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Morrus' Unofficial Tabletop RPG News FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Searching for a Game

You can enter an address on the system and search for games and gamers within a certain number of miles from that address. This will give you a map with the results shown by location, and a list of matching members. You may then contact those individuals (depending on their privacy settings) by private message, email, or a visitor note on their profile.

Adding Yourself To The System

To be shown on the system, it needs to know where you are. To do this, enter your address in your profile. Your street address is not shown to other users, but will more accurately place your marker on the Google map, as well as providing better distance estimates to other users and events. This also helps to avoid stacking, which may put your marker below another user's if you are in the same zip/postal code. Please note that other users can zoom on the Google map and see approximately where you live if you specify a specific street address. However, you can also put in the nearest crossroads in the street address, i.e. "Main and Jefferson," so that zooming in on the map will not reveal your specific location, or enter a nearby address which is "good enough" for game-finding purposes but not enough for creepy-stalker purposes! Or you may leave this blank, and put in just your City, State or Province (if applicable) and postal code.

Profile Privacy

If you would like to restrict the display of some of the blocks on your profile page, select a minimum relationship that other users must meet to see the blocks; you can do this on this page.

Note: Guests and users on your Ignore List will only be able to view the blocks on your page where you have selected 'Everyone'.

Gamers Seeking Gamers Classifieds

You can post a "classified ad" in our Gamers Seeking Gamers forum. This is used to indicate the availability of game slots, or to note that you are seeking a game in a certain area. These appear on the forum, and also on the Gamer Search system.

Search FAQ

Select this option if you would like your search to look in the text of FAQ items as well as their titles.

Select an option here to specify how you would like your search query to be treated. 'Any words' will return the most numerous but possibly least relevant results, while 'Complete phrase' will return only results that contain exactly what you are searching for.