Big News In The Storytellers Vault
  • Big News In The Storytellers Vault

    In addition to the usual roundup of interesting products available in the program, this month's Storytellers Vault Roundup brings an announcement long awaited by fans of the World of Darkness.

    White Wolf's Shane DeFreest revealed the big news: "White Wolf Entertainment announced today [May 23rd] that the popular World of Darkness Werewolf: The Apocalypse setting will be joining Vampire: The Masquerade on the Storytellers Vault for community created content…. Additionally, in an effort to speed up the availability process for game lines to become available for content creation, all the Werewolf specific historical settings (Dark Ages & Wild West) and Minds Eye Theatre will be made available during the first month of release."

    Content creators may start submitting their Werewolf works to the Vault in June. As with Vampire, the material can be for any edition of WtA.

    This means that the Vault will soon be offering publishing opportunities for every iteration of Classic Vampire and Werewolf in both their tabletop and LARP incarnations. Furthermore, the Werewolf announcement concluded with this intriguing tidbit: "Additional content supporting other game lines and brands in the White Wolf catalogue will be progressively unlocked throughout the remainder of 2018."

    Next, those of you who got excited over last month's spotlight on Mark Kelly's cover art packs will no doubt be pleased to learn that even more third-party art packs have appeared since then.

    This time it's interior art, courtesy of Luis Miguez. So far, Luis has put out two volumes of excellent B&W art rendered in a style that perfectly evokes classic World of Darkness imagery.

    Let's hope Kelly and Miguez are just the beginning of more original art for creators to use in their books! As great as it was for White Wolf to open up their own portfolio for use, there's a lot to be said for fresh images.

    Rounding off this month's Roundup are two "By Night" sourcebooks, one for modern nights and one for the Dark Ages setting.

    The modern sourcebook is St. Louis by Night by Spencer Rubin. Weighing in at a hefty 191 pages, this PDF is reasonably priced at $9.99. The book details no less than 35 NPCs who call the city of St. Louis and its immediate environs home. Handily, every clan and coterie gets its own relationship chart, showing how various Kindred relate to each other.

    Another nice touch is found in the sections detailing the city's neighborhoods and suburbs: every sub-section gets a little piece of commentary from one of the Kindred described later in the book. Not only does this provide a window into how the city is viewed by its vampires, but also introduces the reader to the local Cainites' personalities.

    An early review of the PDF posted on Storytellers Vault noted a lack of bookmarks, a fatal flaw in a product this size. Happily, the latest version of the PDF does include comprehensive bookmarks, allowing much easier navigation.

    Dark Ages "By Night" books have tended to focus on whole regions, but Seasons of Fear: Mont Saint-Michel by Night goes in the opposite direction. Written by Ben Haedrich, this 57-page PDF is listed at $6.99 at the time of writing, and describes the famous island-monastery of Mont Saint-Michel located off the Normandy coast. Unlike most "By Night" books, this is meant more as an eerie location to drop into an existing Chronicle, rather than providing the material for basing an entire Chronicle in the location specifically. The sourcebook does do an excellent job of providing in-depth descriptions of daily life on the island…and what the monastery's nocturnal residents get up to while the rest of the monks are asleep…

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