DMs Guild Roundup: Dragon Heists & Planeswalkers
  • DMs Guild Roundup: Dragon Heists & Planeswalkers

    February and March have brought us some great new titles to explore! This includes a new Guild Adept title and a couple of small press Guild products to enhance your campaigns.

    From the Guild Adepts!

    Technically, Dragon Heist: Forgotten Tales came out in later January, but who's counting? For fans of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist this supplement is designed to increase the replay value of the Dragon Heist by offering up new content to use. The first three chapters offer up alternate versions of familiar events and locations. Chapter Four also offers up an alternate location: an above ground vault for a more traditional bank heist feel. Written by the experienced hands of Will Doyle, James Haeck, and James Introcaso there is plenty of content to be excited about.

    Current Top 5 Most Popular Guild Products

    1. Ancestral Weapons - Dungeon Rollers
    2. Monster Manual Expanded - Dragonix
    3. Ulraunt’s Guide to the Planes - Marc Altfuldisch, David J. Moore, & Hiten Dave
    4. Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Complete DM’s Bundle - Valeur RPG
    5. Sir Alkian’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse - Anne Gregerson

    Midnight in the City of Brass

    By: GM Lent & Miniature Giant Space Hamster Press
    GM Lent has brought together an incredible team of contributors to create a adventure heavily influenced by the AD&D 2nd Edition setting of Al Qadim. Midnight in the City of Brass is one part adventure and one part sourcebook, designed to take players and DMs to a world of assassins, genies, and lovers. The pdf is beautiful and full of color and artwork designed to evoke a feeling of time and place. The time and place are the City of Brass, which is a well known location in the Plane of Fire. The adventure is set within the city and the sourcebook gives information on the denizens of the city as well as over one hundred locations.

    An interesting aspect of the new character options provided in the sourcebook are Kits. These are clearly inspired by the Kits of AD&D2E, but modernized for 5E. I found the concept interesting as the kits are similar to Backgrounds, but they happen after the character is established. There are new monsters and new magic items, as you might imagine.

    For those who enjoy adventures with a classical Arabian flare or Al Qadim should enjoy Midnight in the City of Brass, and it makes a great supplement to any 5E campaign.

    Planeswalkers of Ravnica

    By: Christopher Willet

    From an older D&D world to one of the newest in the D&D pantheon, we come to Planeswalkers of Ravnica. PoR allows the players to take on the iconic role of being a Planeswalker. It provides a new background as well as breaks down the magic and spells by color, giving players the depth to roleplay a Planeswalker in an authentic way. The background is broken down by color, with alignment, race, and class suggestions. For example Blue is any lawful in alignment and Red is any chaotic. The flavor of Magic: The Gathering comes through and fans of that game will find a lot to work with here.

    In addition to the Planeswalker background, there are new spells and a list of entries for many of the iconic Planeswalkers themselves. More than stats, these entries talk about personalities, goals, and how to use the NPC Planeswalker as an antagonist. There are also Further Reading sections, which is fantastic for those folks who may be unfamiliar with this or that Planeswalker.

    Finally there are three appendices with new spells, magic items, and monsters. There are not many of each, but they provide more depth for characters, PC and NPC alike. Planeswalkers of Ravnica is a great supplement to a Ravnica campaign, providing extra material a player and the DM can certainly make use of.

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      Thank you for the kind words!

      You can also find me on Twitter @gmlent
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      +1 for Dragon Heist: Forgotten Tales. That is some primo top-shelf adventure supplement right there.

      Waterdeep: City Encounters is by the same crew, plus some others (including Shawn Merwin, who is everywhere), and is also excellent.
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      Another product I love, from some of the same people (including, of course, Shawn Merwin) is the Tactical Map Adventure Atlas. I really wish there were a print option for this. I would slip it into the folder with the Tactical Maps, and that folder would become the "Fourth Core Book" for me.
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      I’m picking up the tactical map adventure since I have many of the physical maps as well as the FG digital maps now. Should be some fun stuff!
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