A DM's Guild Gift Guide
  • A DM's Guild Gift Guide

    Do you need some last minute ideas for the DM in your life? Looking for some inspiration for your Ravnica campaign? Want some solo adventures for when you are snowed in with no Internet? Well, come along then and let’s see what’s in the Bag o’Holding of Red Claws, our gift giving DM Guild Dragon!

    Before we go too far, I just want to be clear: these are not the typical mini-reviews we do here for the DM Guild. Instead I went through the DM Guild and looked at content that I thought might be of some interest to players and DMs alike. I threw in a few classics that some may not have heard of to keep it spicy.

    Krenko’s Way

    Written by: Chris Tulach

    Curious about getting into Ravnica, but not sure what kind of content is available? Krenko’s Way is a 1st level adventure that deals with a goblin crime boss, the titular Krenko, and his escape from prison. The players will be tasked with tracking down Krenko before he can bring chaos to the guilds.

    A number of things stand out here. The proceeds from the adventure will go to the Extra Life charity, a worthy cause for sure. Krenko’s Way is an introductory adventure and should provide a great gateway to playing in Ravnica. It is written to be a jumping off point for writing your own Ravnica content! A great addition to your holiday gift list.

    Lost Laboratory of Kwalish

    Designed by: Bart Carroll

    It would be hard not to be excited about a module dealing not only with the (in)famous Kwalish, but also the Barrier Peaks! Lost Laboratory of Kwalish sends the players into the Barrier Peaks in search of Kwalish, a spaceship, and the inventor’s quirky inventions. The module is for 5th to 10th level characters and all proceeds go to Extra Life. In addition, Laurence Writhey’s Galder is present in the module as well as content created by Lauence.

    The Solo Adventurer’s Toolkit

    Written by: (Various) 5E Solo Gamebooks

    Have you ever wondered if you could play Dungeons & Dragons by yourself? Seems a lonely way to go, but sometimes other adventurers are not available and your DM’s burned out from the twice weekly sessions. Well, don’t fret because solo adventures & D&D have a long history together. The folks at 5E Solo Gamebooks have put together The Solo Adventurer’s Toolkit. Inside there are tables and tools for building solo adventures and to help your DM with their own campaign and adventure designs. Don’t be afraid to play alone!

    BSOLO Ghost of Lion Castle; XSOLO Lathan’s Gold

    Written by: Merle M. Rasmussen

    Speaking of SOLO modules, here are a couple of blasts from the BECMI past.

    BSOLO Ghost of Lion Castle takes the player on an adventure inside the titular Lion Castle, former home of a mighty wizard who is supposedly now a ghost. I have this one and have played through it a few times over the years.

    XOLO Lathan’s Gold was actually published before Lion Castle and takes the player, playing as Lathan, on an adventure to rescue his betrothed. A little work can easily change around the genders as needed to suit your own preferences. There are also five other adventurers who can go on their own quests! Quite the bargain.

    I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Tune back once January rolls around to see the new and improved DM’s Guild Roundup!

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