Unboxing The Munchkin Starfinder Box
  • Unboxing The Munchkin Starfinder Box

    I came home from running some errands recently, and I was greeted at my doorstep by a door stop of a box, the recently Kickstarted game of Munchkin Starfinder from Steve Jackson Games. There was a lot to see in the box, so let's take a look.

    For some reason, Munchkin is one of those polarizing tabletop games. It isn't anywhere near as controversial to some as Cards Against Humanity but it seems to be one of those games that people either love or hate. I enjoy a game of Munchkin from time to time (it is a favorite game of my niece), and I have a few of the variants around the house. There aren't any changes that make Munchkin Starfinder play differently from Munchkin Shakespeare or Munchkin Spell Skool. If you know how to play one Munchkin, you know how to play them all. The variations between versions of the game tend to come down to the cards, which makes it easy to deal with. It is between the ease of play, and knowing that once you have the rules down you can play any version of Munchkin, that makes the game fun for me.

    This isn't the first time that Steve Jackson Games and Paizo have collaborated before, either. There is an entire line of Munchkin Pathfinder and expansions, for people who might be more interested in a fantasy game than a science fiction one.

    Let's look inside of that box.

    Right off the bat, you're greeted with a lot of stuff: baggies with cards, play aids, Kill-O-Meters, dice and "credsticks." There is already an expansion for the base Munchkin Starfinder that is included in the big box, Far Out.

    There are some extra cards to be found, a set for The Swarm from Paizo's original Starfinder game, along with some new Munchkin rules for dealing with them in the game. The Hero Pack has extra classes and races, in case people want to play more of the same class.

    There is a lot in this box. The production quality of the contents is really good, and what you would expect from a Steve Jackson Games release. I think that the cards and aids will last for a long time of dedicated play. This is actually my first Kill-O-Meter, and it is pretty sturdy looking as well. I guess I will find out just how sturdy it is after some play. The Kill-O-Meter is two-sided, there is another side (unpictured) that is blue.

    One of the main ways that Munchkin games are differentiated from each other is in the art. Howard Tayler's art really sets the tone for the game. It manages to capture the Starfinder feel, while at the same time doing it within the Munchkin paradigm.

    If you're looking for something to fill in for a night when your Starfinder game doesn't have enough of a crew to blast off, or you want a good, casual game with a familiar setting to fill an off night, I suggest checking out Munchkin Starfinder.
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      Connorsrpg -
      Looks great.
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      Just missed out on the Kickstarter so looking forward to getting my hands on this.
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