GameHole Con Hints At An "As Yet Unannounced Setting" for D&D This Year
  • GameHole Con Hints At An "As Yet Unannounced Setting" for D&D This Year

    Thomas Valley, GameHoleCon's Adventurer's League coordinator, is currently asking for volunteer DMs for the show in November. As part of the post he refers to "The premiere of an Epic event set in as yet unannounced setting" and "The premiere of adventures set in as yet unannounced setting".

    Ravnica was introduced in 2018, and Eberron support was added to the DM's Guild. Other than that, most of the official D&D stuff has all been set in the Forgotten Realms (Curse of Strahd notwithstanding).

    This could be a whole new setting; it might just be a region of the Realms.

    In related news, WotC's Nathan Stewart tweeted the word "SPELLJAMMER" a week or so back. He has a history of teasing his Twitter followers with hints about settings which - as yet - haven't come to fruition, so take that with as much or as little salt as you wish!
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    1. LuisCarlos17f's Avatar
      LuisCarlos17f -
      It may be Dragonlance because this year is the anniversary, but in my wishlist the main is Dark Sun. (Why not new novels, or comics, to continue the metaplot?). Other option could be Kara-Tur, to create a videogame for Asian players as a hook to get new fans.
    1. lowkey13's Avatar
      lowkey13 -
    1. jasper's Avatar
      jasper -
      Willie Wonka
    1. Reynard -
      It can of course still be Eberron, as there is no Eberron setting announcement so far this year. Ostensibly it should be the next setting, if the Wayfarer's Guide was actually intended to test the waters. It could still be the "PlaneJammer" mashup they have been hinting at for a while, too, I guess.
    1. Sadras's Avatar
      Sadras -
    1. darjr's Avatar
      darjr -
      I’m going and running. Who else is going? Want to do a meetup? Want to be among the first to run official content in this setting?

      I wish I knew what it is.
    1. Inchoroi's Avatar
      Inchoroi -
      I'm betting an expansion of Forgotten Realms. Karatur, Al-Qadim, Maztica, something like that. I'm not sure that, despite how vocal those who are into Eberron are, there's enough demand for a full splat book--hell, it could be another Magic: The Gathering Crossover...
    1. jayoungr's Avatar
      jayoungr -
      Didn't they already confirm that the new setting will not be Spelljammer, though?
    1. Paul Farquhar's Avatar
      Paul Farquhar -
    1. Dire Bare's Avatar
      Dire Bare -
      Anybody know what plane the fall Magic set will be focused on? I think Ravnica is done for now with the soon to be released "War of the Spark" this spring. We could be getting a book on the next Magic setting to coincide with the fall card game release.

      Or Eberron. Or a new region in the Realms. Or a revised classic setting.
    1. lkj's Avatar
      lkj -
      Quote Originally Posted by jayoungr View Post
      Didn't they already confirm that the new setting will not be Spelljammer, though?
      Nathan Stewart confirms every month (without really being asked) that they are not doing Spelljammer. He then goes on to drop shameless Spelljammer hints over an over again, both in the streams and on twitter.

      Nathan Stewart is messing with us. I think he has successfully made it impossible to tell whether or not a full Spelljammer product is in the works. Which was clearly his goal.

      Edited to add: It's an ongoing gag. There's no malice in it, though I'm sure it makes some people mad. I think it's funny.

    1. Jester David's Avatar
      Jester David -
      Well... setting in this case is the location of the adventure. They could be referring to Cormyr or Myth Drannor as much as Eberron....
    1. Satyrn's Avatar
      Satyrn -
      Quote Originally Posted by Sadras View Post
      I'd buy that for a dollar!
    1. Enevhar Aldarion's Avatar
      Enevhar Aldarion -
      Epics are AL adventures. The rest are probably AL adventures too. So these probably just tie into the new AL season that starts in the Fall and the Fall hardcover adventure. So somewhere in the Realms other than the Sword Coast.
    1. Stacie GmrGrl's Avatar
      Stacie GmrGrl -
      I'd love to see how well Spell Jammer would do today.
    1. Staffan's Avatar
      Staffan -
      Clearly, they're doing a 5e version of Jakandor.
    1. Wrathamon -
      spelljammer might do better today... with the success of Starfinder. It would need to be more than pirate ships in space imo
    1. Lidgar's Avatar
      Lidgar -
      Candy Land: Escape from Molasses Swamp
    1. Mr. Wilson -
      I have a hunch it's Eberron.

      Keith was super stoked when it was released and said we'd be getting another splat literally a month later he and Rudy wrote entitled Morgrave's Menagerie and we still haven't seen it half a year later. What could cause the delay? A full on campaign book that pillaged from Morgrave's.

      Circumstantial, yeah, for sure. But that's where I'm leaning.

      edit: Also, he pointedly ignores questions about Morgrave's when asked.
    1. Sorcerers Apprentice's Avatar
      Sorcerers Apprentice -
      I have a feeling it will be a brand new setting, never before seen in D&D! Named "Khritikal Rooleland".
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