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Answers to some of the more common technical questions. If something isn't working for you, check here first!

Contact Details

If you need to contact me, then please feel free to do so via email. However, please be aware that I do get an awful lot of emails every day, and that you may well be able to find out the answer to your question a lot quicker by yourself. Here are a few tips on how to find out what you need to know:

1) Your first port of call should, of course, be this FAQ. Since you're reading this, I assume that you're already familiar with the FAQ.

2) The Meta forum, located at the bottom of the messageboards, in an invaluable resource. You may post a question there, which will be answered either by an admin or moderator, or even by another member. You may also find that your question has already been asked by someone else.

3) Current contact details for myself and other admins and moderators here.

I hope that helps!

- Morrus

Privacy Statement

Your privacy is important. This page tells you what data this website gathers about you and how it is used. This page is designed to be clear and easy to understand.

Who Are We?

This website is owned by EN Publishing Ltd, a private company located in the United Kingdom.

Data We Gather

We gather very little personal data about you, and we do not share what we gather with anybody. The only mandatory personal data this site gathers about you are:

  • Your email address
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  • Your securely encrypted password

This data is stored for security purposes (to combat spam, and to protect forum users from harassment) and is not shared with any other person, service, site, or organization outside of EN World.

We do not gather or use any biographical or financial data about you; nor do we store payment information, credit card information, or bank details. 

We store your registration IP address, and any IP addresses that you have posted from. Your IP address does not reveal your name, home address, or actual physical location. You can see what your IP address tells us about you here.

We are not able to read your password. 

We store this data until you delete your account.


This site uses cookies. These are tiny files stored on your computer so that the site can respond correctly to your activity (for example, by keeping you logged in when you revisit). These cookies are not stored on the site's servers, but rather on your own device, and you can delete or block them at any time. However, if you do choose to block our cookies, some features of the site will not work correctly for you.

Your Profile

Your profile is yours, and it contains as much or as little information as you wish. You can edit or remove this information at any time. You may choose to share personal information about yourself on your profile page, which is displayed publicly. 

You may optionally set your profile to "private", which will retain the data stored there but will not display it publicly.

This site does not use that information in any way but to display it on your profile page. 

This information is not shared with any other person, service, site, or organization, except that it is displayed publicly on your profile page. This site does not use that information for marketing purposes.

Game Finder

Note that your profile may include parts of your address should you choose to display that. This is used in the Game Finder to help users locate other gamers near them. You have complete control over this. You can add or remove location information in your profile settings.


We send out a weekly newsletter, along with occasional other announcements or marketing emails, and site-based notifications such as replies and mentions. You can unsubscribe with a single click at the bottom of these emails. Alternatively, you can edit them below:

Other Organizations 

This site interacts with some other organizations and services (third-party processors) as follows. They will have their own privacy polices, which you should monitor.

  • Social network logins. If you register for this site via a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Reddit, we obtain (with your permission) from that website your username and email address to create your account. We do not pass any information to the social network.
  • PayPal. Where we conduct transactions, we use PayPal. PayPal stores your financial information securely; we do not have access to it.
  • Google. Google may serve you ads based on your browsing history or other demographic data it may hold about you. We do not have access to that individual data. Additionally, Google provides us, via the Google Analytics service, aggregate, non-identifiable, anonymous data about overall visitor demographics, but it does not share with us any information about individual users. For example, we may know that 67% of our visitors are female*, but we don't know whether you are one of those 67%. You can find Google's privacy policy here, and can opt out of Analytics here.
  • Tapatalk. You may use EN World's mobile app, which is a "reskinned" deployment  of Tapatalk. If you choose to share your username and password with Tapatalk in order to log into this site using that platform, please review Tapatalk's privacy policy here. We will not share this information with Tapatalk; you must do so yourself when you install the app. Tapatalk (and the EN World app) are a third party company.
  • Other online storefronts. We sell products via Kickstarter, Patreon, RPGNow, DTRPG, and Amazon. None of these companies interact directly with this website or access any data on this website.

Where Your Data Is Stored

Your data is stored on a webserver in the United States. 

Deleting Your Information

You can delete or change information on your profile at any time. You can also change your username.

If you wish to delete your account, you can do so here. Note that this is irreversible; you will not be able to recover the account. This will remove any personal information (as described above) that we store about you, along with your user profile.

You have the ability to edit or remove the content of any post you have made on this website. For convenience, you can access a list of all your posts via a link on the left hand side of your profile page.

Requesting Your Information

While this website stores very little data about you, you have a right to a copy of any data this site stores about you. This is comprised of your username, email address and any IP addresses we have stored for you. You may request a copy of this information by sending an Administrator a Private Message (this will enable us to meet our obligation to ensure that the request is valid). You will receive that data within 30 days. 


*Random stat made up of the purposes of illustration.

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