May DMs Guild Roundup
  • May DMs Guild Roundup

    Summer is almost here and that means the campaign season is among us. It is a time to prepare yourself for the coming trials that warm weather brings. In the pile of moldy tomes we have wrested from the hoards of dragons and eldritch fiends are three in particular that you may find of interest.

    Oath of the Silverstar: Paladin of Selune by John M. Kane

    We begin with a new oath to use for a paladin character. The Silverstar is dedicated to Selune and is a servant of the Moonmaiden in her ongoing war against her sister, Shar. This includes battling evil lycanthropes and protecting those good lycanthropes that seek to keep their beasts in check. The tenets of the oath focus on protecting the weak and being a light in the darkness as well as resisting the spread of lycanthropy. Darkvision is one of the gifts received from Selune, but only when out in moonlight at night. The oath spells are interesting, focusing on protection and the location of things. Faerie Fire is a nice spell to add to the paladin's arsenal of magics as is Moonbeam. The channel divinity abilities provide radiant damage and the ability to turn evil lycanthropes. The latter would seem to be very useful in certain campaigns. At 7th level the oath provides an aura that protects from enchantment, illusion, and necromancy. Overall, the Oath of the Silverstar is a great path for a paladin in the Forgotten Realms. It would work well for similar gods in your own campaigns.

    Sorcerous Origin: Djinn Marked by Matthew Diaz

    From the blessings of the moon we now move to the legacy of the elements. This origin provides a number of options for the player to choose. When taking this origin, the player chooses an elemental from the typical four elements and this affects the gifts the character receives as they gain levels. This choice also marks the character either physically or spiritually. On taking the origin, the player can then speak the appropriate language connected to their element as well as reading and writing. Also, at 1st level the character receives a free cantrip based on their element.

    As the character progresses, they become more and more adaptive to the element that was chosen. At 6th level, the character receives a cantrip and can spend sorcery points as a bonus action to gain the ability to adapt to their element. Once the character reaches 14th level, this adaptability becomes permanent. Also, at 14th level the character can take on the form of the djinn whom they are marked by. At 18th level this form lasts up to 10 minutes. The author adds a small part talking about djinn and genies, which I found to be very interesting.

    Rats of Waterdeep by Lysa Chen and Will Doyle

    Rats of Waterdeep is an adventure from the Guild Adepts program and is described as an investigation rather than an adventure. I don't want to give away spoilers (obviously), but the background of the adventure is an interesting one and intriguing for a DM to run. There are several maps and a beautiful old-style map with word bubbles describing elements of the adventure. Throughout the adventure there are pieces of art and side bars that provide a good flow to the events. There is also a welcome break up of the text. I am more and more impressed by the imagination and variety of style in the DM Guild creations and Rats of Waterdeep does not disappoint in this way. At the end, the appendices provide information on a background and some character paths. The opponents are also noted in the appendices. Finally, the handouts are well made and very useful. Rats of Waterdeep is an excellent urban adventure that would make a great beginning to a Waterdeep campaign.

    contributed by Sean Hillman
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      Hussar -
      Oooh, that Rats of Waterdeep looks right up my alley. Heh, no pun intended. Thanks for this. Have some XP.
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      Wiseblood -
      I agree with Hussar. The rats are what cought my eye.
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      Good stuff. I rarely get over to DM Guild - the road is paved with good intentions and all that. Anyway, I find this kind of rundown very helpful and a reminder to jump over there from time to time. Well done!
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      Pil Ambrosio -
      Rats AND Waterdeep intrigue? COUNT ME IN!
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      A new Guild Adepts adventure featuring Waterdeep? Undermountain as the next hardback book confirmed! ;-)
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