Taking nominations for best RPG podcasts of 2018!
  • Taking nominations for best RPG Podcasts of 2018!

    What podcasts have caught your ears this year? Just like the Most Anticipated RPG 2019 poll, this thread is for nominations for the Best RPG Podcasts of 2018, following which will be the official voting stage.


    - must have released at least 3 new episodes in 2018
    - the main focus must be tabletop RPGs
    - must not be your own podcast
    - must include a link to the podcast’s web page

    Feel free to say why.

    As always, if it’s not nominated, it won’t be in the main poll.

    Nominations open for one week, until Tuesday 18th December. The poll will come shortly thereafter. The results will fittingly initially be announced in our podcast and posted here as an article later.

    One final note. I plan to do this every year, just the the Anticipated RPG poll. However, unlike individual RPGs, podcasts are on ongoing venture. I'd like to note in advance that a podcast can only win this poll once.
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    1. Allandaros's Avatar
      Allandaros -
      The Gauntlet's Fear of a Black Dragon takes a look at (mostly) TSR-era and OSR adventures, analyzes how they play, and then pivots to deeper discussion on GMing a particular facet of that adventure.
    1. Jason D. Graham's Avatar
      Jason D. Graham -
      Newbie DM minicast is my nomination. Brief but detailed and pertinent table top rpg info with interviews with the top names in the industry. And most of all, that short format is perfect for my ADHD. Enrique deserves all the awards
    1. Saelorn's Avatar
      Saelorn -
      I nominate System Mastery. They review an RPG every other week, and have maintained that schedule for years now, which is pretty impressive given the sheer number of pages involved.
    1. Morthrai_17's Avatar
      Morthrai_17 -
      If we're only allowed to nominate one each then I'm saying The Grognard Files.
    1. Ian James Griffiths's Avatar
      Ian James Griffiths -
      +1 for The Grognard Files. Compulsory listening.
    1. Paid a bod yn dwp's Avatar
      Paid a bod yn dwp -
      It has to be the Grognardfiles +5
    1. Henry's Avatar
      Henry -
      If Actual Play RPG podcasts are permissible, then I really need to nominate the Glass Cannon Podcast. It has very polished production values, and it's the irrreverent mix of humor, friendship, and spontaneous rules-explanation moments, combined with a roughly 1 hour form factor, that really make it a favorite of mine to keep up with. Unlike some longer-form podcasts, It's both very digestible and lots of fun.
    1. Skywalker's Avatar
      Skywalker -
      Red Moon Roleplaying (https://www.redmoonroleplaying.com/).
    1. Darrin Katzska's Avatar
      Darrin Katzska -
      Total Party Thrill episodes always jump to the top of my queue when they come out because the hosts are hilarious and insightful. http://www.totalpartythrillcast.com/
    1. ShadoWWW's Avatar
      ShadoWWW -
      My most favorites: Turncloaks (!), Table Top Babble, The Tome Show, Plot Points, Dungeon Master of None, and of course, Dragon Talk.
    1. FiveRapid's Avatar
      FiveRapid -
      Definitely https://thegrognardfiles.com/
    1. Razz0putin's Avatar
      Razz0putin -
      gotta reccomend gamerstablepodcast
    1. lockyreid1's Avatar
      lockyreid1 -
      100% gotta be https://glasscannonpodcast.com/. One of the best podcasts and shows I've ever listened to.
    1. GrissTheGnome's Avatar
      GrissTheGnome -
      I am very fond of the http://justonemorefix.com/ podcast. I don't always agree with them, but they have good discussions on how to run RPGs for adults and kids.
    1. ihilate's Avatar
      ihilate -
      Definitely Board With Life (https://imboardwithlife.libsyn.com/pod), mostly an actual play podcast (D&D plus the occasional guest game), with occasional interviews, Q&A or theory episodes.
    1. nfbenson's Avatar
      nfbenson -
      The Grognard Files, followed by The Grognard Files and then The Grognard Files
    1. Shasarak's Avatar
      Shasarak -
      I would nominate Ken and Robin Talk about stuff, Tabletop Babble and Fear the Boot.
    1. Morrus's Avatar
      Morrus -
      Remember the links, folks!
    1. NotRussellCrowe's Avatar
      NotRussellCrowe -
      I've got three that I really enjoy listening too:
      1. The Good Friends of Jackson Elias
      2. The Coriolis Effect
      3. HowWeRollPodcast

      Blasphemous Tomes because every episode is interesting to listen to and the hosts really know how to do a podcast. Plus I'm a big Call of Cthulhu fan.

      The Coriolis Effect because they talk a lot about about Coriolis: The Third Horizon RPG and Free League games in general.

      HowWeRollPodcast is great for their Call of Cthulhu live plays, some of which have Scott Dorward from Blasphemous Tomes as Keeper!
    1. hutchback's Avatar
      hutchback -
      If actual play is admissible, then I nominate Sounds Like Crowes http://www.soundslikecrowes.com/ a Deadlands Reloaded podcast.
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