Joe Manganiello Gifts D&D Staff With "Death Saves" T-shirts
  • Joe Manganiello Gifts D&D Staff With "Death Saves" T-shirts

    Actor Joe Manganiello, who is also a Dungeons & Dragons superfan, has a range of t-shirts called "Death Saves". While at Gary Con this weekend he gifted various WotC staff and others with personalised shirts.

    Mike Mearls

    Satine Phoenix

    Liam O'Brien

    Jeremy Crawford

    Chris Perkins

    Luke Gygax

    The first weren't all one-way, of course! Luke Gygax presented this beautiful Arkhan-themed DM kit (custom designed by Cognitive Merchant) to Joe Manganiello.

    And D&D historian Jon Peterson, who was one of the quartet who created the recent Art & Arcana book, got his book signed by so many people!

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    1. JediSoth's Avatar
      JediSoth -
      Quote Originally Posted by DEFCON 1 View Post
      But even us plebians still get stuff given to us for free all the time. Go to any game convention and we'll get swag bags from companies with all manner of stuff. Or walk around a Costco and you can eat a whole bunch of free food they have out on display.

      The level quality or expense may not be as high, but its not like we are all left out in the cold when it comes to this stuff.
      You haven't lived until you've made lunch from free samples from Costco or Sam's Club.
    1. Wallraven -
      Holy crap, those shirts are expensive...
    1. Myrdin Potter's Avatar
      Myrdin Potter -
      I was at GaryCon and talked to Joe super briefly (he was carrying boxes from the dealers area and was getting stopped over and over for pictures with him which he agreed to each time). Every report of him at the event was that he was nice to everyone and was gaming in all the games he was in. He is an actor and high visibility but he is a gamer like the rest of us. He is doing an RPG clothing company instead of publishing modules, but more power to him.

      I had a positive experience with 100% of the “stars” that showed up. All of them were in the general gaming spaces and were happily chatting with people. It was obvious that they were having fun and enjoying the Con. I obviously did not meet all of them, but there was a positive vibe all around.
    1. darjr's Avatar
      darjr -
      GaryCon was amazing and very laid back. So very much fun. I asked Mr. Mercer to sight a PHB right next to Gary Gygax's signature and I think I floored him.
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