RPG Crowdfunding News 095: Overlight, Savage Seas of Nehwon, Iskloft, The Lost Tomb & The Book of Dark Secrets, New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley, Battle Mat Books
  • RPG Crowdfunding News 095: Overlight, Savage Seas of Nehwon, Iskloft, The Lost Tomb & The Book of Dark Secrets, New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley, Battle Mat Books

    This week's crop of tabletop roleplaying crowdfunding projects include books for 5th Edition, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds and Call of Cthulhu as well as a brand new RPG from Renegade Game Studios and the innovative Battle Mat Books.

    Overlight RPG: A roleplaying game of kaleidoscopic fantasy by Renegade Game Studios
    (Campaign Ends : Tuesday 15th May 2018; 16:00 UTC)

    ” Since the beginning of time, a race of serpentine, celestial beings have been the caretakers and observers of the cosmos. At some point in Earth’s past, probably around 1,000 B.C.E., a small contingent of these celestials argued that humanity was ready to learn the secrets behind the making of the world. That the Homo sapiens species had achieved such a level of cultural growth and spiritual awareness that they deserved to be shown all the wonders of the universe, to be given the literal Keys of Creation.

    This small group of celestials was overruled by the will of the majority. Humankind was not yet ready. Defying this judgment, one individual fled to Earth with the Keys, and gifted them to humanity with one warning, “Do not use the Black Key”. Humanity did not listen.

    All of reality was turned inside out. The burning heart of the world was now the bright white, unending sky, and the unknowable depths of space now a vast star-filled sea beneath. Entire continents float in the space between, without a moon or sun to guide them.”

    Welcome to Overlight, a roleplaying game of kaleidoscopic fantasy among the shards of a broken world. It’s a world in which seven great continents hang in the sky, stacked almost vertically far above an unending sparkling sea. And shining down upon it all is a limitless light, emanating not from a great sun or moon, but from the sky itself: the hallowed Overlight.

    The heroes of this world are called the Skyborn. These individuals are born to disparate folk and cultures the world over, and who on some deep genetic or spiritual level are driven to make the world a better place, knowing in their hearts that things are not as they should be. The Skyborn are able to consciously manipulate the Overlight, fracturing it into seven distinct colors and using it to power remarkable abilities called Chroma.

    While this game system is an RPG, this is just the beginning. This backbone can be used in future games and allow players to dive into this world through different entry points. While this book will cover the game mechanics to run this as an RPG, it can also be viewed as a source book for games to come.

    The setting for Overlight is an unusual one. There are seven continents, called Shards, which float in the sky above an infinite sparkling sea. These seven Shards maintain their vertical positions, relative to one another, while they slowly float about in patterns that have been largely indecipherable to the people of the world.

    Far above them all is an unending sky, bright and radiant. There is no sun, and no moon, only the perpetual shining of the Overlight. So while some Shards may pass through periods of darkness when drifting beneath other Shards, there is no true day or night.

    The level of technology is roughly equivalent to late Middle Ages or early Renaissance at best. So no steam power and no gunpowder, although the use of Chroma and the manipulation of the Overlight can sometimes result in some surprising technologies.

    Each of the seven Shards have distinct climates and cultures. All contain playable folk except Nova. While it is difficult to travel between shards, it is certainly not impossible and parties of diverse groups may form.

    Novapendra: Rocky towers and crumbling mesas dot a horizon of sandblasted expanses, shimmering and brilliant white in the never ending light. Huge sentient centipedes called Novapendra contemplate their existence through mediation and quiet reflection while shepherding their herds of giant dust crickets.

    Zenith Order Monks and Hamanu: Now we will turn our eyes to the violet peaks of Zenith. Second of the Shards, its towering mountain ranges are home to the snow-covered temples of the Monks of the Zenith Orders. The Monks are humans, having long ago immigrated from Haark to find meaning among the ice and wind. The men and women of the Orders live alongside the Hamanu, a massive-bodied ape-like people capable of scaling sheer mountain cliffs with their grasping hands and feet. The Hamanu and the Monks have developed a peculiar spirit bond with each other, and once paired, individuals are rarely separated.

    The Hamanu and the Zenith Monks value the Virtue of Wisdom above all others.

    Teryxian: Third in line, resplendent in the blue light of Logic, we find the Shard called Quill. The jungles and torrential rivers of the floating islands of Quill are home to the Teryxians, a small, feathered reptilian Folk. Once they were emperors of their domain, with sprawling cities of spires populated by academics and philosophers, and many are still employed as tutors across the Seven. But much of that was lost when Quill was broken, and now the Teryxians cling to the remnants of a ruined civilization while trying to avoid becoming prey to the appetites of the jungle.

    Banyari: The shard is the Folk, is the color, is the Virtue.

    At our next stop, even the youngest child can see the connection between the emerald light of Compassion and the endless trees and grasses of the Shard called Banyan.

    Here, the mysterious Banyari tribes are almost as distinct from one another as they are from the other Folk. Each tribe upon this forested shard is inextricably linked to their unique Hearthwood Tree, a spiritual relationship that is poorly understood. These monumental wooden behemoths serve both as spiritual centers and, somehow, as physical progenitors of the appearance and biology of the symbiotic Banyari, some of which seem to be part plant, while others take different forms. As a whole, the Banyari are generally quiet and kind, and keep to themselves.

    Haarkeen: Of all the Virtues, humanity can claim Will as its own.

    It is said that like an arrow of intent, Will is the force of the self. The willpower to establish your being, formulate your needs and claim them from the world. Will is also a shield. Its own defense, a bulwark against the assault of others. Its light is Yellow, reflected off the face of a gold coin, a theoretical idea turned into tangible reality.

    And nowhere is the Virtue of Will more evident than upon the shard called Haark. A single magnificent city, covering almost the entirety of the largest of Shards.

    It is home to humankind, called the Haarkeen. It is also the center of commerce and trade. Being the most centrally located of the shards, Haark is also the most cosmopolitan, and it is not uncommon to interact with people from many Folk, especially in the Great Market, a bazaar filled with many wonders.

    Arumel: We turn our eyes to Veile, the sixth Shard, home of the Aurumel, whose every waking moment is an embodiment of the Virtue of Vigor.

    Here, the idyllic hills and estates overlook placid lagoons and inland seas. With pleasant weather and easy growing seasons, one would think the tall and almost eerily thin Aurumel would live a languid lifestyle. Yet behind the masks that they wear every day, the Aurumel also hide a passion and fervor for life that is most often represented by the great works that they aspire to build. Great bronze monuments, shining gold and silver armor, and fabulous airships, these testaments to toil and honest labor can sometimes take many lifetimes to complete, and those families with the greatest achievements can often grow into dynasties with immense political and social power. Only the machinations of the Penumbral Court can begin to test their generational reach.

    Pyroi: Far at the bottom of the world, beneath all the other Shards, is where we find Pyre.

    Often bathed in darkness, the tundras and steppes of Pyre are lit by the glow of the Shard’s volcanic mountain ranges, which can frequently result in rivers of magma coursing through the landscape. It is not a hospitable place. The Pyroi themselves are a sight to behold: eight feet tall, ruddy skinned and broad shouldered, they make fearsome warriors and charismatic negotiators and ambassadors. Much of Pyroi culture is centered around temple structures built at the base of the volcanos, while other communities live a nomadic lifestyle hunting enormous beasts out on the open savannah.

    And it is here, among these brutal and unforgiving extremes, that the folk revere the Virtue of Might above all.

    Lankhmar Savage Seas of Nehwon, a Fantasy RPG by Shane Hensley
    (Campaign Ends : Thursday 17th May 2018; 02:00 UTC)

    Pinnacle Entertainment are experimenting with, what they are calling, “Booster” Kickstarter campaigns. Booster campaigns are their way of trying to see if they can use Kickstarter to help support existing settings with additional supplements and adventures. As opposed to using ‘stretch goals’ on the smaller campaigns they are offering extra ‘Booster’ content that won’t be available in the general release of the primary book or pdf.

    In the City of Sevenscore Thousand Smokes, danger lurks down every dark alley. Sinister sorcerers summon terrible forces in their crumbling towers. Treacherous rogues of the Thieves’ Guild prowl the Plaza of Dark Delights. Assassins from the Slayers’ Brotherhood work the Tenderloin District. And hunched figures skitter beneath the streets, waiting for their chance to rise.

    Now your party of warriors and scoundrels can expand their adventures beyond Lankhmar to the high seas of Nehwon. They might venture to the Sea of Stars to confront priests of the ancient and terrible Mokrath, or book passage to Rime Isle and fall prey to "The Thing From Below."

    The Savage Seas of Nehwon contains everything a Game Master needs to create incredible tales of high sea-based adventures for Lankhmar or ANY fantasy Savage Setting, including:

    • The Seas of Nehwon: Overviews of the Inner Sea, Outer Sea, Frozen Sea, Sea of Stars, Sea of the East, and Lankhmar's docks and harbors.
    • Characters: New Edges, Hindrances, powers, and Setting Rules dealing with ships and the sea.
    • Ships: Statistics for the various ocean-going vessels of Nehwon, Setting Rules, naval maneuvers, and rules for savage storms!
    • Adventure Generator: A complete adventure generator for creating your own fantastic Savage Tales!
    • Savage Tales: Sea-based adventures in Fritz Leiber's incredible style, such as "Jewel of the Deep," "Queen of the Sunken Realm," "Bride of the Golden Isle," and more!
    • Denizens of the Deep: New beasts to drag your heroes from the decks of their ships to the briny depths!

    The Booster Rewards for the Savage Seas of Nehwon are as follows:

    • Free Archetypes: All backers get the existing Lankhmar archetypes.
    • Table Tents: Form-fillable print and play foldable character cards, perfect for home or convention play.
    • One Sheets: Three brand new, ready-to-run One Sheets for Lankhmar that take place on the Seas of Nehwon!
    • New Archetypes: We'll add four new archetypes to the pack, including the Sea Sorcerer and the Ghoul Swashbuckler!
    • Nehwon / Lankhmar Map: Every backer gets a digital version of the Lankhmar and Nehwon map!
    • A Night of Blood and Teeth: Shane Hensley was the original author of TSR's Lankhmar boxed set back in 1996 (the year he created Deadlands, coincidentally)! He's working on an adventure that hearkens back to the one he wrote for the Dungeons & Dragons box set so many years ago. Our heroes pilfer a strange, finned idol from Lankhmar and find themselves the target of a particularly deadly cult. The pursuit takes them beyond the crashing waves to the open waters, making use of the Seas of Nehwon book as they attempt to learn the secret of the strange idol and survive A Night of Blood and Teeth!

    Iskloft – Grim Viking 5E Campaign Setting by Lloyd Collins
    (Campaign Ends : Monday 4th June 2018; 01:00 UTC)

    Iskloft is a new brutal, low-fantasy, Viking themed campaign setting for 5th Edition that is bring brought to life in this new 100+ page book. The book looks at the world of Iskloft – its culture, mythology, laws, traditions, customs, denizens, equipment – and provides information on ten new backgrounds for the setting, new classes (The Berserker, The Ferogangr, and the Seior) as well as a couple of revised classes (The Fighter becomes the Drengr, and the Rogue becomes The Outlaw), Isklofts distinct flavors of magic (Rune Magic, Songs of Odin, Seith and Skaldic Songs), and brings in some new rules on subject such as Journeys, Brutal Wounds, and new conditions such as snowblindness, frostbite, infections and starvation.

    Iskloft is a low fantasy, grim and violent themed setting for the fifth edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. It focuses on the desperate struggle for survival, asking questions of the player characters. How far will they go to thrive? Will they break their oaths for success? Is their honour more important to them than victory? What will they do for wealth?

    Evoking a feel similar to Game of Thrones, Iskloft is a low magic, human-centric setting that focuses on brutal, dangerous combat, harsh struggles for survival, and the juxtaposition between honour and greed.

    Though most people in Iskloft never see anything magical happen, the player characters are not most people. They may encounter profane witches, encounter the terrifying Jotunaett – horned, immortal giants – or if they’re very foolish or unluck, perhaps even an alfr – ancient predatory elves.

    So join us in Iskloft and forge your destiny, raid and reave, carve your legend into the salt covered stones and see what the Norns have weaved into the skeins of your fate!

    Do you have what it takes to survive grim takes of heroism in a frigid land?

    2 D&D 5e & Pathfinder Adventure Anthol Print + Digital Books by Matthew A. Bogdan
    (Campaign Ends : Friday 18th May 2018; 17:56 UTC)

    This new 5th Edition & Pathfinder Kickstarter (which is also available to back on indiegogo too…) is raising funds to produce two new books. Both books will be about 200 pages long and will be suitable for characters from 1st to 20th levels.

    The Lost Tomes - Volume 1 - 16 adventures based on a secret society known as The Lost Tome Society. This society is made up of 16 of the very best NPCs the players might ever come across. Experts in their chosen fields, all of them have some form of a tarnished history and back story. The 16 founding members of The Lost Tome Society are making amends for their misdeeds by hunting down the greatest and most powerful relics, artifacts, magic items and pieces of lost lore while destroying evil along the way. PCs are tasked to go on adventures of 16 very diverse types, genres, as well as a different look, tone and feel kind of variety.

    The Book of Dark Secrets - Volume 1 - 20-26 short, fill-in adventures between 5-12+ pages each. Perfect for when the DM/GM runs out of adventure content, the session ends too early, or the campaign needs a bit of a fresh boost. 20-26 D&D 5e and Pathfinder-compatible adventures for PCs between levels 1-20.

    New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley 2ed for Call of Cthulhu by Stygian Fox Publishing
    (Campaign Ends : Friday 1st June 2018; 02:10 UTC)

    New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley was originally released by Miskatonic River Press a few years ago. Stygian Fox brought the right to a number of the books, as MRP closed their doors, and are now bringing us an updated and expanded new edition of this classic anthology of Call of Cthulhu scenarios.

    In New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley, there are currently six scenarios and we aim to add a seventh set in the valley or Innsmouth (although Innsmouth isn't in the Miskatonic Valley it is such an integral part of Lovecraft Country as to be hard to ignore). The original is black and white and 130 pages. We aim to increase that to 160 pages and to make it full colour with all new art.

    The initial six adventures featured in the collection take place in locations such as Arkham, Foxfield, Dunwich and Kingsport.

    The Reeling Midnight, by Tom Lynch
    Wasted Youth, by Christopher Smith Adair
    Spirit of Industry, by Oscar Rios
    Proof of Life, by Keith Herber
    Malice Everlasting, by Oscar Rios
    The Night War, by Kevin A. Ross

    Battle Mat Books for Fantasy and Sci-Fi Tabletop RPG Games by BattleMats
    (Campaign Ends : Tuesday 15th May 2018; 21:03 UTC)

    Battle Mat Books are available in two sizes (giant and regular) and two themes (sci-fi and fantasy). The books are coil wired bound, enabling them to be laid out flat on your gaming surface, giving you a range of maps to use for your games… either by using a single page or a double-page spread for a larger map. The pages are all laminated so can be drawn on and wiped clean. Each book has 58 individual Battle Mats included.

    As mentioned above, the books are available in two sizes. The Big Books are A4 in size (8.3” x 11.7”) with each page including an 8x12 grid map. The Giant Books are A3 in size (11.7” x 16.5”) with each page including a 12x17 grid map.

    The Giant fantasy themed book will contain similiar but expanded designs to the current fantasy book such as wilderness, caves, dungeons, town locations and some special areas.

    The two sci-fi book sizes will contain similar designs to each other with the plan to include designs such as ship/station interiors, planetary landscapes, space locations, city locations and some special areas.


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      The Fighter-Cricket -
      Those Overlight illustrations are marvelous! I'm a sucker for strange settings and would like that game to be easy for beginners. But I have the feeling this won't be the case... Hm. Also never heard of Renegade Studios. What did they do before?
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      Kids On Bikes
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      Just backed Battle Mat Books for two Giant Books of Battle Mats. Very cool idea.
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      Ditto -- it's actually a pretty reasonable price for battle mats.
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      Those Overlight illustrations are marvelous! I'm a sucker for strange settings and would like that game to be easy for beginners. But I have the feeling this won't be the case... Hm. Also never heard of Renegade Studios. What did they do before?
      Renegade Game Studios are much better known in the board games market. They've published dozens of games, including the very popular Clank! series of Adventure Deck Building games, the award winning Lanterns and Raiders of the North Sea (both under license) and are also publishing the Kids on Bike RPG that was crowdfunded last year.
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