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Thursday, 13th July, 2017

  • 09:33 AM - AnimeSniper mentioned kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    kronos182 what about a Borg Trans Warp Communications Network Array that allows for near instantaneous communications between Cubes and Spheres... Or what about the one Voyager used to contact the Alpha Quadrant

Saturday, 15th April, 2017

Sunday, 2nd April, 2017

  • 01:39 AM - AnimeSniper mentioned kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    kronos182 just got done rewatching Gundam Unicorn RE 0096 episode 11 and noticed that several of the Zeon Remnant forces on Earth also had HEAT technology added to one units claws and another two had a falchion/scimitar blade and dagger that they attacked the Feddies with... so just a thought maybe upsize a similar melee weapon using this and add your requisite HEAT tech as additional damage when its activated. So Colossal Falchion at 6d6 plus HEAT of 5d12 and any other like Criticals and whatnot... so your take on this.

Saturday, 1st April, 2017

  • 05:58 AM - AnimeSniper mentioned kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    @kronos182 just letting you know that I am working out some notes for the following as mentioned in the recent airing of the Gundam Unicorn RE0096 series airing on the Toonami Block Sundays Psycho Frame Substructure The Psycho Frame System and Substructure enables a New Type Pilot to pilot their mobile suit as if it were an extension of their body. When activated the pilot is also granted a bonus to Perception related checks. New Type Destroyer The NTD system when activated overwhelms the mechas New Type pilot causing them to relentlessly attack their opposing New Type or Clone New Type pilot Mobile Work Pod The Mobile Work Pod is a single occupancy spherical pod equipped with thrusters and manipulator armatures used to construct many of the pre and post Universal Century orbital structures and colonies. A militarized version exists where a pair of 30 mm to 75 mm auto-loading recoilless cannons or micro missile pods are attached to the pod. La Petite Mobile Suit La Petite Mobile Suit repl...

Wednesday, 29th March, 2017

  • 08:20 AM - AnimeSniper mentioned kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    There is of course the following WIP's as seen below on the D&D wiki site... feel free to contribute the above post #1302 to it Also, kronos182 I love the weapons you included for the Gundam and Zaku Units especially the Beam Saber and the Classic HEAT Hawk Axe

Friday, 24th March, 2017

Tuesday, 8th November, 2016

  • 06:21 AM - AnimeSniper mentioned kronos182 in post Energy Weapons Houserules
    Celebrim found the old forum posts here on EN World and the links were still working... snagged copies kronos182 heres the link for New Vegas Weapon Mods In FO4 the reworked the whole shebang allowing for you to build said mods from wasteland scrap

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Tuesday, 18th December, 2018

  • 06:01 PM - Lord Zack quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    Now you have me actually thinking about statting some upgraded naval vessels.. why do you keep giving me ideas! I though that the whole idea of this thread was to come up with ideas for Coreline. ;) I've been thinking of a possible campaign I would like to run. Basically it's like the story mode of a game in the Soul series. Soul Edge is emerging, causing havoc and a bunch of characters, both from the Soul series and not, are now searching for the legendary blade for various reasons. Each player character is one of those searching for the blade and can be an existing character. I am thinking I will run it in Mutants and Masterminds 3e.

Sunday, 23rd September, 2018

  • 10:27 PM - marcoasalazarm quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    Are those from Megaman or some other game? The Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon (the "SatAm") universe, mostly, although it's appeared on other media. There's other stuff made by Robotnik. Really, a whole list is nuts.

Saturday, 6th January, 2018

  • 09:40 AM - Thomas Bowman quoted kronos182 in post Kronos's d20 Stuff
    Not that busy really.. those last few items were ones I've had sitting I forgot to post a while ago. You're setting sounds interesting. Venus is Earth's twin, the only thing wrong with it is that its too close to the Sun and it spins too slowly, everything else is a result of those two facts, the greenhouse effect, its lack of oceans, its lack of a magnetic field, off all the planets in the Solar System, only Venus has a mass that approaches Earth, it has 0.9 times Earth's gravity, which means in D20 terms, you can pretty much ignore the gravity. I think Venus in the future might be a habitable planet, if we spin it up, it will have a magnetic field, if we shade it, its sulfuric acid clouds will rain out and be absorbed by the ground, We can react hydrogen imported from the outer solar system, with its mostly carbon-dioxide atmosphere to produce water and limestone. Venus can one day be a lovely planet, fully deservin...

Tuesday, 28th November, 2017

  • 06:14 AM - marcoasalazarm quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    Hey.. the guys were your idea I found on your deviant art page.. I just put some stats to them. Racial bonus to Drive, free feat Vehicle Weapons.. tail would be a natural weapon (whip, and can make trip attacks), can give a +1 to +2 to Grapple checks.. Environmental Adaptation (d20 Future) Desert. Maybe give them a bonus to slight of hand type checks with the tail.. so stuff like lock picking or disable device. At will telepathy but only with contact with the antenna isn't a problem, as for unwilling participate would definitely require grappling. Don't worry about damage if someone grabs their tail.. unless it was a big deal in the show, which I don't really remember. A couple of "OWCH! Don't tug on it, man!" jokes, but that's it, AFAIK. On the damage part. Think they would merit an LA?

Tuesday, 17th October, 2017

  • 06:31 AM - marcoasalazarm quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    Well he'd definitely have easier access to 'spare parts' as he could vat grow parts he needs.. experiment with mutations.. create something like his famous monster that not only has incredible strength and durability, but could shoot electricity, possibly temporarily animate the recently dead.. have a number of mutations.. cybernetics.. depending on Dr Frankenstein's alignment/who he's working for.. necro-cyborgs.. bio weapons (think tank cannon/turret mated with elephant sized creature? Good source of some bio-tech inspiration is the game Splicers from Palladium Books. He could create an artificial werewolf or other lycan/shape shifting type creatures.. who knows.. let your imagination run! Have a few Palladiium Books things here and there (funny... never saw Rifts stuff until pretty recently). Thinking that this idea and the fact that "Rippers" is currently on a bundle is... fate, y'know? As for Victor Frankenstein: more sane versions of him (which may or may not include the version...
  • 02:16 AM - marcoasalazarm quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    They'd be similar to the tiny fairies in D&D.. only without all the magic.. Only the Littles if I remember correctly which Littles they are (From Arthur and the Invisibles? or from the Borrowers?) might have a little magic, with some skills in animal riding and taming.. Doozers (from Fraggle Rock yes?) Would get high bonuses in craft mechanical and knowledge: architech & technology I'd say. Well, the "Littles" are from a book series by author John Peterson published (and still being published, AFAIK) by Scholastic Books ( that was adapted to a cartoon series by DIC Entertainment ( ). The Borrowers is a similar book series, pretty much the across-the-pond version (, although considering that the Borrowers series started on 1952 and the Littles series started on 1967, I suppose one is based on the other, at least in the idea context. So we have, at least,...

Sunday, 16th July, 2017

  • 07:19 PM - marcoasalazarm quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    I forget.. is the Babylon 5 universe present in Coreline? Yes. A version of B5 and B4 are floating together on one of Earth's LaGrange Points, and I guess Earthforce was absorbed by the UNSC (or maybe not? What do you guys think?).

Friday, 30th June, 2017

  • 08:49 AM - AnimeSniper quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    A quick automated gun sentry.. Mk1 Gun Sentry (loosely based on the weapons from Aliens) The Mk1 Gun Sentry is a fairly simple automated gun sentry, a .50 cal machine gun mounted on a tripod, fitted with motion sensors, very simple targeting system, fitted with either a drum or a box on on the tripod to feed the weapon via belt, and a battery to run the sensors and automated motors to move the weapon. The weapon can be set to autofire or single shot, depending on the user's preference. The user can also designate a 'safe' zone, usually behind the weapon, so that they can approach the weapon safely to reload or disarm it. It does have a remote shut off switch so the user can turn the weapon off before approaching if they don't designate a safe zone. The battery is good for 24 hours of operation, takes 3 hours to recharge. The whole system packs away into a case that is 5 ft by 3 ft x 2 ft, an takes 2 people 5 minutes to set up or take down. Each additional person reduces time by 1 minute to a m...

Monday, 12th June, 2017

  • 06:07 AM - marcoasalazarm quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    Ok.. well looking over that pdf of yours and official Star Wars d20 Revised.. have two choices.. as the one you have uses feats more, while Star Wars d20 uses skills with feats to enhance the force powers, and technically costs vitality (hit points are split between wounds and vitality, but that can be ignored). So those are the two options we have, or we can make another version? Guess we could devise something.

Sunday, 7th May, 2017

  • 08:26 AM - marcoasalazarm quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    I really like the idea that because of the Vanishing, time travel back to before it is locked. This can make some interesting adventures with some of the things you've suggested... Like a big research firm is trying to find ways to breach this barrier to study the 23 hours and find ways to prevent new fictions from popping up, or what have you for their reasons, and the PCs are either guards to protect the research team as they activate their device, or are a scouting party (they can be sent to the 23 hours itself and have to live through it again, or bounced to a pocket dimension and have to find a way back, fight those gargoyle things, etc). You could have a version of time travel that the people are only able to see what happens, and not interact with it.. like they are incorporeal or out of phase with the time line, and can only observe events for a certain amount of time before being bounced back to the present.. a company can make make a tourist attraction out of this.. they can only acce...
  • 08:23 AM - marcoasalazarm quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    When multiple traps are used to trap a large ghost, all of the traps used must be emptied into a containment unit within 8 hours or the trap will overload. If using the Arm Mounted Proton Pack arm unit, drawing the trigger is a free action, as is releasing it, allowing the hand to be used easily to hold items, and has the power and range of the standard proton pack. Think these two parts were posted where they shouldn't (they are on different items).

Friday, 28th April, 2017

  • 12:13 AM - marcoasalazarm quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    I suppose we need some equipment for dealing with ghosts and the like... added to the list. Yeah, definitely. I know a place where we can find stats for some GB equipment (Mike Tresca's work), but additional gadgets such as the weapons modes from the GB video game, the Fenton gear, and the stuff from the GB remake would need work.

Sunday, 8th January, 2017

  • 12:36 AM - Capn Charlie quoted kronos182 in post Kronos's d20 Stuff
    I'm actually going to work on an anti-air version.. SAMS, the turret modified for anti-air work, RADAR. I can't remember if there are any rules for SAMs in RAW or not, this I need to find. I was just going to crib warhammer 40k and 5e dnd rules together and give it a AAA package that offers advantage on attacks made against airborne targets and disadvantage against ground targets.

Tuesday, 12th April, 2016

  • 11:58 AM - AnimeSniper quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    Of course there'd be regular border patrols, who wouldn't.. but I was just thinking that those type of beings would help keep a LARGE scale invasion from happening.. border skirmishes are expected. Hey.. you can even base a series of adventures around a massive military build up on one side and the PCs are sent to investigate, and depending on how things go, both, or more than two sides start sending massive fleets (talking 50+ heavy ships of ISD and larger ships on both sides and equivalents), and something causes the fleets to freeze in time/space.. or disappear, or what have you, and pcs now investigate these disappearances, or they might be part of it and have to find way to release/return everyone. On the disappearance of lets say Task Force Omega 501st Fleet detachment the entire force disappears only for the party to find the Task Force with a majority of the crew dead, some insane, and for a few hundred fused with the hull or each other. For the Insane crew members some could attack phy...

Friday, 8th April, 2016

  • 11:10 AM - AnimeSniper quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    There's quite a few variant models of the Zaku II MS-06 I've found.. I haven't stated all the variants there are.. I'll do a couple more with that one included, and a few of the Gundams. Here is one decent link for Mecha and Anime, but I can't link it right now for most Mecha Anime series and they do list what weapons are fielded by the unit into combat.

Wednesday, 2nd March, 2016

  • 10:05 PM - Lord Zack quoted kronos182 in post CORELINE (D20 Modern/D20 BESM Setting).
    If any one has any requests for stuff they want stated out, I'm open for requests. Also if you see anything on my d20 thread you want to use for the setting, just let me know. Would you mind trying to stat out some Gundam-related stuff? I'm particularly interested in the RX-78-2 Gundam, the RGM-79 GM and the MS-06 Zaku.

Sunday, 10th January, 2016

  • 04:39 AM - Morrus quoted kronos182 in post Kronos's d20 Stuff
    Oh.. uh.. well I like money, but I've never written a book for anything. I've done mostly just items, some animals here and there for fun. Something I'd have to think about.. and learn the system, and learn whatever is needed for such a project. I am definitely flattered at being asked for such a project. Well, I tried! You know where I am if you decide it's something you might like to do. Drop me a PM or something if you do.
  • 04:07 AM - Morrus quoted kronos182 in post Kronos's d20 Stuff
    I've also created stuff for the Palladium system.. most notably the EShemarrian thread.. a Fan created expansion/re-image of the Shemarrians from Rifts. As for WOIN.. I've never played the system so I'd have to get some books for it to see how it works first, but I could in theory do some conversions, eventually.. in the mean time, I'm posting all my d20 stuff, and if I get WOIN, I could convert some of my works. Otherwise.. if you like some of my stuff, and know how to convert it, give credit for the original concept to me. To clarify, I was more asking if you'd be interested in being commissioned for some paid freelance work. :)

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