Poll of the Week: What's the Best Gift For a RPG Player?
  • View Poll Results: What's the Best Gift for a RPG Player?

    • Dice

      134 44.08%
    • Rulebooks

      117 38.49%
    • RPG-Themed Clothing

      64 21.05%
    • Miniatures

      112 36.84%
    • RPG Decor

      37 12.17%
    • Character Sheets

      13 4.28%
    • Character Diary/Folio/Journal

      42 13.82%
    • Action/Spell Cards

      77 25.33%
    • Carrying Cases/Bags/Containers

      74 24.34%
    • Character Creation Software

      24 7.89%
    • Other (explain in the comments)

      18 5.92%
    Multiple Choice Poll.

    Poll of the Week: What's the Best Gift For a RPG Player?

    We heard about what you would buy a game master for the holidays, so now it's the player's turn!

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    1. Ath-kethin's Avatar
      Ath-kethin -
      My special snowflake answer: whatever they need. Buying dice when they're after a book they can't afford makes no more sense than buying an Eberron supplement for a player who only plays in Greyhawk campaigns. If you play with this person, I'm sure you have e better idea for a gift than random generic junk. And if you don't, you really should pay closer attention.

      Of course, this is my approach to gift-giving in general. YMMV.
    1. Rich Riddle's Avatar
      Rich Riddle -
      An FG license...
    1. Henry's Avatar
      Henry -
      Also, if you have a budget in mind, or don’t know what the gamers wants that well, a bookstore or Amazon gift card is a great gift, to make the rulebook or other item cheaper for them at least. If it’s budgetary, just tell them with an accompanying note what it’s for, and that will personalize it so much more than a random gift card, because they then know you at least know them well enough to know what they like...
    1. Slog's Avatar
      Slog -
      A black T shirt with "TPK" in white, maybe with a touch of red just to get everyone in the right state of mind :-)
    1. DMMike's Avatar
      DMMike -
      Rulebooks. Hands-down. Nothing lets the David-Player fight back better against the GM-oliath than rules.

      Just kidding. Those two are supposed to be in cooperation. Depending on the game.

      Next best thing: the Modos RPG rulebook! Nothing else lets a player just kick back and play like this book does. I should know; I wrote it...
    1. aco175's Avatar
      aco175 -
      I picked rulebooks and minis but this depends on the money you plan to spend. I most likely would not spend $50 on a book for the DM, but would spend 20 on some minis he may need/want. I also picked bag/carry container since the one he has is cracked and more minis means a bigger case. I guess an Amazon card would let him pick what he needs to him, but I would not be supporting my FLGS.
    1. Retreater -
      If you don't know a gamer's interest, what sort of games they enjoy, what sort of products they need, then just getting a generic "gaming" gift is no solution at all. I, for one, don't need a single extra die. Ever. (Unless it's a unique die for a new game, such as FFG Star Wars.)
      We're a picky group.
    1. TrippyHippy's Avatar
      TrippyHippy -
      I prefer to buy my own rulebooks, and my own tastes are possibly quite difficult to fathom. If somebody bought me a game, and I didn't like it, I'd be obliged to keep it because it was a gift.

      I'd much rather people buy me paraphenalia like T-Shirts or accessories, where my own tastes are less specific.
    1. Kramodlog's Avatar
      Kramodlog -
      Money and time.
    1. Olgar Shiverstone's Avatar
      Olgar Shiverstone -
      Time to play!
    1. Lucas Yew's Avatar
      Lucas Yew -
      A shiny and updating SRD (equivalent), either via OGL or CC BY-SA...
    1. MarkB's Avatar
      MarkB -
      I voted "other" as my answer would be "whichever of the above they're most in need of". Some of the items on that list I'd love to have more of. Others would be of no use to me. Which is which may vary over time.
    1. MortalPlague's Avatar
      MortalPlague -
      I voted for 'Dice' and 'Rulebooks'. In hindsight, I should have also added 'Other'.

      I had a DM buy a set of gorgeous tungsten dice for all the players in a long-running campaign. It was a marvelous gift, and whenever I look at those dice, I remember the good times we had in that game.

      Early in my DM'ing career, 3rd Edition had just come out. I was the DM for our group, and we were playing 2nd Edition. We were between games, and one of my players took it upon himself to buy the three core books for me, which was a stunning display of generosity. We were all high school students at the time, so $100 was a considerable amount of money.

      I also received a mug from my players with an engraving 'World's Greatest DM'. It was an unexpected thing, right in the middle of a campaign, but it really made me feel all warm and fuzzy. A small token of gratitude like that goes a long way.

      Over the years, we've started a tradition of giving out mugs to DMs after they 'earn their wings', so to speak, by running a full-fledged campaign. We gave my buddy 'Epic DM' after he actually ran a 30th level 3.5 game that saw us reach 34th level. Another friend earned 'Completionist DM' after she impressively finished her third campaign (she also loves to score 100% in video games). I'm sure there will be more in the future.
    1. SpellJammer16's Avatar
      SpellJammer16 -
      anything but dice because I'm too picky
      I voted for 3... Clothing, Decor and Cases... The other stuff I may have already pre-ordered at the best price humanly available
    1. Intillectrician's Avatar
      Intillectrician -
      How has no one said ALCOHOL?
      This holiday season, I'll be helping my players get in to character with 750ml bottles of social lubricant.
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