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How Do I Get Badges?

Badges cost Gold Pieces to obtain, and vary in cost from free up to 100 or more GP. The badges reflect your interests, support, or affiliations for various games, companies, and other things. You purchase badges here.

Badges represent things like D&D, Star Trek, Planescape, Open Gaming, and many other things. See the badge shop for the full set.

What Are GPs?

GPs, or Gold Pieces, are an artificial currency used to purchase badges. You can obtain GPs either by buying them for real money or by earning them through various actions on EN World.

Actions which earn GP are noted by a small icon. You will see these icons around EN World; they may change from time to time. Typically, things like replying to news articles or starting new threads earn GP.

Additionally, you gain 1 GP for every Experience Point you earn.

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