers of the Known World supplements.

    Thyatis. An empire run with military precision. An empire wherin fighting prowess is the most highly prized talent of all, and gladiatorial skill can lead to governmental status.

    Alphatia. An empire not so much run as allowed to exist by its aristocracy. An empire wherein magic use is the only talent that counts for anything, and lack of it can lead to a life of slavery.



    I Would Fight the Dragon
    3-8 players, ages 12+, 30-45+ minutes
    By Catdragon Games

    You want to fight a dragon? Let’s think about this a moment…

    Setting aside the fact that it has a large mouth full of nasty, sharp, pointy teeth, it outweighs you by about four tons, flies, and breathes fire. And you’re going to pick up a sharp, pointy stick and wrap yourself in metal skin like some kind of TV Dinner waiting to be cooked? Of course you aren’t! But, the kind commands it. And all the other knights are watching. You have to do something!

    I Would Fight The Dragon is a fun, fast-paced game of bluffing and bluster, meant for 3 to 8 players, Show no fear, make your excuses, and foist gear onto the other knights to help them on their way. One brave soul will be facing the dragon today. Don’t let it be you!

    2-5 Players, ages 14+, 90+ minutes
    By Bombyx

    In Imaginarium, you are going to repair, dismantle, combine and use curious machines to receive charcoalium (the local currency) and resources (wood, copper, crystal) that will allow you to repair other, even more powerful machines. You will be able to complete projects and earn victory points by managing your resources, your combination of actions and the space available for the machines in your workshop.

    In Imaginarium, you are going to repair, dismantle, combine and use curious machines to receive charcoalium (the local currency) and resources (wood, copper, crystal) that will allow you to repair other, even more powerful machines. You will be able to complete projects and earn victory points by managing your resources, your combinations of actions and the space available for the machines in your workshop.

    Space Base
    2-5 players, ages 14+, 30-75+ minutes
    By Alderac Entertainment Group

    In Space Base, players assume the roles of Commodores of a small fleet of ships. Ships begin docked at their stations and are then deployed to sectors as new ships are commissioned under your command. Use cargo vessels to engage in trade and commerce; mining vessels to build reoccurring base income; and carriers to spread your influence. Establish new colonies for a new Commodore in a sector to gain even more influence. Gain enough influence and you can be promoted to Admiral!

    Space Base is a quick-to-learn, quick-to-play dice game using the core "I roll, everyone gets stuff" mechanism seen in other games. It's also a strategic engine builder using a player board (your space base) and tableaus of ship cards you can buy and add to your board. The cards you buy and the order you buy them in have interesting implications on your engine beyond just the ability on the card you buy, making for a different type of engine construction than seen in similar games. Players can take their engine in a number of directions: long odds and explosive gains, low luck and steady income, big end-game combos to launch from last to first, or a mix-and-match approach. Ultimately, Space Base is a game you can just start playing and teach everyone how to play in the first round or two and has a satisfying blend of dice-chucking luck and challenging strategic choices.

    Ultimate Magic Add-On Deck
    Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Expansion
    By Paizo

    Whether you're an arcane or divine spellcaster, you need the magical boon cards included in this exciting new player deck for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game! Loaded with spells and magic items galore, the Ultimate Magic Add-On Deck can be used with any Pathfinder Adventure Card Game character or Adventure Path. Or you can play with the character included in this 109-card box: Enora, the iconic arcanist!

    Tears of Fire Monster
    Aventuria Adventure Card Game Expansion
    By Ulisses

    After a difficult climb, the heroes finally reached their objective: a cave that had once been home to an invincible monster and its immeasurable riches. The cavern appeared to be uninhabited. Then three mighty heads loomed out of the darkness, and a deep rumbling shook the mountainside…

    Tears of Fire is a monster expansion for the Aventuria Adventure Card Game, in which the heroes come face-to-face with a three-headed dragon known as a giant wyvern! In Duel Mode, one player controls the dragon, while in Adventure Mode, heroes play through the adventure Tears of Fire and face the giant wyvern together. Customize the dragon by selecting from among six different heads and four age levels to create new and exciting challenges with every game.

    Unlock 3! Secret Adventures
    1-6 players, ages 10+, 60 minutes
    By Asmodee

    Unlock! Secret Adventures features three new "escape room" scenarios that you can play on your tabletop.

    Unlock! is a cooperative card game inspired by escape rooms that uses a simple system which allows you to search scenes, combine objects, and solve riddles. Play Unlock! to embark on great adventures, while seated at a table using only cards and a companion app that can provide clues, check codes, monitor time remaining, etc. The three scenarios are (according to the app):

    • "A Noside Story"
    • "Tombstone Express"
    • "The Adventurers of Oz"

    Whispers in Nalubaale Data Pack
    Android: Netrunner LCG Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Enter the SSL with Whispers in Nalubaale, the fifth Data Pack in the "Kitara" cycle for Android: Netrunner The Card Game! Whispers in Nalubaale introduces three copies of twenty new cards for every faction, including a new Anarch identity that gives the runner new ways to spend their virus counters, and a risky new tool for Jinteki that pays dividends economically as it invites the runner to explore their deadly servers. Expand on the themes found in the Revised Core Setwith Whispers in Nalubaale!

    Railways of the World (10th Anniversary Edition)
    2-6 players, ages 14+, 120+ minutes
    By Eagle-Gryphon Games

    Revisit the early days of the Age of Steam as you begin with a locomotive (the venerable John Bull, the first locomotive to run in North America) and a vision (your Tycoon "mission" card). From there, build your budding railroad network into a vast empire. Connect New York to Chicago, earn the most money, develop bigger and faster locomotives and maybe even span North America and build the Transcontinental Railway!

    Railways of Nippon
    2-4 players, ages 14+, 120+ minutes
    By Eagle-Gryphon Games

    Railways of Nippon is a self-contained 2-4 player version of Railways of the World with a new map of Japan designed by the Japanese game designer Hisashi Hayashi. The game takes place during Japan's rapid industrial growth during the Meiji era, where you take the role of one of the entrepreneurial railroad baron of that time.

    You plan and lay track, upgrade your trains, sell goods to distant cities, and use operation cards to become the richest railroad baron of Japan! Balance your budget wisely, since taking too many bank bonds can ruin your business over the course of the game. Also, watch the competition closely because you can only use the track that you laid down personally to trade.

    Since the island of Japan is mountainous and narrow there is often not enough space for everyone to lay their track where they want. Foreseeing your competitors moves and well thought out moves will ensure you an undisputed railroad empire!

    2-4 players, ages 12+, 120-240+ minutes
    By Capstone Games

    In Arkwright players run up to four factories in England during the late 18th Century. Your goal is to have the most valuable block of own shares. Thus, you must increase your share value and buy shares from the bank.

    Bottom of the 9th Expansion
    By Greater Than Games

    The Bottom of the 9th: Clubhouse expansion builds on both the gameplay and theme of the original game by adding a ton of new players, extensive tournament rules, and additional managers and support staff, as well as introducing brand new equipment cards to the mix! Each team has a budget to spend on tools like bats, balls, and pine tar, as well as gear like new jerseys, rally caps, and more. You can even upgrade your clubhouse to benefit every player in your lineup! Cards featuring the new Shift ability and token-driven powers increase the incredible number of combinations possible while making your winning lineup.

    Hitters Pack
    Bottom of the 9th Expansion
    By Greater Than Games

    The Hitters Pack is a small, booster pack expansion to our wildly popular game, Bottom of the 9th. In the Hitters Pack players get 12 new batter cards to pick from and add to their all-star line up.

    Pitchers Pack
    Bottom of the 9th Expansion
    By Greater Than Games

    The Pitchers Pack is a small, booster pack expansion to our wildly popular game, Bottom of the 9th. In the Pitchers Pack players get 12 new pitcher cards to pick from and add to their all-star line up.

    Dragonball Z Perfect Cell Dice Game
    2-4 players,
    By IDW Games

    The Cell Games are on and the world's greatest fighters have gathered see if they have what it takes to defeat Cell, the perfect warrior. Teaming up to take him down, Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin, Trunks and Piccolo must strategize together to stop the supposedly unstoppable machine.

    In Dragon Ball Z: Perfect Cell, 2-4 players will each take control of an iconic Dragon Ball Z fighter and roll their dice to generate energy. Using custom icons, players allocate their dice into performing attacks, helping other players or buying upgrades. Players need to work together though, as Cell will continue to generate new threats that can heal him, damage all players or lock players out of potentially game-changing upgrades.

    2-5 players, ages 12+, 30-60+ minutes
    By Gigamic

    In this cross between Game Of Thrones and Monty Python become a medieval Lord and puppet master, and use your monstrous and loyal henchmen who will do ANYTHING to help their master satiate his thirst for prestige!

    Henchmania is a strategic board game taking place in an odd medieval universe. Each player is the Lord of one family, among four. With the help of your loyal henchmen, capture parts of the city and use your influence to win the battle! The objective is to win as many prestige points as possible in four days, or to be the first player to reach 30 prestige points. There are many ways to earn (and also lose) prestige points! At the end of each day, everyone counts their points before the beginning of the next day.

    So battle, strut, pray, denigrate... It's a no-holds-barred war to become the new seneschal of Montfleury!

    Barker’s Row
    2-4 players, ages 12+, 25-50+ minutes
    By Overworld Games

    Barker's Row is a 2-4 player game in which you are a carnival barker trying to fill your 3D chipboard seats with "rube" meeples by playing the most fantastic attractions.

    You draft these barker cards from a community pool and play them into the midway. Then you use those cards to play one of fifty or so attractions that will amaze and delight the rube meeples in your seats while giving you a special power to use later in the game. Stay tuned for some drafts of these attractions, such as Lobster Boy, Goose-Necked Girl, and the Fiji Mermaid. Each time you play an attraction, you climb higher on the strongman tower, making the next one harder to play, serving as an elegant and thematic catch-up mechanism. The player to first fill all their seats wins!

    Valiant Card Game: Ninjak vs. The Valiant Universe
    1-6 players, ages 16+, 20-50+ minutes
    By Overworld Games

    The greatest heroes in the VALIANT UNIVERSE must team up to stop one of their own! NINJAK, MI-6's deadliest operative, has stolen an object of immense power and you must build up your power in order to survive against all the gadgets and threats he will throw at you while working towards your hidden agenda.

    It won't be easy... are you up for the challenge?

    Throughout the game, you will collect various tactics and artifacts that both make you more powerful so you can fight Ninjak while also earning you points towards your hidden agenda. The game ends after all of Ninjak's threats have been eliminated. You will need to work together with the other players to survive, but only the one who best completes their hidden objective will win the game.

    2-4 players, ages 14+, 60-90+ minutes
    By Rio Grande Games

    In Broadhorns: Early Trade on the Mississippi players take the role of merchants based in St. Louis, financing cargo expeditions down the Mississippi River during the early part of the 19th century. The game is played over the course of a year through the varying seasons, each presenting its own challenge. During the game, the players will finance a number of trips. With each one they will need to obtain a boat (known as a broadhorn or flatboat) and purchase cargo. The player receives a higher return for their cargo the farther down the Mississippi they travel. Some of the cargo is perishable so time is of the essence. In addition, there are travelers willing to pay for passage down the Mississippi.

    The players begin the game in St. Louis with a small amount of gold. They will be able to afford only the smallest of three sizes of broadhorns for their first expedition; when they have earned more gold they will choose between smaller faster broadhorns and larger broadhorns with more cargo room. They will load their broadhorns with cargo from five available types: apples, flour, pork, fur and whiskey. Apples, flour and pork are perishable and the players have a limited time to deliver them before they spoil. The players may stop at any town along the way and deliver their cargo and purchase more, the farther down the river they sell their cargo the greater the return. Players may also pick up travelers at various towns to earn additional gold by taking them to their destination.



    Snowtroopers Unit
    Star Wars: Legion Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    03863 Alandin, Elf Paladin
    Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
    By Reaper Miniatures

    03864 Belthual, Elf Chronicler
    Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
    By Reaper Miniatures

    03865 Briarlings (2)
    Dark Heaven Legends Miniatures
    By Reaper Miniatures

    03866 Bryn, Half Elf Rogue
    Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
    By Reaper Miniatures

    03867 Aletheia Edair, Duelist
    Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
    By Reaper Miniatures

    03868 Sir William the Peacemaker
    Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
    By Reaper Miniatures

    03869 Ankoa, Barbarian Hero
    Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
    By Reaper Miniatures

    03870 Dire Penguin
    Dark Heaven Legends Miniature
    By Reaper Miniatures



    Raiders of the Deep: U-boats of the Great War, 1914-18
    1-2 players, ages 12+, 120+ minutes
    by Compass Games

    Raiders of the Deep: U-boats of the Great War, 1914-18 is a new game based on Gregory Smith's "The Hunters" that places the player in command of a German U-boat during WWI. Completely re-written rules and reworked charts simulate all the major aspects of the First U-boat War, while all-new artwork immerses the player in the atmosphere of the period.

    Your mission is to destroy as much entente shipping and as many capital ships as possible, while advancing your crew quality, winning awards and increasing your commander rank - all while attempting to make it home amidst diminishing odds of survival as the war progresses.

    Conducting patrols is the heart of the system: each game turn you will resolve encounters against individual ships, convoys, Q-ships and enemy aircraft. Situations you will face will demand decisions such as...
    How will you engage a convoy?
    Do you risk closing range for a potentially more lethal attack?
    If the engagement is at night, will you conduct a surface attack?
    With ammunition dwindling, will you try to follow a convoy, or will you look for easier targets?

    Every decision you make during the U-boat war determines whether you and your crew come home as heroes, failures - or not at all.



    Sun & Moon Forbidden Light Booster
    Pokemon TCG
    By Pokemon

    Sun & Moon Forbidden Light Theme Deck
    Pokemon TCG
    By Pokemon

    Sun & Moon Forbidden Light Elite Trainer Box
    Pokemon TCG
    By Pokemon

    Flames of Destruction 1st Edition Booster
    Yu-Go-Oh! TCG Expansion
    By Konami

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      I vaguely remember a game with Dire Penguins, or was it Killer Penguins, they had a sword blade mounted on their beak. Can't remember the name, had one of the longest table of situational attack modifier I had ever seen, that was before I had run into Harnmaster
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