ZEITGEIST #5 (Part 1) - Cauldron Born
  • ZEITGEIST #5 (Part 1) - Cauldron Born

    The ZEITGEIST adventure path continues over on EN5ider! Conspiracy, dwarven assassins, rogue fey lords, and a haunted mountain!

    A conspiracy has woven itself firmly into the dark underbelly of the city of Flint. The Royal Homeland Constabulary (RHC) has learned of its existence and knows it has a base beneath the haunted mountain named Cauldron Hill. Now at the king’s command it is time to rip this threat from its shadowy womb and thrust it into the light of day.

    While they pursue that mission, two other forces are at work in Flint: a cult of dwarven assassins who want to disrupt a peace summit, and a rogue lord of the Unseen Court who seeks a war between man and fey. Either plot will spell disaster for Flint. Can the constables spare the time to stop them before the doom beneath Cauldron Hill is born?

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    1. thom_likes_gaming's Avatar
      thom_likes_gaming -
      Man, I hope SOMEday I'll get to play this. Ideally as player, but I'd love it just as much as GM.
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