Updates on Age of Sigmar RPG Include New Name
  • Updates on Age of Sigmar RPG Include New Name

    Cubicle 7 have revealed a few pieces of information regarding their upcoming Warhammer: Age of Sigmar RPG. It has an official name: 'Soulbound', but also a release delay until Spring 2020.

    The official title, Soulbound, was revealed at Warhammer Fest. Details were also announced of the Soulbound Starter Set, which has some fantastic cover art by Johan Grenier (below). The starter set contains an adventure book for players and GMs, and a city guide which describes a new city in the realm of Aqshy. Also, you'll find regenerated characters, handouts, reference sheets, and so on.

    Starter Set: City Being Cleansed of the taint of Tzeentch

    Starter Set: Hordes of Tzeentchian horrors and Lord of Change

    They also revealed new art for for some of their Archetypes, which is a broad description of who you are in the game.

    The new release date is Spring 2020: "...to ensure we make the best game possible we’ve moved the game’s planned release from the later part of this year to Spring next year."
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    1. imagineGod's Avatar
      imagineGod -
      Not for me, sadly. This variant has gone all Steampunk/Arcanepunk almost as if Tzeentch already won and the old world changed into a pantomime play.
    1. eyeheartawk's Avatar
      eyeheartawk -
      Nice to see that even if Cubicle 7 was forced to take this on as a result of wanting to do WFRP, at least they're trying. That said this is not for me. You can keep your Sigmarmarines, thank you very much.
    1. admaletz's Avatar
      admaletz -
      I'm excited. I think an RPG can really flesh out the setting.
    1. Dire Bare's Avatar
      Dire Bare -
      Quote Originally Posted by imagineGod View Post
      Not for me, sadly. This variant has gone all Steampunk/Arcanepunk almost as if Tzeentch already won and the old world changed into a pantomime play.
      The "Age of Sigmar" setting isn't really steampunk or arcanepunk itself. The "Kharadron Overlords" are one of several dwarven factions, and definitely have a steam/arcanepunk vibe to them. The pictures of armored dwarves hanging from metal balloons are from this faction. If you are interested in the setting itself, but not the steampunk aspect, you can safely ignore the Kharadron Overlords. There are some more "traditional" dwarven factions in the setting, although they might not be described in the core book.

      "Age of Sigmar" is definitely high magic involving a lot of travel between the various fantasy/elemental "realms" (like planes in D&D), while retaining the grimdark of Warhammer. But, less gritty, more shiny. Shiny grimdark. The main hero faction, the Stormcast Eternals, are essentially warrior angels, you've also got some interesting elven (or aelven) factions that break the Tolkien tropes, and the Karadrons mentioned above break Tolkien tropes for dwarves. The setting still offers more traditional elves, dwarves, and halflings if you want. Bad guys include the forces of Death (undead) and Chaos, which are pretty unchanged from the Warhammer Chaos you know and love.
    1. Askaval30 -
      Nah... not my cup of tea. The AoS setting is way too generic and "primary colors" for me.

      It probably suffers from being too young to be fully fleshed out but when I think of interconnected planar campaigns I think of Planescape... where you had a mature, philosophical approach to the nature existence... This setting just strikes me as an excuse to fight things in a variety of flashy settings barely united to each other in lore or concept.

      Until it matures I'll stick with the glorious gritty filth of 4th ed WHFRP thank you very much!
    1. Azgulor's Avatar
      Azgulor -
      Sadly, a hard pass. I see little of the Warhammer that I fondly recall and a lot of "what if Iron Kingdoms was turned up to 11"...
    1. Banesfinger -
      Previous previews mentioned AoS would have a different "dice pool" mechanic, which interests me. I wonder how easy it would be to pull that out and insert it into the 'classic' WHFRP...?
    1. Stacie GmrGrl's Avatar
      Stacie GmrGrl -
      This is the Warhammer Fantasy I've been waiting for.
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